Friday, August 13, 2010

dirty birdness

dirty bird on clean boom

Pat, you sent me a picture of a cozy fit with plenty of muscle to move, stir, wiggle rock and pound it, but it is bare bone blunt direct sho(r)t (but not too short) cutting. It is not just myopic limelight seeking but fundamentally dishonest to strike and cut all context (while reckoning richness in money but no further, a bluntness compensated by pointing and when possible witnessing the ((totally/equally artificial)) flowerings of culture), making a dickeryducting trick punctuation the climactic point and reason to be (just another specialization after all though somehow affording a peculiar keepage, (or drown as the dutch have it in boys books) illusions of closeness can be pumped upright in manners closest to dancing, hence, youth, hence ((dodge diligence as)) freedom) rather than a crowning glory.

Luckily i am not the only one to notice:
from the 23rd of march (via piglipstick):

Oversight Is So Stressfull
SEC Employees Yanked To Porn While Your Economy Tanked

growth figures quote and recite obsessions (over half of all radio and tv routine) are like porn ratings and pricings - total disregard for context (like demography, biomass and fits in the sense permacultcourse-offerings are struggling with. Close to nothing of reality (the real thing) left to convey impressions of how it all can and shan .. eh could and should be soon (thousand year minimum though) again regards tree-cycling and all that.

get a taste of (pls) musical taste here:
july 19th

just one of his intriguing sounding sources:

tough taking up all of this mans putout (heh, one picture and i have a dirty mind for hours)... pls july 20th.htm = 3rd weeks of july, .. i missed the 2nd week and the last 2 of june .. and the last of july and first of august

you are so caught up in the wash of sensuality that a straight answer is not, as you often claim, (my and others amongst the stable full of) your correspondents' but your own weak suit. Note the immaculate use of parentheses by the way, conventional even on those last ones. The mothers hip man by the way is as paranoidelusional as ever, regressing ever further (back with mom n pop he has kinda driven apart as well, mom cannot handle his ducking food and losing weight), stopped allowing comments at his blog (though still eagerly throwing himself at commentariats all over the fabulascivious faces of the web as fervently as ever) and obsessed with empty assholes (which i told him is in large part responsible for his hemorhoid complaint (that seems to have got him worse than all my other pointers). From just his equally obsessive and repetitive tappage i will never divine just how he got embroiled in a sinoisoid al superstition hybridized with virgin parthenogenesis of the holiest. He calls himself naturalresonancerevolution now.

Here is a definition of china i came up with yesterday (pass it on to Land if you talk to him again .. and send me his new book on once you are finished with it): the world's slit-eyed, most 'promising aspirants' (certainly most massive bunch of them) to (naively heading towards) anthood mowknowmaniacality termit(hanat)oid status(symbols) such as symbologistics n symbolosis symbolishness

of course you flip this whole lot off thusly (didn't your, .. last april?):

" I am offering my services for the Hailey's Weekly Comet, which Mr. AA said was not unsupportable given the way Goldman may have stolen all that money betting on materialisms and other credit-default swaps owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland."

you drunken ravIDiot

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

part 2

.. and yes, i do realize my last post contradicts my often ardent (cold hard, clear and dry ((into the dark north(((ern most food for thought))))) is not a cower and retreat) advocacy for unmixing and bufferment betwixt cultures, ethnicities, nations, regions (and the myriads of staggered telescoping, scaled and overlapping networks we once had to reflect protect and guarantee biodiversity), tribes .. even family members and most expecially single sexes .. but serving temperedness need not entail domination and suffering .. containment is good enough.

Once jews would be offered and given as well as have taken to the type of career i outlined in my post about Izmedial flottila mockery, they will be the envy nations and fresh blood will not only be as easily obtainable as before but the proceeds will not be skimmed and siphoned off to serve a vat of stinky bubbly mind poison, a doctrine way overdue for proper burial and suitable mourning in order to forgive and forget untold suffering that today is touching more and more people thanks to the mono- and massifying effects of enthralled and mis-used digitation.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

6 days left to bid on a doubtlessly good book

SOUTH OF THE ANGELS by JESSAMYN WEST HB DJ pub hodder 1961 564 pp Light tearing& fading to dust cover very slight yellowing to blocked pages


—South of the angels is the story of energetic, forward-looking people; 0f" love and of hate, as these two powerful, conflicting and varied forces of human existence are brought into sharp focus in the lives of men and women.

Into the empty land of Southern California, during the early years of the first world war when America was still at peace, came the first settlers, seeking space and fertility into which to sink the roots of their new lives. They had bought their land; they had been promised sunshine, warmth, water. With the water, the Tract would blossom with orange and lemon groves, and a new pattern of life spread over the land that was so recently barren.

All sorts of people: the Lewis family, with Shel Lewis's determination to plant his orange groves on the promise of water that does not come; the newly converted Quaker preacher Raunce and his awkward, intelligent daughter; the Copes, mother and daughter caught in the complexities of first love; the Mexicans, Ros, Pete and Jafian, who see the gringos taking over what was once theirs but feel no bitterness; the rigid Cudlipps, bringing their colour prejudices from the South; the incorrigible ladies' man Tom Mount; Eunice who loves him in spite of everything, and Opal, who does not.

