Thursday, September 30, 2010

french tv on celts yootoobed

3 guesses which one i downloaded

yeah!!! riiiiite!!, my favorite banker .. nothing petrified about him ...
lovingly chiseled to have him come back to lifelikeness and that much
closer to lifelikely(in)hood near you.

in light of today's previous post and my position next to the rack yesterday, besides the archaeological display ....

first of 3 parts

oh, and eat your heart out Dan Winter
predators trump metal (as it does 'in gebreke blijven) .. and/or vica versa
Attenborough visiting martins roosting in a refinery rather than the jungle ... he claims to be baffled. Is it cause of snakes? Chtonic stand-ins and stand-ups for metal use. What was that about fiery tongues and the nasty waters again?

Money supplier pecking order snipery

OK, Max Keiser, Bob Chapman, Mencius Moldbug, Nick Szabo et al (but John Turmel, Richard Kay as well and Geoffrey Gardiner w Dirk Bezemer no less), listen up here, a lesson in recognizing the historical signs of decentral and regional socialisms that meet (and clear with) their capitalist (not rivals but) mates halfway in a fine mesh covering (and beautifying) the landscape. These periods show small taken seriously and turning beautiful.

Last night yet another new regional money was launched, this time in holland - the 'gelre', printed in the same country that sent a plane full of similar stuff in much much larger denominations though, to zimbabwe not so long ago.

This (only just slightly botched#, 'button pushearemony') happe(ne)d at the edge of a huge urban park, in an old barn remodeled as visitor/souvenir centre next to a tiny but working and organic meal producing watermill, right near the center of Arnhem (fought over so fiercely in WW2), just remodelled with very complicated loop-di-loop verkeer-in-de-knoop(stunt)erij i listened to salesman (one of the 3 oldest bar manufacturers) who of course trots out the scare mongering spiels to panic doubters on the edge of their market into becoming clients, ... (those that do, do so) usually not so much out of pessimism mixed with a lack of the faintest (mining)pollution awareness but quite the opposite, bycause of certain redeeming factos, redemption factorings in more ways than one, these people really feeling the urgent need for a brake on the (UNbacked .. and i do not mean the UN) money/debt creation ... specially now that print and virtual ways to add zeros and push them around in untraceably speedy ways a la balletje balletje gone bionic and ballistic in no time at all is leaving the world wide open to across the board grand gesture contenders (very very often covering for and distracting from them) ... speaking of which, it is odd to see Middelkoop link to debka whereas Migchels is about as skeptical of jews as debka supportive.

Yet Middelkoop hints that he would be ready to take over backing the gelre from euro. Hah! Joke? The symbol of distrust and distant (cruel, absentee, .. you name it) power will come and help out its opposite (worthless paper which is nevertheless equally valuable backing and entitlement to a slice of the goodsflow pie since, upon which, valuable complementarities, their rhythms and regularities, the commitees (hands-on commiters meant here, not thumb twiddling lip-flapping 'vergaderzaal' zionazis) are all specified including life-like perishable status (differing from gold especially in that last point - validity - houdbaarheidsdatum - 'tot en met de tijd en plaats aan toe' - this is where most most of the unethical aspects of interest are cut off at inception.)

Middelkoop emphasizes the regularity with which unbacked (top down) currencies have gone bust, Migchels claims that (bottom up) regional moneys will never have to contend with interest charges, debt burdens (and all those signs of degeneracy and thanatopic deadlock after which only military approved banks get sovereignty oppointments and opportunity to seep into and at earliest convenience carve up the neighbouring and rival territories beyond), in stead leaving time to do heart-stuff ... but if he had wanted to give Middelkoop tit for tat here he should have made a point of showing a little overlay to check if the expulsion of jews co-incides (or regularly lags if not anticipates, iow precipitates or follows the credit crashes.

I haven't actually done so my self but as for expulsions i have suitable pages with regions and dates .. and if i search my 3 (most easily searchable) boxes besides google i should soon have something to show for it.

# - months ago i had visions of Migchels in just the sort of limelight i found him in last nite ... and mailed him about the on-topic reading material i was looking to set up securely and strategically enough to help folks like him enlighten and recruit more easily. I got no answer from him until i mailed again for permission to attend the launch last week .. where i arrived after reading my first fresh print in over a month (folder hygiene preoccupation has totally displaced pulpreading time) ---- Gardiner/Bezemer (on what i would summarize as the militarization of the banker/accountant trade - "In sum, the BofE defense relies on QE changing ..." and sets out to prove Goodheart's (97) law* ---- by myself in the car next to the Forum in Wageningen where i spent an afternoon checking for recurrence of rockdust related articles in Acres# (still carrried there .. though by now it is the only publication on paper that cheap) where i showed up late but still too early.

