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the middle east is the wild west
Anne Baltzer (jewish)
part 1 had 1150 views since november 9 09
she shows slides

part 2 - 12.370, april 15 07

part 3 17.319 ... a must see (at 'jseraphim' .. who has 4 of the 6 parts .. and that's all he has up except for a recent thing with him thinking aloud and sounding pleasant)

links to all 6 parts have rotted already here:
it's been linked back to by the poster as late as 3 months ago though ... this is likely one of them cases where thought police with media influence (choose any from the palette of zionists flavors, from trotties to o so pc obomby liparules or something, most likely) are disrupting counts to be able to pretend their opponents have no popular support as they and their establishment colleagues everywhere do routinely regards any and all protest (if not worse)? Craig Cobb's blogger and youtube accounts were suspended just yesterday. I'd rather folks got articulatey disgusted and corrective on his ass than him having no blunderbuss .. so to speak.

that said though, it is unmistakable that most vids here
on similar topics and presumably similarly competent people have been
up for 9 months though only the occasional one gets above 400 views!!

anne speaking outdoors part I 7 pieces
anne speaking indoors with slides part II 13 part
hundreds of vids up here

Hah! Quite funny, a guy he calls a loon DOES get better viewing

"Wake Up Call" by Amir Muhadith (Loon) @ UCI (Part 1)
9,659 views - 1 year ago
10 parts .. well over an hour

... i reall don't find him loony at all, a little too bent on shinily oiled class
one leather rags perhaps .. but that's the most innocent, merely skindeep
of extremisms. Just a layed back easy on the eyes muslim black dude with
a beard, poster boy for conversion

oh .. wait, his stage name was loon ... i see him in white speaking from
SA on Aljazeerea right now.

channel comment pointin to this here post:
I wrote a post about your vid series.
in particular the close (not to say klef, dutch for nasty) relationship of
settlerism to american 'occupists'.
Parallels between of them are so hard to miss that it takes down all the
trees in order to keep up the propstunt that props the house of lies and
keeps the 'pierced' marked deck of cards in use.
Anne's own place presented a number of speakers in front of Binghamton students via youtube some time ago. One of them is Khader (? a female american):
"half the children in Gaza have lost the will to live"
up since februari 13 2009
viewed 511 times -
.. in the very last minute (where the vid cuts off*) she brings up native
americans (the only people disheartened on a par with Palestinians, though on
a much much vaster scale and longer too ... so far, ...

* .... the whole video can be found at the site of this youtube
essentialdissent (for the .net domain).

the middle east is the wild west

the former an affirmation and retroactive justication of the latter
trying to give it legitimacy through continuation
showing that the practice did, does and will continue to enjoy impunity

the former an affirmation and retroactive justication of the latter
the zionists (the name jewish imperialism ((in existence since babylon began stockpilin, hi-risin and bookkeepin)) assumed and began sailin under in an era just passed wherein the UN explicitly granted palis the same status ... which was exactly the wrong way around already), their agents whippin po white boys into religious frenzy, plunging kahallogos up and down throats the owners temporarily tune and black out to focus on bank accounts and brat brood benefits

hey presto, legitimacy through continuation
it is indeed america that is protecting and funding the settlers physically, but mentally the flow is the reverse, the other of a two way reciprocal, the reflux ... so you cannot ask the ordinary american to stop funding the settlers unless you explicitly point at the consequence: repatriation to europe. That will help american to identify with settlers. Not sure i succeeded, but i wrote this rant to make you click this link:

the settler serves the american (a-me-rich-one) by being a lightning rod for what went on for centuries, known as 'going west', which did, does and will continue to enjoy impunity as long as we do not deny them more than enough choices for friendship near and far. If we don't do that soon their consciences will darken and the consequences of that will probably destroy even the greenest of green (and i don't mean the most devout of islamisms either).

jac-esa : Izr-Pal : glo-loc
jaco-esau : glob-loca: Izra-Pali

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see if my dewbe tubey' whirl waves won't wash
33 favorites now (mostly music)

one of 3 playlists:
tony rice mix
41 vids
pride of man, finally found on youtube - i am 666th (or -7th) player - up
since july 18

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citified slacker blockhead stacker
Lo Shu Magic square origins - Shemhamporash and 'Prometheus rising' coil..wmv -- 322 views
shemhamporash and prometheus

his new blog:

.. did not take my comment so i sent him an email

the vid narrator (after that throaty and shy 'Massachoowish' folk singer) mentions nuclear fire at 5.10, the denies that the creation stories involving turtles are truth ('tales' people used to 'make up'). He, like his 'many people' are happy to disgard them in favor of nuclear knowledge.

The ancient stories are simply good, not good FOR nuttin but inspiring awe. And nuclear energy displaced from where it belongs turned out to sure as hell be neither good, nor good for anything let alone the nice type of making up. Not for nothing is there a (w)irecrossage with that other way to make up (objectified it becomes applicable, withholdable and ... well, simple put in 'service' of whorages multifariously. I for one, have little doubt that he (who accuses of 'making up') is himself the uppity maker here. That is curable: tie to compost heap, grant all the hi-tec they care to use for making the fresh type of ashes alluded to with which they can process their equally well deserved fresh sewage ... while we educate the rest to not let that sorta most sovereign sort of pleasure out of their hands and sight. NuClearFire is worse than worthless when it comes to this 'making up' (with +spin), so sorely needed.

Ironically the giffie you have spinning with slight variation for minutes around mentioned point is VERY reminiscent of what you see here: *

Which tells me you are in awe of the speaker and want us to pay attention while trying to help by not distracting us too much.

