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Douglas Dietrich on Russia and Israel

November 25, 2012 at 9:39am near San Francisco, CA ·


Winston Smith:

Thank you for adding me, love your work. Just a quick q. If Nasser had radioactive weapons why didn't he use them (esp. in the 6 day war) ? Or was it only a deterrent? Also if he has 400 German scientists why has Egypt not produced any more cutting edge technology? Or has it?? Thank you.

Douglas Duane Dietrich:


1945: The Communist Dictator, who insisted Posterity recall him by his Extralegal Alias of: Ijosipf (Joseph) “Stalin (“Man of Steel;" born: Ijosipf Vissarionovich DZjughashvilli, 1879—d.1953; 1st Gensek [General Secretary] of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union: 1924—1953), Initiated Operation: August Storm – The Soviet Invasion[s] of the the Imperium of 滿洲國 (“Manzchoshū-kokuguoia [‘Manchuria,’ or literally: ‘The Manchu State’]”), Japanese Chosen (Korea), Karafuto/South Sakhalinsk Island and the Chishima/Kurilskajya Island chain in his attempt to Close the Circle of Shame drawn in 1904.

The Man Called “Stalin” proceeded to totally suppress his true motivations involving the Recapture and Resorption of the area at that time comprising the Yiddish-Speaking State of Birobidžhan, the First Modern State of Yi’Ƶrǽl [Israel] – in Asia – Established by the Japanese in a series of colossal Japano-Soviet Border-Wars through 1937/1938/1939 (literally waging one war each year), upon securing the Territory as a Buffer-State for the Manzchoshū-kokuguoian Imperium at great cost in manpower (in epochal collision of forces which anticipated the Sino/Soviet War-to-come, Japanese and Soviet Belligerents Deployed One Hundred Thousand [100, 000] troops from each side in Combined Armoured, Artillery, and Air Operations that resulted in the Japanese suffering Twenty-One Thousand [21, 000] Casualties in The 1939 Manchu-Mongol Sponsor-States War alone, enough for Western observers to draw conclusion they had lost).

Japanese (“Giri [the Sămuraï Sense-of-Moral Obligation/Duty of Redress) had demanded the willingness to lay down such sacrifice(s) in order to realize Japan’s (“Fugu [‘Puffer Blowfish,’ literally: ‘River Pig’]”) to Repay the Outstanding Japanese National-Debt to the Jewish Diaspora for Financing the successful Conclusion of the 1904—1905 Russo-Japanese Conflict (many Jewish Émigrés had lost family to Imperial Russian persecution). Opportunity presented itself to Japan in this regard when Das Dritte Reich (“The Third Empire-State”) began encouraging massive Jewish Exmigration from Europe.

Today Birobidžhan is found on maps as the Russified Jevrejskaja Avtonomnaja Oblast: Jewskaya Autonomous Oblast (an Oblast is the principal Territorial Subdivision of a Republic; in this case a Forcefully-Incorporated Ethnic-Enclave of the Federative Russian Republic – ephemerally an Eastern Jewish People’s Republic; but colloquially referred to by the name of its Capital City: Birobidžhan, to discourage Breakaway Nationalism – just as Macedonija, after gaining its Independence from The Federation of J’yugoslăvija, was initially and Officially [by the Community of Nations] Referenced simply as Skoplje, after its Capital; and eventually thereafter as F.J’y.R.M. [pronounced “Phyirm;” an acronym for The Former J’yugoslăvijan Republic of Macedonija]: all to avoid speaking its ancient National Name without qualification, or even aloud at all, for fear of encouraging Secessionist/Reunificationist aspirations in the Makhedonían Population/Territory of Greece); a Forgotten Ƶion which Stalin Conquered in the August of 1945 With Intent to Exploit such (almost successfully) as a lure to Entreaty the Second Modern, Hebrew-speaking Nation of Israel (est. 1948) into Soviet Satellite-State Status as: The Western Jewish People’s Republic; by example of the British Partition of India’s Islamic-Majority Regions into West Pakistan and East Pakistan (East Pakistan later Rebelled against the tyranny of the “West Pakistani” capital of Islamabad and won its Independence as the nation of Bangladesh); this actually presented itself as the most logical course-of-action to the original Knesset – as the overwhelming majority of Ƶionists who Established “West”-Israel were militant Atheistic-Socialists (sic).

Stalin had originally supported the Jews Resettling in Palestine circa 1946 via substantial Soviet Aid. The Communist Bloc supported Israel in ways that no one else could. In the second half of 1947, about Seventy Thousand Jews (70, 000) were permitted to leave Poland for Israel; when many of them had just been Expelled from the Soviet Union to Poland.