* - This is the html version of the file Google automatically generates html versions of documents as we crawl the web ------ Munich Personal RePEc Archive
::::Innocent frauds meet Goodhart’s Law in monetary policy (“any observed statistical regularity will tend to collapse once pressure is placed upon it for control purposes”):::: Bezemer, Dirk J and Gardiner, Geoffrey Groningen University July 2010 ----

Methinks the last line before the concluding remarks must be music to Anthony's ears:

There is no theoretical limit to what forms of credit the public uses and invents, and no monetary authority can stop these new forms of credit from becoming fungible with ‘real’ money, and thus becoming part of the money supply. Therefore the money supply is in principle not under the discretionary control of the monetary authorities. 7.

As it was almost half of the available space of remained empty most of the night and stuff in the other half was too packed to have much flow in it. I can only blame my seriously flawed timing and lack of follow through but going for a quick look around the web to find (at least semi) related subject treatments elsewhere in holland i find them less comprehensive and myself being proud of what i wrote so far, specially of managing to add a few thrust# refs to that one great trust one:

# - Calvin F Bey - Steve Diver (did the most recent quite comprehensive overview to date as far as i know)
is that bruce tainio??

Graeme Sait
Phillip Wheeler and Ronald B Ward

Valerie Solheim (Spurling checked out by Callahan)

other miscellaneous notes on to me noteworthy Acres articles:

Ron Breland - dodeca-hives

tim king last wrote about compost - he lives in Long Prairie Mn

thomas pawlick wrote a book called The War in the Country (about Canadian land tenure and ethnic/prior entitlement troubles). - a native bird threatened by imports also.

Anyway, here's the minor stuff (only the first one in dutch):
Wilders met jodenster plaatje en wat netureika mensen op video (weinig tekst, geen gesmeten kommentaartjes)
a dutch radio guy (colleague of the one spotted last nite) chats with Max Keiser

500 years worth of hyperinflation charts please
hmm, doesn't work out real well, let's be as dumb as a machine for a moment:
hyperinflations since the 15th century
delivers nought
587 hits for this: "hyperinflations "15th century"
837 hits for this: hyperinflations millenium

think time stamps people and don't be too wishy about it, or else they are gonna think that when you, like me, hammer on factoring in 1000 year old trees is a weird allusion to zazis and nions you know.

hyperinflation 15th century
hyperinflation since antiquity
"best hyperinflations chart"

zip ... can't find anything useful .. even though hyperinflation is hyped by the goldpeddlers in a continuous, not to say chronic fashion

hyperinflations chart
ah .. 2 results .. nah. .. that's just Rogers vids mostly

hyperinflations chart (without quotes)
sigh ... none scoop beyond the decade scope it looks like ... guess i would have to enter a chart farm or something ... not my forte.

there is one place that comes up a lot. It features humor and high comment numbers too:
164 on this post

Time for my own summary and conclusion:
the golden rule is 'wave aforth and wave aback'
... hard-backing and up-fronting (conditioned by venturisms unfamiliarity and risk ... then slowly as routine/contract eats into the need for gold (yeah .. aint it incredible ... for trust, as it evolves, gold proves edible!), nuggetry gets nudged to the side and grand misuse of trust begins to take place (and displace all thrust in my favored sense and high air pressure breathing as in the wesselish ideas i bring to the fore often).
The snipery with upscalements and all, enabled and exacerbated with stronger and rising penetration of black boxing is nevertheless a vulgar barbarian market phenomenon and whatever Spinoza so mystically loved about the state (cause Knapp and Beckerath had not come and gone yet) isn't trotted out to prove its match .. just yet.

Monday, September 27, 2010

if you are on your way down reading

..the next post down is a typical case of wanting to 'see' (take the delusion of faith TO BE(come) vs WHAT IS real. Note the not so hidden comer there. Same issue the 'subliminal sex in ads' man (August Bullock) perp(etrate)s. Bullock is all over the place though, his focus swerves from cases too obvious to point out all the way over to what the dutch call 'sought too far' - a wanna be/see that went/is going and/or taking things ((trying to ride crests of past cred)) too far) .. also, this -Rotten Apple Series by Apaul Corps Ltd- crowd seems on the (par)take with (nothing so much as) their announcements of (upcoming) crops ... cops from what they once sowed, timed and finally ready to be showed (on a slow release revenue basis .. bit like a miniature version of the zionist project, adopting and juggling new names and clues every generation since the days of nemrod in a macabre style of what they dutch square away as thinksport - denksport)

.. talk about wanting to see stuff (overlay), here is a clincher of a page, immaculately instructive .. thank god for overlay or you'd never figure out what the hell they're on about .. .but whatever you do don't move your mouse over the picture until you try long and hard. Do not even read below this link until you do:
.. clipperdi clappertitap ....
drum drum
roll roll, I like the real Crazy Horse better (read Dee Brown!)