* - It was inspired by Jose Arguelles, THE man to make turtle lore and indiginous respectable (rather than haughtily scoffed at and abandoned like the man you feature does) in that he rectified the tzolkin correctly (proof is delivered many a one of the 52 days (out of the 260 round) that are 'gap' and statistically correlatable with earth quakes.#
My signature happens to be heavily connected to Hiroshima and don't find anything about it 'more remarkable' than the simplest of rock grind and polish products, perfectly reducable ashes (faultlines, fractions, pretty swirls and riddly puzzle pieces as in mineral molecules), perfect sunlight receptacles in tandem with water (so your love for symmetry won't suffer a bit), I suggest you get on with it, lest you get stuck in this savantatious hirn spinnery like another merlin caught up in another crystal of symmatriculation

# -

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a comment continued

Come to think of it, if you look as whities as halfway to asia (USaSian?) the watery way (the overland one had been done to death ... and it would be going against prevailing traffic in a way (read Weatherford on the mongols) .... just yesterday i examined how smoothly asians adopt indian ways, in Manipur they mouth and mimic mainstream India a whole lot faster than actually look anything like it, aint that like turkish sounding mongolians? I will return to Manipur in a minute.

a song called Gun by Todd Rundgren - Album: Arena
When tribulation makes me need to unwind
And pierce the air like I'm in Palestine
Here's my gun
This is my rifle, this is my gun
This is for fighting and this is for fun
I hate to gush but I'm your biggest fan
I really love the way you fit my hand
You're with me always like a wedding band
More than a friend to me, my true identity
You're smooth and hard and that's the way you stay

Todd making fun of the fighting fetishism
Is this a beat that can be used for a step by step people's army??
A lockstep or a rock step?
another song on that album goes: why not here why not now, why not today ... today's the day we're gonna settle our scores .. bycause tomorrow we are gonna wake up even

Or would banging and grinding rocks together over one's head do the trick?
Beware flying splinters and bounce off (the most innocent form of blow-back totally betrayed and abandoned by the 'defense' industry .. How far back did Orwell trace that 'usage'(/abuse)? Or did he?

Aint the most ethical hebrews, rare pearls in a sea of biblical camelslop on (such dubious) record to have had a thing for ashes? Wasn't all easy ashes was it? They weren't all pyromaniacs i trust .. but then again, nor are they famous for insisting on 'nobody for president' and 'afforestation (groves, orchards, treehousing projects) for legacy' are they?

But can we blame them for actively suppressing such repute? And if so then what? Blame them for white skin in america, Oz, etcetera? Holy book crowders, voice boomers, abused to 'order' ammo rather than blow minds. Are a few herds, dumbed scared and tired enough to spend their days in ammo factories enough to spoil a little little glob(ul)e like ours, like the proverbial bad apple provisioners neglect to remove from the pile? american is an 'arma yideon' and cernunnonians are a dying breed..

it's not unimaginable that ([pre]dominance of) a meme like 'women and children first' will sooner or later have the opposite number of such birthing (deathing?) as (inescapable?) consequence: 'martyrs for firing lines' .. unless they are not specially partial to young and tender, including the sewage digesting oxides, that staple for the bottom rungs and humble beginnings of all chains of life and being. Such a people, an accomplished enough band or tribe or gardening guerrilla with permaculture credentials known to even the remotest of their brethren, is not known to me, other than in limbo, the liminal conceptual promisory potency one must accord even the most offended, mocked, betrayed and nearly washed out memory of better days.

i'd grant all tiny grouplets 'gunning' for that all the demographic incontinence they thus afford ... but i despair of getting the cheaters out of the way.

It's like Middle Eastern semites and semi-semites repel each other and drift apart only to meet a full fool's errand round later.

Settle chore = sprinkle the dust across the sewage, render it oderless, preserve the precious compounds ... fertilizer anybody???

Settle chore vs stettle whore

i wonder how long we must wait (around) before revolutions start implying, not drawing lines anew but withdrawing from them, secession .. not ghetto like but as a self-sufficiency AND inviolability measure written into international law AND enforced ... the need for that is obvious for anybody who looks at this area .. and i do not care if they choose to judge by a scope of decades or centuries.

Manipur has an endangered deer with a beautiful rack ... it tells me volumes about the status of nomansland .. not man's (but animal's) land, it vanishes as the borders sharpen and ever sharper shots ring, no matter what language they sing. Installing asian authoritarianism anybody?
Andrew Lehman has fun little orientalish 8fold mating and matching schemes on that by the way (

Where IS the truely white way of sparing no effort and expense for (enhancement and nurture of) noman's land, vying for the honourable title 'lord of animals', every little township it's own league, entirely replacing militance or the goofy footballery ... quite as gay as the banned superbowl ad (good old dutch insurance salesmanship was a bridge too far but mercifully, youtube can take it to 2 miljan people. Any expression of superiorty, haughtiness, put down, irredeemability is evidence of contamination with the enemy's arms. Under no none of all possible circumstances are we to use the enemy's methods (soft nor hardwares). Why do you think they get away with a 'Dresden was justified', 'Gaza was a ok'. Well, they rip the denigration out of your hands and use it against you.
there is no progress except through temptation. An industry on lockdown (hollowhood) almost as much as Palestine is. True simple truth imaginatively rendered is left nudged pushed to and over the margins without any qualms.

The 'degenerate art' call the nazis made and all that greenishness the vote for them promised and called for was totally betrayed, sacrificed, sold out and slaughtered by the jew and what their 'advance' (financial) forces managed to make Hitler do.

Nevertheless, oulmouthing is always reactionary, and using it, like any trojan they slip you, defeatist and counterproductive.

easy for me to say here .. now .. instead of in an all bets 'offing', under fire situation. This realization makes my admiration for Ken that much keener.

Not for nothing did Ken harp on having no use for and having made no use of what he took from his waylayers (a forward thinker would prepare a cache in order to negotiate stuff ... like reciprocal return of property ... if no better agreement ((like arms conversion#)) than that each be returned their own devices ((and return to their own vices)) can be reached).

