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re douglas dietrich petpat&cuddle 'firing lines'

tis all over the place .. and so is this .. and so are eagles ... if they can manage to avoid plastics (hope they try avoid Hawaiian beaches.

heyall .. .though i might mention / record here that i just made my first google+ comment ... i think i tried a long time ago but got frustrated and gave up. I was even angry with buttons that become invisible when you preset colours (which i do to avoid white, a colour i have a very low tolerance for .. and ban altogether (the digital varieties anyways, love snow though), that still happens here and there. I could whine about the poor choices in colour settings on firefox i guess ..... but seeing i still haven't gotten help from the few people i share any amount of interest with to the extent they could easily stumble upon me, with much bigger probs i have decided to try count my blessings instead .. and let them wait a little longer for me to show off how elegantly i can (Re)combine them. Cure on, rock(dust) off. Peace be.
Douglas Dietrich (there's a .com too)

in 3 days you will be at

Re pendant in mouth pic
Are you miming the rock (formation) wherein the cross was planted .. like a(n arche)type of Excalibur which the true eurasians were well on their way to both mobilize peacefully (find my fresh dust spin on prayerwheelz)  .. are you saying iow, come and mine# me, 'turn that drill bit* on' (me, weapon of 'mass'(ive) information?

* - The Cross as the War Horse Jesus rode excavated and tunneled through hell with to wring a blessing and free captive from the dark like jacob wrested with the light for them.

Barky barky, bite and spar key

The cross of course is an awfully great load like that treelike cross with a man seeming to ride it or the more radially oriented, seems to recline and lean back on reading the stars perhaps; i am speaking, of course, to borrow your terms, of the image chiseled into the Tomb-Lid of great Mayan King Pacal Votan (discovered in 1952) and which many, not just Jose Arguelles who dubbed himself Volum Votan, interpret as a type of Vehicle .. in the spirit of your penchant for fabuloid SF poorhips?

--85,500 results for "valum votan"
403,000 results for "jose arguelles"

--63,100 results for "douglas dietrich"
--32,500 results for "poetpiet"

 710,000 results for "cernunnos"
369,000 results for "soil formation"
--37,200  results for "rock to soil"
beautiful(ly brief) biblical collection of distortions and disfigurements regarding the message i am for now, privileged to point out and to fairly unambiguously .. but give it a few generations.

I am cultural( iconical)ly (speaking) a Cernunnos guy myself but have an unusual interpretation -- no takers yet, except for Miranda Raven, a rainbow sister, deceased some years ago .. one of the very few i exchanged really warming words with during a 16 year long career in sniper and cultural incarcerate filled frigidities of inner and outer, spinner and spouter digitalia .. she was an angel as you can hear (lofi) on

christian comfort:
jesus is number 1, not first and last but only one ever ....

... only one?? of what natural phenomena is there ever only one???

answer 1:
if you happen to catch the last living specimen of some species or other

answer 2:
a first child of the first negro X eskimo marriage ever

is any of that useful, celebratable, a salvage of something or other .. let alone the only possible salvation?

Has he taken the pain of his kind, people like him and people past and future who (learn to) like him upon him and is that something for them to dump their troubles on and have same recycled returned like the ultimate combination of scapegoat and heavenly banker to dump and draw upon rolled into one?? The fist big enough to end all fistmaking and fill that game full.
Buy this bridge or have your mind blown?

 -- believe me, i believe the jesuslike are not exterminable, short of ending mankind -- this is just a hormone thing ... evolutionary pressures predating gender itself (look into Andrew Lehman's for clearing this up), something the messiah (as personalized by the christians) is famously reported to have taught something or other about. I basically think the truth of writs that old are irrecoverable to the point of causing more trouble than they're worth, no matter what culture we are on about ... the effects of a shower and/or an ice age last until a fresh one is needed (give or take a few timeframe notches and tweaks thereof) .. always closer at and more in our hands (dependable and calculable, more quantifiable) than meteoric and(/X) solar climate effects; which ones are more dramatic is an open question as yet.