OK, that horse covers half the state of Wyoming, how'd ya like them apples?

Driven nuts by centuries worth of ancestry poring over Scripscrapture and going all missionary about it to make sure.

... speaking of which, usurpation of jesus and alike (Paulpost below this one) shall be endlessly repeated ad nauseam, a task, the payrolling of which shall make any and all companies willing to partake (on the take not on par) the biggest in their field ... until we understand just exactly how unified the field we live in is.

PS: how Hendon Harris can appreciate the likes of Cyclone Covey (to whom he dedicates the discovery of two lookalike lakes (one in montana, the other in peru, NOT) is beyond me.

I thank him for a welcome bird's eye glimpse of scapery on my way back to reality, not that plots he points to have been less evilly designed upon particularly, or else there would be a tree or two on its way to a centenial anniversary or other -- or go straight here# --, but however bare, its earthiness feels more natural than pop(goes the rock)history anyways. Let me oouuuttttt, dear migration man... and besides, .. google maps and panoramio are in my mind, infinetely more instructive than twitter trends and the like


Sunday, September 26, 2010

viral yarnalyses

drew aspires to viral yarn collector (collider, accelerator) and collectivator still and lately strapolated nother strident.

i will put it to you, in dutch too (and first), that ambition has gone from towering to worm'wholing'. Haaah!!!!!!!

mooie sier maken met iets afleren ..... veel poeha over 1 of ander vernobelizatietje (slavernij afschaffing (ovt 26th of sept) .... maaaaarrrrrr, uiteindelijk word het een regen in drup, lood om oud ijzer en zelfs kwaad tot erger verhaal .... omdat die opschudding der zeden misbruikt word als afleiding ... aandacht wegleiding van een voor velen nog onvoorstelbare verdieping (opeenstapeling - levenlozende doorstructuring - doorgeschoten levenlozing) van het kwaad... and what's the new next big sturz zur besturztheit????? well, simple, eradication of all scale n awareness of scalage, stop scaling and flipoff scalings.

Go inward people hurry up ... into the silence .. punctuated by frantic formulae.

followed up a Drewoid recommendation and this is the result:

guerrilla psychonautics - -- Neil Kramer .. a worthy followupper of the Topper like meme-skew-spew.

we are food for the greys and reptiles, our own shadows, the intertia .. blah

we are the shadow, .. complicit, .. disavow it, .. projecting and collectivizing
'stuck energy, only by going within, can we disperse the dark patterns that
ultimately emanate from us'.

what a load of cunning bull. Let me repeat once again, we sit somewhere along the true and radial axes of being, between radiance and dark, silent inert, stuck 'patterns' (crystallizations, simply that which holds us up patiently, eminently recruitable, but not by 'going within' ourselves but THEM (as part of ourselves, to make them part of and thereby radicalizing ourselves yes).
Only by going within them/it, rock do we help lighten and green that up, turn it to soil and the inert, silent long suffering stage can by our doing begin to transform and knit infrastructure in a meet and mix with the radiance coming towards all and it from above. The diabolicism and predation we are according to Neil Kramer and the like susceptible to, lies with giving them credence and is, luckily, limited to exactly that. He likes (us to voluntarily) lock ourselves up within ourselves (don't blame him!!) instead of UNlocking the stuff he so cunningly deflects and steals from in order to turn it into a
scary threat instead of the source of trust (object of thrust) and comfort 'it' is.