On November 26th, 1947, the Motion to Establish a Jewish State in Palestine was Defeated in a United Nations Vote of 32 to 25, but at an Extraordinary Session of the UN General Assembly, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Andrei Gromyko Advocated the Creation of a Jewish State.

A Two-Thirds (67%) Majority was needed and here the role of the U.S.S.R. was again decisive when it pressured Byelorussia, Ukraine, Poland and Czechoslovakia to also vote "Yes.” With Soviet Support, the United Nations General Assembly Reconvened on November 29th, 1947, In Historic Vote to Partition Palestine, with 33 In Favor and 24 Opposed.

The Soviet Union's role in the Establishment of Israel should be accorded greater significance than The British Balfour Declaration of 1917; yet it is the latter that attracts far more attention.

On the 19th of March 1948, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations argued for a Unified Palestine Under Provisional UN Trusteeship.

Gromyko Countered this in an uncompromising, de facto Zionist, Speech at the March 30th Meeting of the UN Security Council that secured Partition:

"... — the only way to reduce bloodshed is the prompt and effective creation of two states in Palestine. If the United States and some other states block the implementation of the partition and regard Palestine as an element in their economic and military- strategic considerations, then any decision on the future of Palestine, including the establishment of a trusteeship regime, will mean the transformation of Palestine into a field of strife and dissension between the Arabs and the Jews and will only increase the number of victims."

The United Nations Recognized the State of Israel in May of 1948. David Ben-Gurion (born: David Grün, 1886—d.1973; 1st Prime Minister of Israel: 1948—1954), from Plousk, Russia, became Israel’s First President. He Headed the Marxist Mapam Party (aka [also known as]: The United Labor Party). Most of the Jews moving to Israel from Eastern Europe were Ideological Marxists. They soon launched an Underground Terrorist Campaign against the British and the Arabs. The new nation was invaded by its neighbors In Retaliation and Israel’s nascent armies defended itself while – in dozens of cases – Clearing Territories of Arabs.

The Poles trained Jewish Soldiers on their own territory, then Despatched them to Palestine. Moreover: Despite a UN Weapons Embargo on Palestine, Stalin Ordered the Czechoslovak Škoda Arms Works to send Modern weapons to Zionists in Palestine that facilitated the Expulsion of some Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand (750, 000) Palestinians from their land.

As Arthur Koestler (b.1905—d.1983) Noted: The Eastern European Weapons Shipments “... — aroused a feeling of gratitude among the Jews towards the Soviet Union.”

“The New York Herald-Tribune” of August 5th, 1948, carried the Headline: "Israel Leaning Toward Russia, Its Armorer." The Article, Written by Correspondent Kenneth Bilby in Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel continued: "Russian prestige has soared enormously among all political factions. Certain Czech arms shipments which reached Israel at a critical juncture of the war, played a vital role in blunting the invasion of five Arab armies. The Jews, who are certainly realists, know that without Russia's nod, these weapons would never have been available."

Zionist Emissaries asked for even more and promised to build a “Marxist and Socialist Israel” – so Stalin Authorized what he saw as the Jewish “White-Settler Régime” in Palestine to fly Captured German Aircraft from Soviet-Occupied Eastern Europe to nascent Israel in the Mediterranean and Assigned hundreds of battle-hardened Officers with them (almost all of whom were Ethnic-Jewish Veterans of The Greater German War and/or Jewish Graduates of Soviet Military Academies) to facilitate the “Ethnic-Cleansing” (a later-Soviet euphemism from the terminal-days of Communism referencing Mass-Deportations of “Suspect Populations” into “Exprisonment” – Exile within the Soviet Central Asian/Siberasian “Interior[s]” of the U.S.S.R.’s Multi-National Empire; applied much earlier in allusion to Oversight and Assistance of Foreign Expulsion[s] of Native Population[s]) of Palestinian Lands (it is important to remember that at this time the Axis and the United Nations [of which the Soviet Union was a Founding Member] were still Legally at War Under Condition[s] of Ceasefire).

As French Historian Laurent Rucker, who utilises voluminous Primary Research from Soviet Archives (Please Reference: "Moscow's surprise: The Soviet-Israeli Alliance of 1947-1949,” Woodrow Wilson Centre for International Scholars, Working Paper 46), Summarizes in his insightful Paper: "Moscow provided political, military, and demographic support to Israel.”

Yet by the end of 1948 Stalin had decided that Jews were influencing the Soviet State more than the Soviets were influencing the Jewish State. Spontaneous signs of affection for Israel were apparent in Moscow, and in Stalin’s own Court. Muscovites seemed to adore the new Israeli Ambassador, Golda Meir (born in Kiev and raised in the United States).