This gets the masses behind you. Show you are stern and principled but not out to kill.

Failing on that front, even if only occasionally and/or in an unmenacing tone is what makes (jew-critical) folks like Alex Linder and Craig Cobb so pitifully marginal and ineffective against their target. Actually, they do it on purpose just as much as they feel ((and their constituency does .. that)) gun flaunt and flourish is virtuous or something .. like Todd sings. But ... something to be said for everybody being everything part time, down with professionals and work, up with amateurs and hobbies. down with private subscriptions and armies of paperboys, up with libraries/social centres.

So i admire the honour seeking facing off with militance of somebody with a military training ... rather than like mary, suspecting Ken of seeking militance for its own sake, a closet addict to mayhem and megalomania, plagued by vision of it and pretending it's a yearning for justice, like much of the white right does.

#I have some newsletters from the eighties i could show you and see my ideas of the hardware needed to pull of a musical rock grinder act in the festive spirit such an effort so richly deserves and is denied and detracted from by the Bolshiwood wherewithall crowd.

ps: a sample of the good old times

the only other mentions of palestine at songlyrics are by
1 a gospelsinger
2 one that hybridizes western pop with arab music
3 an arab song with horrendous idf cruelty footage

Peter Liam Holcross: Palestine
The sun still shines the same upon the land
The mountains and the hills and every man
And yet there is the stain of oppression in the Land.

PALESTINE ¦ you are deep within the heart
Of all the children of your land
Whose hopes in you are chained:

Maher Zain
Palestine Will Be Free
begins with sound of gunfire

Untuk Mu Palestin
62.000 views .. .shows arm breaker footage ... and not the kind i envision

jebatdex | October 08, 2006 | 66 likes, 3 dislikes

Perjuangan saudara seagama di Palestin, mempertahankan bumi yang dijanjikan. Adakah kita menyedari hakikat ini?

The strive of our Palestinian brothers and sisters in defending the promised land. Do we realise about this?

Lyrics translation:
Make zikr , in the name of Your Lord
Pray in the midst of the night
Repent with full of humbleness
So our doa' may be granted.

So we may own Palestine once again
So Palestine will be free once again
Peaceful once again, shine with truth
Of Al-Quran and Sunnah.

Palestine will be ours once again
Remember Allah and keep away from sin
Palestine will be peaceful again
With Obedience and Good deeds.

With Iman and Taqwa to Allah
The Most Powerful
Fear and Weakness
Bullets and strikes
Is no more obstacle
Allah's help will arrive.


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Helping Palestinians

the BBC has a big NASA focused report these days and the guy was on a bout a 'changing tide' as i listened.

Hell i fully agree but not in his favour. Turning the tide for and of rockets is to ROCK IT very very much closer to home .. . which is our home less and less wholesomely without that vital ingredient coursing and structuring organisms. Outer to inner space .. through rock no man went through before .. certainly turns an obsession/hobby of the comet-like global rock star i share a (dreamspellian) time-stamp with on its head.
Alien Rock article by Sean Casteel

Gimme a hand putting an end to machismo please, or failing that to put it to good use, ethicalized and all. Since they tend to picked (on/)out for breeding, might as well make it(/out) well.
As we all know the dominant routinely put life to death, specially when they scare savants into brewing even scarier plagues (calcues kill and the UK is whirl chimp IzzyShallShill didle you frevermore).

The transformation of machismo could save us time and money, not to mention grief in stupendous amounts. Leaving us with enough time .. for once .. and about time! .. to put some towards a tide a turnachearnin, rocks on the crunch .. get it? rocket becomes rock it and the rhythm-noise becomes very substantial anchorment of roots after the let fly (dust blown into rainstorm) phase.

That be not my - but after and without me remains THE - recipe for stopping the betrayal of the whole earth with spacetravel. That would(/will? not sure) be a change of chtonic and titanic proportions ..

By comparison, if all emigrated whities would clean up their act: start restoring whatever their ancestors found, back to the way they found it and return to their own people where a similar (perhaps even harder) task awaits (thoug by then..) .. it would constitute a turnaround of only epic proportions.

And now that i'm on a roll with radical inside outing, how about not just taking a person's nose out of the stars (trailing NASA junk and waste in his 'train'/wake) but personhood altogether?

No lack of projected, burnished, hyped, polished, transpositioned, deified and all the rest of it? Jeebus as the stellar one steps dow nto earth for real this time, to just another idealstic one fancying sounder purposes for metals than put to by coiner and motorer. A mythic owner of might and right becomes a steady stream of season followers, holy men migrating from door to door with musical rockgrinders instead of tinkersmithies (shear sharpeners, story tellers, shamen, snake oil salesman, a complex procession that kept crossculturality on the road instead of dispersed and settled into permanent mayhem.

The only heaven you can ever get is what of it comes down to you. All humans projected into the sky are just a traumatic aftershock of colonialism and the irresponsible, incontinence demography-wise. perped by cowardly machos looking for cannon fodder or Rothchillen (networkers, pigeon breeders and other bird abusers)

Culprits/victims need to be stepped up to in order to help them step down. Step them down from suspenseful apparation positions. Realize we need to keep on counting on (THE REAL) them (ensure compliance, prisons need to become monastic orders, healing herbs grown in full spectrum force carrying (and yielding), freshly composted minerals) in order to and to have a change at successfully counting (THE FAKE) them out, very far out. Out so far them spectres remain in a rightful place, are seen in proportion, as a mere distant trace. Regular, steady .. as a true and nothing more than a real star.

3 wise men (lined up in the sky as ever) moving the star of bethlehem in line with them (the vica versa is equally untrue, purely mental .. as yet in this case, luckily and thank the gods) and then the four of them pointing to the exact spot where the one and only first sun of the year will peep over the horizon?