SciAm (+400 yarnerings) and Loll via Drew: '..fractal where scale does not exist!!'

hey, who wants the bumpy rides, who wants to see the world champ motocross and mogul moghul deal with the choppy bits as if it was a 6D trampoline? Boring, and i am on a diet formulae diet anyways, ...cheeezz, cheerzz.

much hypie ado about fishnets ... like i said ...tsjeeeeezzzzz squirt, better have your spout looked at.
September 26, 2010 3:38 AM

oops, sorry (stupid importune linebreaks again, i keep forgetting to show n copy in n out of firefox ... and am beginning to think i better get with the google mindset if i want to have all sorts of prestidigifold(butgold)ness at my fitseefutzy disposal in the near future.

yeaeeeehj bunching!, yeaheey trains! .... yall trying to kidnap sound principle into outer space again aintcha???

not into the nwo, ... just figured out the bequation equation of the firefox folder order.
Click 'name' for proper ((alphabetical)) places as well until then Capitalized names go on top upon first click into them)

bout the pics for that Loll mama
(she is one of 3 females out of 30 ENRAGErs) very quickly become irrelevant, .. there is even only one other diagram amongst them, from a conf held 07 with never fleshed out, thus left blank and blind hyperlinks - the most honest kind perhaps. Even run into fellatio - at beautiful and surely patriarchically victimize rather than royally rewarded. they get payed little enough to have to return starting a progression into tortuousness some of which i see early on in this search Howard Stern machine orgasm. I am for first- and fewtimers i guess.

also via google images i end up, via very different looking results, perusing a post from last nov, at (steve ludlum in Va)
Steve quotes a comment on Chapman (whom i am listening to, on the 'proof negative' patriot show by freedomizer (overamped phone on blogtalkradio - TORTURE!!!!!! hate to have to listen to something worthwile using technique this crappy ... oh wait, i had a book in front of the speakers - visited via a very beautiful but totally hysterical and compulsively vidding newslassie - where ads that are helpful for autonomization are mixed ((diluted, polluted)) with goldbuggery):::::

I usually ignore gold bugs and climate change deniers but Bob 'Gold bug' Chapman was featured on Automatic Earth, maybe he's a friend of Ilargi's family:

::::long quote omitted:::::

Gold bugs and others obsess about the value of currency to the exclusion of common sense.

::::piet: djees, what a sloppy sentence (implying gold is currency ... and none besides ... on top of that suggesting that any of that can be separated from common sense):::::

The worth of anything, including gold, silver or any currency in every instance is both consensual and arbitrary.

::::hmm??? remedying mentioned mistake and making another ::::

What matters most of all is not the worth of currency but the worth of commerce.

:::::aahaah, there's the arbitrariness, that 'but' is, entirely .. alien::::::

The economy fails because the value of our commerce is diminished due to decades of waste and bad investments.

:::::the gold bug makes the mistake of implicitly (mumly) clinging to (again, implied but long defunct and non-((no longer))existent) condition that guaranteed reflection of prices for and of real goods real people, real commitment, real, sustainable, durable anything !!VALUE!! in the price of gold. No longer (does the state have the type integrity Spinoza worshipped so religiously without understanding a thing about it, too busy with abstraction wasn't he?) and that is what this article makes fairly clear despite my criticism.

nother quote from the neighbourhood, both mine (circa 81 i fell in love with the ex-lover of the maker of the camel image, deported back to Oz) and that blog post's::::;

Like 'Mr. Penis Head', ideas become easily- consumed 'quanta'. The consumer can pass down the aisle with a shopping cart and fill it with a helping of Federalism from James Madison and a box of repressed sexuality from Freud, a container of Jew- hatred from Billy Graham and several servings of paranoia from Franz Kafka and Glenn Beck. What are you 'up for'? Marshall McLuhan is still right, the medium is the message.

::::;funny, on this search, by contrast to the last, loads of charts show up and the first lascivious luscious bod monica belluci type image doesn't till page 12 (on zionistgoldreport)

... and you know what? this is how he started his comment on the omitted quote (about the fed manipalated gold markets quoting tyler durden and greenspan):::::;

Good grief! It's hard to know where to begin with this self- contradictory and incoherent nonsense!

:::::;one cannot but be the ghost one sees in the rear view mirror, up ahead and everywhich other way one manages to look, .. .with that i shall go view my assininity buddy down under again (it's that time of the year again i guess) and i need a break from that good old gold.

oh wait, loose end:
Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge Cs No. (over 1200) on this (aug 7th post):
AAaaaaarggghhh!!! talking about atrocious audio (and this guy does it deliberately):
Paul is Dead - 89 - Helter Skelter - Part 1 is a disturbing and accusatory piece that attempts to link the Beatles to the Manson murders, of all things. Although there is not much factual substance in the video (how could there be?) it still is quite effective in provoking an uneasy feeling in the viewer. It makes you want to brace yourself for a disturbing event on August 8 or 9.