Dangers into opportunities, disease into strenght, lowest leak into fortified base line and guaranteed minimum.

The belief in "agression needing to be expressed" (Douglas Dietrich, 9th of march, Firing Lines, while discussing gaming merits) for fear of worse outburst from pressure built after a bottle up and reign in???

Answer A:
A last resort is up when all before got passed up and were gone past and the better ones of those seem and are diametrically opposed to the evential calamities as final destination of, for and at the hands of those who 'care' to wear, keep up and on extending reactionarily linked missed change chains, called final solutions, end alls be alls, imperatives, mandatory, inevatable, budget balances and what have you .. but none are any of that and instead, of course, merely further 'descents' tonesettings ('appy' minin folks, that's all!!)

Answer B:
Not only does this doctrine distract from wondering about the causes of [people such as he, including the 11 miljan american lambs led to the Vietnam War slaughter]  just exactly who bears what brunt of irate expression and why ... it discourages doing anything about it in the sense of prevention, decreeing high degrees of inevitability
denies (the model follower) performing the whole thing effectively (also, additionally, check the reciprocality block here, the efforts to establish peace, straighten dangerously leaning 'pillars' of justice (pillars being a perversion of living treetrunks of course, a discussion from shallower levels of hell we insist on digging ourselves into)

iow, the cross rider, sword wielder substitution doctrine, is a manifest invitation and indeed requirement to not concern yourself with the same thing going on and on before and after it. Pretending .. scuse me, believing it was a 'once and for all', THE only instance when it COULD be and WAS done effectively ('perfecting' redemption of all in the blink of a single lifetime).

It was not, a la Golden Bough, just another annual defeat/sacrifice of the solar king but turned around and over into not only survival and procreation .. but a win over evil .. all of it, anywhere in and for all time.

The most positive message i manage to extract is that it is no use playing the hero, scattering coin as if the temple was a field and it seed, no use to go for protest culture and indulge extatic occupy rites which for lack of isolation like on Iceland will NOT give them the numerical advantage and ultimatum lever of taking leaders by the throat or taking the time to almost leisurely, luxuriously besiege them a few days and weeks in a festive mood -- this due to the amounts of law enforcement that can be mobilized from neighbouring areas covered by a too arrogant to walk away and big to fail centralizer clique.. after which the kitchen library and sanctuary complex gets torn apart and disappeared into the eviction force containers.

So the public outcry and activist stategy Jesus practiced began to die with him indeed ... ever wonder why the jews hate him?* ... uprooted from the pagan origins of red bull out, black bull in, old sun gone, now year rising, spoiled king out, fresh fellow

* - a certain Dudeguy (9th of march Firing Lines on Freedomslips) down in Florida -- with the most depressing outlook on life gets to pronounce the funerals rites for a history program (or at least ruin it for me while he is on) by bemoaning the loss of a personal pet .. and abjectly sanctifying the getalongability of abject Torah and Talmud following gays he lives amongst there -- prolly doesn't either.

To call all the jesus-alikes (seem alikes and semi alikes) fake imitators, doing something that not only was done already but could only and need only be done once, is another effective tool of the powers that be ...

[PTB = conservative, innate, default feminism which has used priesthood cabals forever to get demography numbers cranked up by hook and/or crook. It's patriarchy as weaponized matriarchy ... an insight the MRA is about to break through to and with .. come out with and through ... even though they seem to ignore my pleadings for them to read and tie in Otto Weininger .. Leslie Fiedler for all i care, a jew literature prof who lived in Montana].

Far as digs diggings and works of darkness are concerned .. begin reading the short essay "mine" by Laurence Rickels and then .. by the time you note his take on satatinicization (or did you say satanization on that interview with Hilder?) of the (B) movie industry ... slowly rising to the top as we speak .... i will hopefully have unearthed (extracted from a hard disk that fell ill) my notes to his 'devil's notebook' --a compendium of that movie genre with a few revealingly flawed comments, showing that his analysis is far from complete and he needs to bend a lot harder before he can fuck his own self good enough on the redouble entendres.

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