URLzzz???? i trust you'll find them, hint:
Acharya S made a career out of this knowledge which has gone viral and she is alive and well.

Now for people that move, put and lay their lives more in, on and along lines of more dangerous fire. Meet Ken O'Keefe.
conversing with Ken for over an hour

harrowing vid alert

i will be talking about Mary (and comments at her place). i 'found' M Rizzo trying to follow Rowan (XXXXX) around the net (one of the few men who ever answered a comment of mine ((in endearingly critical fashion sometimes, more often uncomprehendingly)) at the indymedia sites i frequented between 99 and 03).

She used to edit and publish Gilad a lot (on her 'peacepalenstine' blogspot) .. but let him go as taskmaster meanwhile. What she has not stopped is posing a picture of herself young and most beautiful, kinda unforgettable and least so to herself apparantly .. but it has caused a distortion in her perception of purity .. it raised my eyebrows even back in october 05 already - when my nearly 2 year spate of her blog started, to banter with a handful of people there - and even more so now.

in march 03 i discovered
(5 languages at it for 5 years) .. but did not make much of it

october 05 i wrote:
It's not hard to find Rowan commentin around the net, 550 hits, ..
-- update: 376 meanwhile, google must have pruned the fishing and autopaging quite well --
.. here's one at an ozzie jew's blogspot (antomyloewenstein's) who has noted bnai brith with starting number two too, boohoohoo (a counterpunch(tuat)ed 'vertigotiable'): jew-sponsored-stock-car-booed-off
Palestine Somoud: Arab Voices of Resistance » item + over 160 comments - 550K
Truth Justice and Peace nearly sunk as RTH convoy facts emerge, and as usual, Gazans get the worst part of the deal
really loooooooonng big ass borderline boring post by Mary (with whom i bantered and cantered friendly enough for a few years up to 2006) casting a great big stream of innuendo on Ken O'Keefe' behaviour negotiating the obstacles Road to Hopers found in their way throughout Lybia

Mary on Ken:

A purposeless “signal distress” for the seamen is simply a sacrilege. A “captain” should have known that.

If the neighboring vessels had responded to this “distress call” only to realize that there was no emergency at all, the person who actually made the “distress signal” would surely face claims of hundreds of thousand dollars by the ship-owning companies of these vessels for unreasonably alerting neighboring ships for a non-emergency situation.

Video uploaded by Mr. O’Keefe on YouTube:
In 10:14 of the video: Mr. O’Keefe making a “distress signal”
In 10:14 of the above video we see Mr. O’Keefe making a “distress signal” and his communication with the neighboring vessel MV OOCL Oakland.
However, in 10:34 of the video it is obvious that one or more pieces of the footage have been cut. Why would Mr. O’Keefe extract pieces of the original raw footage?

Arbuthnot (brave Shield movement member in Iraq):
He scared them to bits. So another initiative for peace, of huge and desperate (literally) importance which was nearly destroyed. One could not possibly comment as to why this keeps happening, but it does seem like controversies dog all he is involved in. Having also been only an "armchair" watcher re the latest debacle, what does stick in my mind is the, number of times before it happened, how he wrote of the time for confrontation drawing near.

short version of Mary's take:

Mary Rizzo on December 9th, 2010 at 10:58:
It IS a scandalous tragedy. Face these FACTS
1) there was NO contract.
2) K o'K and K Turner refused to leave the vessel
3) obstruction was placed on the vessel to prevent it from leaving
4) the vessel had written port clearance to leave absent of cargo
5) once the ship was leaving, Ken admitted OTHERS jumped on board.

.. by the 57th comment Mary gets downrite fishwifey:
"..personal soap operatic drama of an adrenaline junkie."
there's a few commenters who stick up for Ken, like Eileen, Eric Verlo (who i have had the pleasure of reading in personal print .. though i slacked off .. for over a year already ... my my), Sam, who goes:

"As you can see from her childish name calling (King Tatt, O'Con, etc), she displays a behaviour that one would expect from a teenage girl with self esteem issues."

comment 87, 130 (and at least one in between), written by Xa are, by far the best ... so far, though not entirely fair nor accurate either (no connection between these convention breakers .. with and towards the greatest harmony possilbe and the egyptian uprising, really? See the vid of Ken finally crossing the Egypt/Gaza border?).

Xa is quite solidly on mary's side but with succinct and dehydrated argument (not to mention better language economy ... what a babble box Mary has turned into):

And yet, despite believing (against all evidence) that they would simply be allowed to tag along into Egypt, none of them bothered getting visas to go through Egypt!
Almost everyone on R2H is a person of deep conviction. Those who led it, who lied and conned people – surely not just O'Keefe (he joined in Tripoli, he was not responsible for all the claims about "al quds convoy")

.... alas, on comment 156 xa loses all decorum, objectivity and benefit of doubt towards Ken, claiming he's in Gaza to abuse their hospitality. Low Blow.

xa posts157 as well, a participant account by Sonette is worthwile (perhaps to many overly concerned with budgeting and funds solicitation. A 'Magic Hat' discussion of a type i know quite well. And Butterfly Bill's yearly rainbow gathering accounts usually have a hat ingredient. I love them all).

It's a harrowing read:

Our van was almost empty and we only had a few boxes of food stuff, Judith's mom's beautiful knitted toys and our own personal belongings. We were told that they collected about £4000 from the convoy members, the vans were paid for (?) and we left in the middle of a sand storm. The storm became worse and worse and about 20 minutes after leaving the hostel our van broke down. This event is fully documented in Judith's report. I totally agree that this van was not up to scratch and we could have been in serious difficulties if it had broken down in the desert far away from a mechanic! The rest of that week we spent driving from reception to reception and although we had a fantastic social time with the locals, valuable time was wasted and we could have reached the Egyptian border much quicker!