These people, men, women and children, flood over the Tract, and by the time we reach the end of their story, we have seen birth and death, the failure of one marriage and the triumph of others, a crooked man's downfall and the victory over adversity of an honourable man. We have seen boys and girls begin to embark confidently on adult life. And we have learned a great deal about human nature and human interdependence, for this novel illuminates -and enlarges, as • great fiction does, the world we ourselves know. Here is gusto, wit and wisdom.

"jessamyn west is an accomplished writer blessed with an uncommonly delicate ear for the English tongue and with a warm and understanding heart. Her skill as a story-teller is great. She is a serious artist who chooses to write about people with substantially more good in them than bad. And in writing about them she deliberately sets out to amuse and entertain her readers."

New York Times

"Conspicuously gifted with the power to convey her scene, and the rare, exact word with which to fix it in our mind's eye."

The Observer

"A refreshing sanity, an essential earthi-ness, a robust sense of humor; and because she is a born writer, and a good one, she illuminates even the most commonplace with her own particular magic." New York Herald Tribune Book Review


.. piet: if this were anything like a world where jewish assimilees had the upper hand over the rotten, insulated, thus pressurized and explosive core, instead of the other way around, i would own and comfortably accomodate readers of all of her books (and lots like it) in the best possible setting ...

by the way, just learned she was second cousin to Richard Nixon

Saturday, August 07, 2010

beauty in the eye ...

met het oog op morgen .... provision duurzaamheid .. the dutch word for sustainability (while 'duur' is expensive .. so a non-current but nevertheless perfectly logical translation would be 'expensiveness' but perhaps ... expansiveness would be better cause though these guys (a load of them) operate in hollywood (vacuous headspace)
if gives me hollow woodies .. .breathing room ... faith in a future .... a company to invest it .. .a link to send my daughter with the feeling that i am really giving her something on top of ... to top off .... anyways, without further ado ...

money - is dust - is weather is the o2 pump ... it becomes clearer and clearer .. .'cept in moscow at the mo.

wonder what Christopher A Brown is up to. find my blogs about him yet .. and/or any good? .. haven't met him yet .. unlike larry rickels (in cologne briefly years ago) who is prof there.

keep finding inpressive people in/from seattle lately (Vrabel for one .. think i sent you the link already).

found other neat pics ... the cymry climate camp last year ... next one comin out right now .. they go constantly throughout europe ... the biketour has 20 participants ... perhaps so few cause they make them cross the channell 4 times within a month .. that costs ...

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

immunization to 'good' life chasers like ..

strangelovers, bright spot in pitchdark drowners
bitchdowners and sprotterparkers

see next post down with comments on footage from reboot britain which is to the US like sodom was to gomorrah i am sure

meanwhile .. immunize ... with over 20 year old work

Blended dusts and distinct digits: handled the right way they may reflect singular sentience and sussed sociability. Ground gravel is usually reemployed; graded and glued right back into compaction in the form of lootcarrying and -hoarding roads or walls. Most of this potentially fertile money is not taken to the epitome of diversity distributing soilbanks but gets spent and pent right back up into the rigidity of compact and secretively symbol shuffler sheltering structures where with all bulletbiting, glare, flare and heartless cunning, the colours and spices of life are bled into one black mass of mental darkness for as long, high, far and wide as their compulsory legal tender manages to enslave and infradestruct. (see ch 6). :: :: :: :: The real rockcrushers are not performing their (p)ungrate- and progridfully quarry crunch to increase credit for biomass crescendo; they do not mean to mechanically prime the from then on more lively unfold and swell made possible by facilitating rain and shine absorption, this very unpacking percussion isn't followed by a pack it in and up again kind of audience, nor do the kindly minded, mined kind currency grinding mints realize that is what they are or intend to attract such come around, carry crushed cash, go around current grounders that bank the biospherical way yet, but it will take such customizers of and by true nature at the cutting edge of evolution developing to save the day for civilization cause a more imaginative purpose than spraying plasters, pouring concrete or driving pilons lies in enhancing its mobility still further in the borderland between in- and organic to make its moves in favor of soil life and almost forgotten former glory. :: :: :: This basic, sharable and tenderly tenderized rock, the currency of and for aeonlong bio-amass- and diminishment has needed no symbolic representation yet cause it can be redeemed or cashed in everythere where moisture, its mate and close relative is present, being most universal indeed, unlike derivatives with a much shorter lifecycle and more specific extensions, but now that our feelings and instruments are becoming attuned to the full spectrum of frequencies thanks to our probing rationality and vica versa, (note the Winter work on the golden mean and Callahan on magnetism), other sundry rock predigesters than ice ages would add an ancient tender to count as naturally legal, which (as we will see) means it can be forced back upon the issuer only or hostbanks who's confidence and commitment he has gained and secured.

meet Stan Stalnaker

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