Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A MUSIC and MATRICES post (folk and revisiting 'tortugans')

Todd Rundgren and (the late) Elliot Smith coming up but first a good music search site: Ken Waldman
Sam bush plays stingray off his glamour and grits album on folkalleyapril04too.htm includes folk around the web section

shady Grove by Chesapeake the rankin family FROM turn that boat around
caroline herring Song: Standing in the Water Album: Twilight
Artist: Douglas/Barenberg/Meyer ---- Song: The Earl of Hyndford/Open the Prese ---- Album: Skip, Hop and Wobble
Bill Whelan --- Song: Timedance --- Album: The Roots of Riverdance
Donna Hughes — My Poor Old Heart RunningDog 003
Stephen Fearing — The Lark/Robert's Waterloo Red House
Solas — Dougie MacDonald's Medley Shanachie
Rani Arbo & Daisy Mayhem — Big Black Bird Signature
'Short Trip Home' by Joshua Bell/Edgar Meyer/Sam Bush/Mike Marshall
checked through my files down to may04 (alphab.)

tod rundgren is trying to commit suicide too but since he wants/ed to go by psychedelics he fails/ed -- don't give acid head too many electronic toys if they have the instant by speed of sound satisfactiable disposition; we have enough luftwurzlers glutting the market as it is, they fucking scrape and stink along the bottom rungs of run off sin as it is. ==

wikipedia says: Rundgren's music video for the song "Time Heals" was the second video to be aired on MTV. He has had a pioneering involvement with music video and computing and was the co-developer of the computer screensaver system Flowfazer. He also designed the first Paint program for the Apple computer.
more songsamples near the end of the page more than is good for anyone and since we're in dry and dread symmetry land let me say this too: less than good for everybody, most files double digit MB, a dramatic one that gives you more than enough of the co-dependency flavors on offer between the energy maffia and the superficial addicts like todd rundgren who hasn't a clue about nature beyond an intellectual grasp. Happenings sixty years time ago - no dialog -just music- Hiroshima by Utopia. By the way, the song has it wrong, The bomb was dropped August 6, 1945 on Hiroshima and August 9, 1945 on Nagasaki. Japan surrendered August 14, VJ day is celebrated August 15. earth wizard discussion - Red Resonant Earth, a key revolutionary spell now/here?

I'm in same situ as thread initator

what turns me of about this movement is similar to what bothers me about rainbow family in general:

balmy words, endless repetitions going round in too tight a set of circles including fossil fuels, lots of print and little real community.

then on the other hand there is the flirtation with Quran which goes right well with all the bloodthirsty Mayan history we can see on National Geographic the other day a dramatized docu led by someone narrating in german (Grube?)

.. .. I guess all the permaculture heaven we 'sposed to be working on disappears in or is displaced by the yawning black hole wedged into between these foolish and forceful extremes. story time (native american music awards) 13 Moon Calendar Discussion -- thirteen tones and music

shoutcast lists 555 stations under folk but lots of them play mixtures, it lists capacity and amount listening, truly neat feature (down when I tried the first time) 11 ways to hook up to this one (commercial of course but they play decent stuff) funny images snippets of his hits (includes the lyrics dark blue on black) proof the man has done biased if not burnt the head/hand connection in favor of the typical acid head hopescope blow up out and away - but for all their quick fix intelligence and ability to attract attention (in dutch the expression is: to cause clouds of dust), they couldn't think their way clear and see the greater (longer term, more eco, etcetera) use of making enough dust themselves to write their own name; here are the lyrics one hears during the clip: ...."International Feel....and there's more, interplanetary deals...but there's more, interstellar appeal...still there's more, universal ideal...still there's more, international feel"...

fuck the bureaucrats trying to make things work on paper and their cleverly commercial little coup d'oeil leonardoid analytic artistry.

We need road signs and equipment to navigate away from the all too broad and narrow road.

We don't like hyper articifical civilization on one side with industry, pollution overpopulation and slavery, nor savagery on the other. We want to work on a happy medium in the middle.

Do I like fish? Do I like netting? Do I hate culturingnets? Do I approve of symbol farmcenters? Do I hate tall towers? No. I would have liked to see one of the dozen Marxian spearpoints to be reality by now, the phasing out of cities, as people fuse with the countryside, agricultural mechanization, so creepily harmful via compaction and erosion, a success. Is it too late to legislate all tall buildings need to be surrounded by as many little permaculture gardens as there are people working in them and they must be left enough time to do the needful. So, transplant and space them already.

Coe, Michael D. The Maya, 6th ed. Thames and Hudson, 1999. Martin, Simon, and Nikolai Grube. Chronicle of the Maya Kings and Queens. Thames and Hudson, 2000. found here:

elliot smith (very gently voiced suicide rocker heard on dutch radio)

radio from santa monica
Elliott Smith tribute (here he sounds pre heroin alrite if excessively laid back; had he had less coarse features he would have gone for a sex change I am sure)

my pricker is the kicker (inspiration via ES' last interview once at the bottom you may read stuff that didn't make the mag; ES died at age 34) they are reaming out the pipe and pump for you at the mo a site with torrents, via

Friday, December 09, 2005

quoting Eric Wijnants
Islam thought the ‘Arabs’, nomads at the time, in need of subjugation. The ‘shari’ah, was to base the legal code of the new faith on the more fluid tribal legal system, or ‘urf’.

Zionism was a spontaneous ‘non-governmental’ organization concerned about the rise of anti-Semitism in Europe. The social experiment called the ‘kibbutz’ system, however was not to survive the changes in Israeli society of the 1960-70’s.

But when Ahmadinejad said that Israel when sanctioned by the U.N., "took islamic land” (in fact they bought it, and were given the land rights by a Muslim ruler), one also could argue that Muslims took Mesopotamia, Syria, Turkey, Egypt...

Neither were Arabs entirely innocent in the Holocaust when Haj Amin el-Husseini, mufti of Jerusalem, likened Nazism to Islam in a speech to the Bosnian SS division, the Handschar. Balkan and Soviet Muslims took part in massacring Jews as part of the Einsatzgruppen. And the mufti of Jerusalem finally negotiated with Hitler about extending the Holocaust to the Jews living in the Arab countries, and effectively prevented the release of Jews, including thousands of children. (See: L Hirszowicz, Third Reich and the Arab East,J Schechtman, The Mufti and the Fuehrer, Anwar Sadat, Revolt on the Nile.)

Three days ago Gulf News commented about Ahmadinejad earlier claim that he felt light around his head during a speach at the U.N.

Did the "Hidden Imam" send a flash signal to Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad while he was addressing the United Nations last September? Is the new president assisted by an army of djins and angels?

These and similar questions are now all the rage in Tehran. Designed as part of a campaign of character assassination against Ahmadinejad, they do not come from secularists or atheists who do not believe in the "Hidden Imam" or dijns and angels.

The architects of this campaign are mullahs in the Rafsanjani-Khatami faction that Ahmadinejad defeated in last summer's election.
Aimed at portraying the new president as a mentally imbalanced individual suffering from visions and hallucinations, the campaign replaces an earlier one in which Ahmadinejad was presented as a "terrorist and hostage-taker".

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