The greatest irony in all of course is this:
These commenters display the sort of personal aversion either shipping agents or the captain (or both) most prolly felt towards Ken (who, being so there when there, cannot be missed, overlooked or ignored, ... not even on a very large ship, and not on one that could just repeat a performance on the strength of routine alone) .. or put off by so many flakey do gooders, to the point where they start misquoting the contract to each other just to annoy the bunch of them.

I dunno how many other Mavi survivors were on this thing but the need to resist a repeat/replay/reply impulse, a traumatized reaction wasn't felt keenly (Kenly?) nor dealt with carefully enough and so, all (egged up and on) in service of a people struggling with life and death issues (yet keeping up demographics with abandon, ... aint they insufferably unsuffering????) a little urge and cajole here, a foot in the door there, a (nearly empty) van on a bridge and an all too stern word yonder ..presto .. already we're in 'clashitory' to the point where it may have felt like hi-jacking (or echos thereof) for either party already! Tragic. But the entire Arab youth began to make up for it all quite soon afterwards.

One of the last ones is best: 160th comment at Mary's long thread on Ken by Anthony Hunt (who has known him for years)

Friday, February 04, 2011

head-ache dump

more of the same (as in last post) in a 129K attachment here:

more white head n wipe outaches

i head out to dump some ache
i dump on Ytout white out why doubt
i jump on whites, lift some blacks mix, shake, sprinkle and/or blow them greyed ups (greys for sure and short), them dusts across a raincloud, wipe up the spillage and wait for the gar(E)den to grow, Eden to be guarded once again.

indy uk hidden article
that aint kosher, that's torture!
03-02-2011 17:42
link to slaughterhouse footage ... the source is considered, from most angles, questionable and therefore i will write an off (equal rights and a proper place for organisms and aggregates alike but with bovine focus here) topic defense of using it.
+ from earlier today

i dont understand a word you just said
03.02.2011 18:17
"Of the 2 extremes available thus, it behoves us to tackle the bottom biosphere borders of bed-rock below .. or should i say tickle in the garden cultural variety way .. i mean in the sense is doing so, that way the top end will be tickled by tall treehouse projects, give or take a millenium or so."

thanks for tryin though
03.02.2011 19:18
verplicht = required
werplicht = throwlight
dutch indy nixed me stuff along with 2 comments... givin them a breather for a few years hasn't improved their disposition any.

light thrower

03.02.2011 22:53
What was that about Indymedia not being obsessed with Jews?


So your argument is, "Jews eat meat"?
03.02.2011 22:59
Is this something that's only bad when Jews do it?

just to get this straight

typical retorahtrick you got there
03.02.2011 23:48
cruelty comes in many shades but yeah only jews call their slaughter methods kosher and like anything they are wildly succesful at institutionalizing (read socializing) it (loss of ethics in this case, .. once again. So no, not my only complaint, smartypants).


Good old Indymedia UK.
04.02.2011 03:51
Nothing short of "kill the Jews" is ever considered antisemitism here.

But what do you want when the Indymedia UK editor Roy Bard is such a fan of Israel Shamir, the guy The Guardian just denounced in their headline as a Holocaust denier?

Here's The Guardian on the Holocaust denier:

And here's Roy Bard (ftp) worshipping the same guy:

ain't that the way
Shamir said Assange was framed by "spies" and "crazy feminists"

Maxis: you are a dishonest redactor with editing privileges jumping out of line and sneaking a few in to earlier stages, skewing repartee parity. No fair mate. Wait your turn, there's plenny of room at the end of lines, threads and tethers .. hell even in rock, if and you should make it so, that's my point most of the time. Speaking of digging up fresh air vs yourself into a stinkhole: amsterdam is 7 years late and 3 times over budget with its diabolic subway. And have they conquered soggy saggings now???? Or are we gonna see a new bill for that yet??
/off topic.

"Nothing short of "kill the Jews" is ever considered antisemitism here."
yeah, time for action to save the chronically threatened and endangered species innit?
aintcha forgetting the underworkers? not the ones i was on about but the subjectivators, CityOrcies imperially gesticulating by means of o so smart softening wear. Don't JeWorkers polarizing income levels whirlwide ... to boost the military tentacle of the densi- and intensification called the babaliya game ... count?
Oh wait, .. they do do that ... matter of fact that's what they're meant to and all they do, were selected to aindey?

Got some room for this clause in your semitismizmz equation to spare buddy?

as to Shamir ... i remember my delight discovering him in .. oh .. 2002 .. prolly on one of the 3 now defunct semitation discussing indies .. .speaking of which, look at the gentrified indy of/at urbana champlain ucimc (own their building even ... but the news items show a wannabe starlet's mugshots (local Assange?), one after the other and the 'don't crowd unless to comment - comehence and cohere culture' seems dead.

Prolly all bycause of that o so biased pro- jewish types like gehrig who signed off thusly: @%< .. during his heroic full on production in the early noughties on the (admittedly, often redundantly) indies i mentioned, which were rageing to the point of often making me wonder if wasteful duplication would ever be combatted any better than pollution.

gehrig can really do the nile, denial and triple negative pirouettes fancifully and skedaddle on ready for anothe one:

peeps sniffs out a conspiracy
Submitted by gehrig on January 31, 2008 - 1:33pm.

Oh my god they're all against me it's a conspiracy I tells ya!

Before you dissolve into a paranoid fit, I haven't thought one way or another about what I'd do if IMC-UK failed to no-platform the antisemite Atzmon, other than think, "well, they failed the anti-racism test."

Gilad Atzmon: "I am happy i circulated" Holocaust denial propaganda
Submitted by gehrig on January 24, 2008 - 12:02pm
4199 reads

Hoo Boy
Submitted by anonymous on January 29, 2008 - 1:52pm.

Hey gehrig, I know that Indymedia uk get unhappy about these threads, so its great that UC IMC are willing to share the burden.