The High Holidays were observed with enormous fanfare. Rosh Hashanah saw the largest Public Gathering in Moscow in Twenty Years (20 Yrs.). Some Ten Thousand (10, 000) Jews crowded in and around the Choral Synagogue. When the shofar blew and people promised each other to meet “next year in Yerushalayim ('Jerusalem'),” the mood was euphoric.

The Anniversary of the Bol'shevik Revolution: November 7th, 1948, fell during the Days of Awe, between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Polina Zhemchuzhina, the wife of the Kommiƶƶar (“Commissar”) for Foreign Affairs Viacheslav Molotov, saw Golda Meir that day, and encouraged her to continue to go to Synagogue. What was worse, Zhemchuzhina said this in Yiddish, the language of her parents and of Meir’s – a suggestion of national unity among Jews across borders in that paranoid setting.

Ekaterina Gorbman, the wife of another Politburo Member, Kliment Voroshilov, was heard to exclaim: “Now we too have our own homeland.” Upon learning of this, Stalin's latent Anti-Semitism soon reasserted itself. By Time of his Passing, the subsequent Administration of Premier Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchev (b.1894—d.1971[?]; First Secretary of the Communist Partii of the Ƶowjetskaja Sojuƶ: 1953—1964; Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the Ƶowjetskaja Sojuƶ: 1958—1964; Deposed) would inherit a Legacy of embitterment at what appeared to be a National Israeli Betrayal of their Soviet Sponsor-State.

Concealed by Conspiracy of State-Imposed Ignorance throughout The West, a Triad of Non-Aligned Nation-States Responded by Recruiting Reichs-Émigré Scientists to compile Atomic Arsenals shortly following American-Initiated Global Cease-Fire in World War II (December 31st, 1946 [sic], per both Title 38: U.S. Code & the CFR [Code of Federal Regulations]); thereby Preempting American-Dominated Allied Attempts to instigate Régime Change(s) by either Intervention or Insurgency while Deterring what they perceived as the Threat of an Emergent Soviet Outlet into the Mediterranean Sea.

This Occulted (as in: "Hidden") accomplishment was Co-ördinated In-Person(s) of The Shadow Axis of Feüehrerprinzips, Historically Unacknowledged by Western Officialdom:

President-General Juan Domingo Perón (b.1895—d.1974) of Argentina, His Excellency Generalísimo Don Francisco Paulino Hermenegildo Teóuduloa Franco y Bahamonde (b.1892—d.1975) of Falangista (Spanish Nat-Ƶi) España (Spain), and President GJamāl ‘Abdu æl-Nāṣṣīer Hussæyin (a.k.a.: Colonel "Gamal Abdel Nasser," b.1918—d.1970) of the U.A.R. (United Arab Republic) of Mişr-Sūrīyah (“Ægypto-Syria”: Entirely occluded from American History, the Ǣl-Jumhuriyah ǣl-Arabiyah ǣl-Muttahidah ["United Arab Rep."] was Union between Ægypt and Syria: 1958—1961/1971 [1961—1971 Encompassing the Decade of Peaceful Ægypto-Syrian Contra-Union Proceedings and Orderly Withdrawal of Ægyptian Military-Police Elements]; In 1957: Syria was On-Brink of Communist Takeover – it had a highly organized Communist Party and the Syrian Army's Chief-of-Staff, Afif Bizri, was a Communist Sympathizer – so Ægyptian President GJamāl ‘Abdu æl-Nāṣṣīer Compelled a Syrian Delegation inclusive of Syrian President Shukri al-Quwatli and Syrian Prime Minister Khaled al-Azem, Into Arab Union, which subsequently Adopted a Flag based on the Flag of Ægypt [itself incorporating the Nat-Ƶi Reichs-Colours of Red, White, and Black], but with Two Stars to Represent the Two Elements of Union [this continues to be the Flag of Syria Today – in 1963, Ba'athist Ǣl 'Iraq Adopted a Flag that was similar but with Three stars, Representing Intent that Ǣl 'Iraq would Unite within ǣl-Arabiyah ǣl-Muttahidah]).

All Three (3) Leaders Retained Power Unto Passing To Spite The Western World.

Indeed: “The Washington Post” Exposed that, by the 1950s, President GJamāl ‘Abdu æl-Nāṣṣīer had Recruited no less than Four Hundred (400) Nat-Ƶi Rakatan (“Rocket”) Scientists and Technicians to Establish the German Scientific Kolonen (“Colony”) of: Factory: 333 in the Ruin(s) of Heliopolis outside Ǣl Qāhirah (“Cairo”) – a Missile Project(s) Centre Lifted directly from Heeresversuchsanstalt Peenemünde (“Peenemünde Army Research Center”) and Personally Directed by Eugen Albert Säenger (b.1905—d.1964) himself – Godfather of the Boost-Glide Rocket Technology that realized America’s Dyna-Soar (Military Space Shuttle). The German Magazine: “Der Spiegel,” Reported Area 333 as a “Sovereign State” of The Third Reich-In-Exile’s “Neu Afrikakorpz.”

