Monday, October 06, 2008

one from all vs all from one


Nor do you ...
"....why capitalism is in perpetual crisis. It would be in perpetual crisis even if there was no fiat money at all, and all money was metallic."
well ....., waidaminnit, the slow increment of metal (or commodity baskets with real seed, handtools and musical rockgrinders in mine) is a healthy brake on all this take the money and run away computation power and prowess.
"This is because, as each industrialist automates his production process, he gains market share temporarily by cheapening his unit output cost, but when they are all fully automated, there is no profit left to share around."
Mmmm, the role of automation in real estate value could stand a little scrutiny, .... getting too big to fail is approaching a point of tide change/(no re)turn, the stage in the old sloshpump boil, bank and bail battle between bond and share where formerly rising stars plummet and lose prestige yet/but get honoured (as well as honorated) saved by the bell of long term dependability; iow, even if little gambles on rising location location occasion occ up as zion value did not pan out (as anything but what the dutch call 'bezigheidstherapy', keepmbusy ... at great material cost and keeping collective trauma safely ensconced in unquestioned 'comfort zones'*) the bets that the perimeter remains inviolable and bonds are honoured we just shift the taxburden to everybody. this contradicts the many are called few chosen, much tried little succeeds doctrine and approaches the omniangle cover all centrality tries for.

After big bail outs all get to work off crimes a mere few commited instead of all profiting from those disCERN n earn-a-lotters whose sole ambition, pride and joy, hence highest reward is not those faux bets with nothing but a growing swirl of plastic debris# to show for them, but instead, as they should be, ARE in line with sphere of influence - satisfactory approval easily readable on every square unit you care to measure within it by simply observing animals. I was in Tessin on a once rich grazing and collecting (maroni) slope with a stag doing his 'where's the party, goddammit!' call, which of course set off a refinement in my thoughts on money and/vs coin of the realm (rockdust). If this confuses anybody they have but to search out my thoughts on Cernunnos and the bags of coins he empties into the grounds around him&.

* +
& emptiness instead of wet and dry greys symbiotating into green
# -
"Only fresh labour generates fresh profit."
if you really thought so you would certainly study demographics and folks like sapolsky and perhaps cite filled sitemaker of among others a lot more
"This is why telecoms, and other high-tech automated consumer industries, are such perennial loss-makers.
your (and any) prod/cons division is (are) ultimatelyy just that, divisive and artificial. One works one's way into what one won't do without.
" Take a look at Das Kapital, Vol III."
why do i keep on thinking you will once start recommending Ulrich von Beckerath instead, like i do?
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