Reading this i see non-sense unchallenged and a discussion that is sanitized. But hey, they own the building now ... prolly a reward for phoniness.
Promised land housing policies in place and firing on all synapses.

Holocaust? Hell they were never even expulsed as often as they just swarmed.

Rightie sites like to list expulsion of jews from various places around europe, but i think migrations might be a better more neutral term for the resettlements that occured spread out across a millenium.

I know few exceptions to semites lacking an urgent sense of permaculturally integrative indigenous heirloom preservation, thus, a self marginalization pushes, inches and nudges them out of their own habitat even if crazed bombing campaigns do not plague them.

... though mind you, even way back, blacks began sacrificing trees to imperial ocean crossing ventures, another fork in the human road that proved capable of installing a tradesman's trait and inherent concealed weapon in almost everyone: splitbrainy double standards .. doubling over and over, .. geknakte vergokte verknokte saamhorigheid.

A well known segment of semites not only score high demographically but tend to feed as well as conceal it by swarming, any appearance and/or revelation of over-entitlement compared to fresh host majorities or rival minorities gets turned inside out and called prosection, their loyalty issues lead to self-culls, calamities as well as overly conspicuous success via a scatter shot network test, a swarmage.

here's another one:
from late 09 with about 12 comments .. would be hilarious .. if it weren't so sad .. the last ones a year later ('chief' has to do with the mascotte issue*)

REALLY????? Wearing the chief is the same thing as wearing a swastika? REALLY???

I think I could find a Holocaust survivor or two that would strongly disagree with that, Mr. Kaufman. Strongly disagree. The last time I checked the former mascot for the University of Illinois didn't kill 144,000 FREAKING PEOPLE. You have NO RIGHT to marginalize the losses of the Jewish community in the Holocaust by comparing their plight to that of a long-gone tribe of native Americans whose image was being used at football games and on t-shirts (who, by the way, originally AGREED to be part of the tradition of this University but later reneged on that agreement because their grandchildren's grandchildren felt they weren't getting PAID enough, but anyways.....).

No comparison. Not even freaking CLOSE.

Grow up. We have bigger issues than the chief going on up in here and we don't whack jobs like you muddying the waters and draining credibility. The University should seriously examine whether or not someone with such questionable judgement and reasoning skills is really qualified to be a "professor" at this institution.

* - Anybody into comparing Geronimo's skull to the david star?
Or how about election media (roeptoeter)bore limits to make the race fair?
throwing fake and trash money at fake trash flaglets waved once in 4 years, just enough to remind the average voting public they really don't know how to behave in crowds (it's not like a REAL abundance tempted them to come stand and wave.. goes hand in hand with throwing more ephemeral dirt riding any and all waves that come along as long as they are remotable. sattelite spy systems is the real trade mark. the clever little plyers flattened and frozen into a symbol, a status, theirs.

as untrumpable bottomline i will add:
let all jews become or remain superrich but make it justifiable (and) as result of tackling the biggest growth factor quite literally, that is, through turning rock and rocky ground fertile, into composted deep soil, that would be putting their inimitable to good and common use i say.

peace out and cheers for free speech. Hail Indy.

where's me indy folder???
149 items strewn about in different locations - a gig and a half and 700Mb worth of vid and aud

prints, yearfiles, native, anarch rewilders, etcetera
first file with indy in the name is from the 26th of april 2001
com vs cap
.. created a file with shortcuts

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

hopin to serve servin a heapin helpin - day and a half worth of notes

havin trouble with the links vs line breaks again. fuck! Well, since you've all been such a pleasantly uncomplaining audience you get soup widoubt lumps

11th hour ... i have a disfunctional copy .. trying again .. with this torrent link .. that went really fast ... i've already shared over 7 of the 700 megs about again too!

official dvd sale pitch page
put up on june 2nd 2008
DiCaprio who's in it, on it (along with a colleague or the director or something) nearly a year earlier:

so far it's the most levelheaded flick of this (zeitgeistian) ilk i have seen ... did 'the end' start this trend???? Very professional footage and mixing the good with the bad a little more often/earlier ... but 15 minutes in there is not strategy other than point to the honour and ethics we lost. No mention of cannibalism. Wonder where the cure comes in ... other
than in that interview where the female urges those who will end up on the other side of the camera (mirror - burial site - see Krapp) she communicates with, to just go visit the action site and join a group

Andy Revkin mentions the 'goldilock effect', earth being in between too close and hot venus and too cold and far mars

Joseph Tainter is another person i haven't really ever focused on before

if you like Dirt! The movie
if you like places like
you may like Uli Mohr (Ulrich, FamilienVater, aber geht auch manchmal in hohe Hacken und Minirock herum anscheinend), did books (sold through Hugendubel) and (music) CD: Ziel - Los zur Mitte
Bernbeuren - schongau 49 8595 214335

i quoted Ken yesterday, here's more:

I say again, if a street vendor can kick off a global revolution, imagine the power of the people united, intelligent, fearless and indomitable. We can achieve any damn thing we commit to. I say we destroy the banking system and replace it with genuine currencies of real value serving simply as a means for fair and ethical trade. I say we default on all of our loans to the criminal banks, both personal and national, and start over. I say we make criminals of the merchants of death who produce weapons of mass-destruction. And I say we sail to Palestine by the thousands and turn Israel’s ruthless, mass-murdering, fourth largest military in the world into an impotent irrelevance.

Why not?

He posted a bunch of children's pictures here (+21):
young egyptian lass .. quite fluent in english and a t-shirt on saying 'i love my country, it's the gvt i'm afraid of.
5000 Vs in a day's time - only vid by this person
Ken posted a vid yesterday with mainstream footage for the most part .... some horror interspersed ... i think that has to be dismissed as a waste of time. Hypocrisy exposed is not the same as demoting it .. and that might take AP. In the 6th minute Ken comes on.

wow, he is wonderful.