Here Radioactive Warheads were ultimately intended to bring Adolf Hitler’s (b.1889—d.1945[?]; cKhanzcellor of Germany: 1933—1945; Der Deutschen Feüehrer [“Leader of The German Peoples”]: 1934—1945 [der Feüehrer In Exile?: 1945—?]) Endlösung (“Final Solution”) to Der Judenfrage (“The Jewish Question”) to Completion...

However: By Time of The Third Arab-Israeli War (June 5th—10th, 1967), some Fifteen to Twenty Thousand (15, 000—20, 000) Ægyptian Troops were still fighting in Ǣl Yæmæn. Only the Proclamation of Total Soviet Commitment On-Side of the Contemporarily Devolving Mişr-Sūrīyah prompted President GJamāl ‘Abdu æl-Nāṣṣīer to consider Activating War Plans against Israel at all.

President æl-Nāṣṣīer's ambivalence about his Goals and Objectives was reflected in his Orders to the Ægyptian Military. The Ægyptian General Staff had changed the Operational Plan Four Times (4X) in the preceding month of May, each change requiring the Redeployment of troops, with the inevitable toll on both men and vehicles. A Nuclear First Strike on Israel might have proven itself the inevitable Compensation.

Made aware of such potential(s) by their unparalleled Intelligence Network(s), the Israelis played a brilliant hand and Responded by conducting a savage, unprovoked assault on a United States Navy Technical Research Ship afloat in International Waters North of the Sinai Peninsula, approximately Twenty-Nine-and-a-Half Nautical Miles (25.5 Nmis. [29.3 mis.; or: 47.2 km]) Northwest from the Ægyptian city of Arish. On June 8th, 1967, the U.S.S. Liberty was subjected to Combined Air and Sea Attack by Israeli Air Force Jet-Fighter Aircraft and Israeli Navy Motor Torpedo Boats – an Atrocity wherein Thirty-Four (34) Crewmembers (Naval Officers, Seamen, Two [2] Marines, and One [1] Civilian) were Killed and One Hundred and Seventy-One (171) Crewmembers were Injured – the ship itself being severely Damaged.

The U.S.S. Liberty Incident instantly forced a One Hundred and Eighty Degree (180º) Turn in Soviet Involvement and brought the Soviet Union into Clandestine Reinforcement of the very Israeli State it had once helped to Establish – rendering any Ægyptian Nuclear First Strike a Catalyst for massively scaled Regional Superpower Intervention – with the U.S.S.R. now once again On-Side of The Jewish State. The Secular President æl-Nāṣṣīer was too responsible a Leader to risk literal Armageddon.

Only monumental American investment into Israel, including the immediate and aggressive Sponsorship of the Immigration into Israel of Religious Jews from across the planet’s surface, preempted the Israeli option of Soviet-Alignment from consummation. Indeed, United States Investment(s) in exacerbating Religious Extremism in Israel have grown so enormous as to (dys)-functionally render Israel the Unofficial Fifty-First (51st) State of (but not in) the American Union, at the incalculable cost of irrevocably alienating the Arab population(s) of Asia, North Africa, and indeed the world over. To what avail remains yet to be Judged by History; as Israel was – and is – understandably fixated on National Survival over Pro-American Alignment (the Two [2] Prerogatives are increasingly separable), a stance asserted in everything from The Sinking of the U.S.S. Liberty to chronic Espionage Scandals in U.S. Territories; Israel dominates U.S.-Israeli Relations (as opposed to the United Kingdom, which passively submits).

Despite American Commitment to Interventionism in Israel With Intent to Institutionalize Theocracy, the Mediterranean Jewish State has adamantly maintained a Secular Government and Military/Intelligence Administration, as is their right.

Ironically, Soviet Collapse has presented opportunity for massive Exmigration from the Russian Federation in general, and East-Yi’Ƶrǽl (“Birobidžhan”) in particular – to Israel. Immigration In-Country: Israel accelerated after 1989 with the the arrival of well over Eight Hundred Thousand (800, 000 +) Jews from the imploding Soviet Union, swelling the population of Israel by over one-quarter (25 % +); eventually to the point where roughly one-third (33% +/–) of the present population of Israel speaks Russian as its Umgangssprache, or language of customary communication; steering “West”-Israel into cyclopean economic linkage with Russia by Vote and Organized Criminal Activity that posthumously completes a circle originally drawn in Stalinist perfidy....

— Douglas Duane Dietrich.

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