One thought struck me repeatedly over the last 12 hours:
all the assurances Egyptian military is passing out to the people not to use violence against them ... should really and instead be interpreted, not as direct threats but certainly as immediate betrayal bycause though they may indeed (continue to) do nothing as they promise, does that not also mean they won't touch Mubarak ... and with him leave all the .. i mean unacceptible thumbscrews and ugly squeezes in place or just move a few around for window dress refress purposes????????

If so, the military's behaviour is (and does constitute) a betrayal of the people's will and keeps on hewing closely to those who deliver them uncouth boytoys, their own overseas paymasters (in turn hijacked by sattelites who serve an occupation of their neighbours, it's complicated).

In other words, the egyptian military is being just as much on the schizfritz as the EU (which is why PC medimums makes no bones about it, delivering mealy-mouth support for the people but really continuing to back their mean chaindogz, pettily petting petty tyrants, propping adversaries, leeches and nemeses).

You call regimes "puppet government states that are not honouring their people" (in minute 10 and a quarter of your latest quarter of an hour vid) and no doubt correctly. You have also seen more military butts whether at rest or on the move and accomplishing worse than nothing in at least half those cases.
And it so happens that your aims and stated goals i can not only share wholeheartedly but i believe they won't become reality unless not just i but the military ranks happen to hear, manage to understand and succeed in joining you .... and me, should they get sick of their toys and hot for my musical rockgrinders due to as yet untranspired and so nondisclosable reason.

If not that, what IS it gonna take before the Egyptian military begins to gently but persuasively convey folks like Mubarak to the compost belt where they can begin to work and/or live out and/or off their evil days... to Tel Aviv maybe?? ... unleashing a wholesome chain reaction series of similar leech ousting events?

the above posted here (last of 17 comments, item before it is into the eighties now)

.... but i dared not post the rest:
Surely not this type of stuff ..

"Sounds about right. "Master" Lin and his cult got a hold of my husband when my daughter was 3 months old and her brother was 3. That was 15 years ago. My now ex husband squandered every dime of our money on this cult. I lost my home of 17 years and the 80K of equity. He's now overe 50 k in arrears on CS. He admitted in his contempt trial a year ago that while the kids and I were being put out of our home with no money even for a moving truck, he was up at Superior Shores, in a resort, paying for his umpteenth go round at whatever level.
the guy who gave up wife, house and kids for the dubious privilege of pouring money into the Christian Chinaman hybrid Chi Goong cult run by ChunYi Lin in Eden Prairie (right alongside DU 'enriched ammo producing Alliant). Read Art Planet Chronicles (link in last month second file) about the final battles being between armies and meditators).

I don't pretend to have figured out how far and in what way Arguelles pipedream applies or might relate to these versions of pretentious immobilization. I do know though that it detracts, distracts and in all conceivable ways counteracts and lacks awareness of benefits from let alone preference for application of muscle smarts and their (hopefully balanced and) combined force along vertical axis in a sense that serves the memes coming to the fore in 'Dirt! The movie' and my work.

This happens to be on topic (in a 'more of same' sense) in light of comments from Rowan's blog i happened to read last nite (which are from november 25th)

another (longer) one (by

Rak Razam any relation to Rampage?????????????????????
can't spot them mentioned on the same page

is Drew just a guy unbelievably pretentious about a cold feet remedy????

a wiki-like site via a 'new Drewer' that attempts to be up-front about content grades and reputes:
Leon Maurer
the page before it has a source link:
leads off into a thicket of slightly off-putting heaps of spam and spoof ... but we're still on Maurer's tail i guess. Prolly smart to go straight to with that URL

go from here if you want to save a few steps:

a collection of his logos and bizznizzCards:

here a (short) Maurer criticism (also quite old obviously, since it links to an aol homepage,, none of which are extant any longer, ... yup, 04), a comment on the Sokalian qualities/taints of his work (wait till he discovers Drew):

he is really enamoured of public figures .. and partial to those that are partial to NY, like this Poet-O and another piper in point is a case who can be viewed in the upper portions of this half a year's worth of beautiful photographs .. or to be more specific: posted early last december

one of the pics prompts me towards much preffered twittrings, thither:
tree swallows consider and (s)weigh up(on) a test box
.. only 811 views since may 11th 09 ... well connected urbanites are putting their 'connectivity' towards con acts a la Goldman Sachs i guess, to busy to look at motivators to discourage and dismantle them hotbeds of chicanery.

'exposureroom has, not a lot, but some nice bluegrass too:

40 vid-snips on the first of 3 pages for all kinds of birds .. they are all extremely short though, merely 7 above half a minute, only just.
nice, a tod narrating swallow behaviour with piano music

Aaahhh, the perks of big-city life, good old Freudian art

gees, after all that i discover this:

Les Paul and Len Maurer at the iridium club jammin
can't find footage or aud of it ...

sarah jarosz
i like 'My muse'

must have linked this musical Rowan post yesterday:
that 1 line comment (about being blown away and thanks) won't go through though .. nope, ... didn't
crashes ff .. N9 works fine

let's do another switcheroo in the hippie soldier tether tooter here.

Craig Cobb is on to his next stunt (after the Kalispell caveman stint):
Chilean Doesn't Bring Semi To Airport Accost w/Rothschild FR Shabbos David Rockefeller-Jan 17 2011
From: CraigCobbAdventureJ | February 01, 2011 | 37 views

he is also calling the Mississippi prison that holds a mr Nash, doing time for being caught in the act of poking a prize pig (righties speculate on the flavor of ribs thus preseasoned).

He wants to know if Mr Nash is willing to run as obama's next pig in a poke mate on the quadrillion dollar ticket.

spricket does Beer! (finally catch a vid in the triple instead of the sextuple digits ... 200 more comments than views). she goes 'hurts my soul'. Wonder if i should scold her for a cramped sense of self. Certainly hurts mine. Truth is, drinking hurts all sorts of beings. Most souls hurt when they are prevented from breathing way through & beyond the tiny parts of it that can be said to characterize humanity. The only soul we have to share with rock and bird alike yet fuck up and stand to lose if it all goes on much longer like this. Sprickey leads her subjects to hell quite like Mubarak does, though he just scolded his people, pawning his evil deeds off on them. The inverse of our little prickspeak here who blames the emblematic weaponized stockpilification from waaaaaaaay back at the beginning of the wrong turns made &remade along the ever lengthening to the nowhere grade.
Have to resort to 'Radhe Radhe' ... by Wah now, that's how upsetting i found you vid

'where are your women?' the indians asked?
oh... mine is making sure that our foetus is gonna be disturbed enough to spur employment in the healthcare sector .. working for my CUNTREE aint a??

februari 2nd

spricky got 16thou views overnite and the comments are lagging by a cool 30 fold now .. but hey, that's what you get for scrapping them, mine amongst them.

blessed memory surplus, make my day
the global sufficiency outfit has a nice logo ... and a song:

Thanks go out to Lisa Rogers and The Therapy Sister’s for this wonderful song!
"The Jews are addicted to propaganda."
Yup, SMartists, cirkus freak salesmen

apparantly a fairly mystical and 'neo-hippie' type 'docu' that gets very mixed reviews at documentary heaven, here's the blurb:

‘The Collective Evolution’ is a documentary aimed at showing the current state of the world, why it needs to be changed, and how each and every one of us can play a role in changing it. The documentary addresses this need for change through five individual yet interrelated structures society has come to rely upon –finance, education, religion, entertainment/ media, and health/ food. Each of these structures is fully broken down to show viewers how they have come into place, and why their continued existence can no longer be supported. The documentary concludes by drawing attention to consciousness. Addressing who we truly are, what we have come on this planet to do, and most importantly how we can go about doing it.

the first 3 minutes are good and convince me this is a rainbow family like effort (as i suspected):

Wotie on croppies
sober lass, mom, artist .. thanks for the hint about Robert Plutchik rainbow colour coded flower emo-gram (4 pair short of 64), about which i find more via cyril sellam first: .. be patient .. let it grow ... a semite with vanity to match the guitaoist .. he has a knack for building websites too .... try later

Jesus help me to stand - Alison song i hear on grooveshark for the first time .. song 60 of 200 bluegrass ones ... and played like .. over 40 times in a row ..

.. it's not like i notice, make note, nor remark on this for the first time but pointing to handiwork bears repeating lest we all hang on bastard ex- n abstraction trees and end up being at someone else's fingertips, the vague avunculures of vanity .. cursed with touchy midas hi-freq wrecktradears on wallowstr... woelaw street .. whatever that hellhole's called: "darkness retreats at the touch of your hand"

aint that like using crude manual tools to crush rock by hand to feed the compost to feed the soil to feed bulkiest yet diffusest end of the chain of being????

and aint it that kernel of truth that always ends up being stolen from to serve purposes that actually detract from its functioning to the point we can call it a matter of meme/ memory (evolutionary, ecologically, cultural .. you name it) hi-jack, were truth as proven practice gets demonized, discouraged, prosecuted and finally hidden as thing that counteracts efforts of perps to subject people .. not balking at maiming, poisoning or plain tying their hands. Thus we have a overlays and layers leaning on true attraction so thickly and heavily, this burden reaches the point of suffocation, making it hard to make out what the fuzz was in the first place.

If primates went from treehouse villages in a garden culture to mechanized monocultures and slums dotted with very few rich spots we can prolly manage to retrace our steps ... but the efforts to popularize this perspective have all failed so far.

'jesus saviour, help me each day, fill me with hope, fill me with faith .. darkness retreats at the touch of your hand .. jesus saviour, help me to stand ... shoals of grief (the shovel regiment, the metal dole/dignity) ... jesus went through darkest pain, ejected by men despising shame died for me, cancelled my debt (cat sold my debt! HAH!) at calvary ...

I think the whole jesus thing symbolizes the beginning of the end of schizoid metal use.

Hitherto metal turned into ornament, coins and swords, beast of burden not yet at all,

coins: sharpening the lying trait to trade more impunitoutly treacherous swords: the pure barbaric bloodlettery.

One stage melting into and melding with another in a poly-rhythmic inter-regional plague- and calamity-like fashion).

Then Jesus was like the John for Cernunnos, whose guild like practitioners may have informed and inspired him. That is, the sort of commonest of common senses described in the boldened lines.

foreshadowing a legal dirt day in the UK less than a week from now:

Israel Shamir (that’s me) is a veritable lightning rod for smear jobs. Some folks can’t take the heat, and frankly, I don’t blame them. The Sweeney letter accuses me of being an “anti-Semite” and a “Holocaust denier”. Presumably it will be repeated in the broadcast. To ensure their case is fireproof, the BBC has hired expert “anti-Semitism fighter” Professor Richard Evans; the BBC spares no expense when the game is afoot. Evans was an expert witness in the David Irving libel trial, and walked away with seventy thousand pounds from the court and a grand total of a quarter of a million pounds altogether for “fighting” anti-Semitism. This windfall overexcited the Professor and, eager to repeat the coup, he tried to frame a feminist scholar Diane Purkiss for Holocaust denial as she expressed some unusual thoughts about… no, not Jews but witches in medieval England.

Rowan: i-see-no-particular-reason-to-trust-shamir-myself/
says the man who does like wikileaks .. whereas he accuses Shamir of a 1998 act that foreshadows and preplicates a network he is now a small part of and happy to be associated with?????
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