guess it is a Beatles fan crowd .. or a death cult
'pid' (paul is dead) fabulosers
one of 97 vids on Paul McCartney
.. guess reversalisms and anagrammars are key concept bushed about the beat(le Paul, not to mention messiahnism ... something Manson obviously picked up upon and decided to treat as found good - grinders creepers .. gritsomely grinning as the trouble with dirt saga grinds on):

hahah hey, I think if anyone should have gotten a credit it's Phoney's arch-rival John Charles AKA youknowmyname321. What's up with Phoney taking credit for the coolest and best clue EVER to come from the PID saga?
September 24, 2010 6:57 PM

permission to fold is on me .. but until my 'no objection' is heeded i will make do with looking around for discussion as to when googloidss plan to begin allowing the uploading of entire folders (so one wellplaced and prepared for click gets you within reach of all i know, am inspired by, fend for and seek to disseminate)?? That itself should be worth the price (every( google account holding )body) seeing his credit/storage drawn down to near zero.

"Teeny Lucifer" by revlover has a good beginning (just before the 11th minute ((of 14.5)) mark on the wingedbeatle 5/5 ((Comments (55)), latest of over 70 concerning the ID of modern day jesus Paul, a myth will yet alive) by the person who pretends to be someone else as flippantly as he investigates this doppelgearer steereouia (stiryouable) mercmurk

alienated by mirror stagings of self without the savetie net of a stepped down rickels meeting a stepped up poetpiet. Tragic.

lots of people are meansed away from the golden one(s)
by meanses of trapsnorts as much as meanses of medjayshimshamses and other nonsamsam satorihoodblocks ..webaffnete juden .. anybody??

pid wingedbeetle manson
reversal of negation, owning up to extrusion, repair, repent, the 100 year old tree reich ... eh riches, ... sorry.

Friday, September 24, 2010

magpie reprise

youtube now has 5,030 hits for magpie
singing magpie family ... too bad the quality is lousy and i was beginning to suspect the maker mixed a bunch of tracks but then it quietens down for a spell ... from 2008 - nearly 7 minutes
a minute 12 here with 5 birds

this one sings along with a little strumming (on a cheap guitar), not hardly letting up (i sense gratitude, companionship), with view and within earshot of the surf

for a little semi-on-topicality we move to germany for a spell
Nicoletta has only 9 vids up but loads of short avis

Die Amsel

zwischen Zweigen und Laub verborgen
singt die Amsel ihr wunderschönes Lied
sie trällert und zwitschert
in gefühlvollen Melodien
um uns' re Seelen zu streicheln,
Trost zu bringen den Traurigen und
Gefühle der Sehnsucht zu schenken
Den Liebenden
Im zärtlichen Mondenschein.

© Nicoletta de Vries 28.04.2007

The Blackbird

Hidden between twigs and leaves
The Blackbird sings
her wonderful Song
she trills and twitters
in tender Melodies
wantet caress our souls,
bringing comfort
to all the unhappied and
give all Feeling of Longing
to Lovers
in tender Moonlight.

© Nicoletta de Vries 05.05.2007

Vladiraz has 2566 vids up but this birdvoice one has overexposed distortion on it ... and static camera
google earth shots of swiss raillines and plant close ups ... in short, a nutter

back to magpies
but .. by contrast now, here is a european one (magpie), tame and in very excellent shape (they seem to generally be more into moving than parlaying, look way more athletic), he gets the libidinal charge of his keepsters remainderless, unreservedly and head on no doubt. She actually calls him fucker. And i do think it is the bird one hears, she taught him to speak(!!!!!), calls him a famous soccerplayer's name and the bird compliantly plays footsie with her. ... I remember seeing this thing at the time of my first magpie post .. what is it .. nearly 2 years ago? ... but it is hitting me like a ton of bricks now .. led to meet another ton of bricks at 200 mh while i have the spout of spouts bolted in and aimed at just that fateful spot.
yup, leaves little doubt ... though he older now and less happy, locked away (cat prolly jealous or substituting for the flown father figure, who knows). This one is awful.

Rooney the talking Magpie is named after UK footballer Wyane Rooney, he says his name and "what do you want" and laughs like a fact he is an expert mimic.

The Brits can be the most insensitive cruel and hypocritical people on earth bar none. Blair the shining example ... gets to be rich of his raving craven thinking while he ought to be tortured in public by all who care participate until he dies an agonizing death.
an asian one, lots littler and singing hysterically, songs of freedom no doubt.

site fixins

changed standard colour here (i think):
has a few attachments and the text:
click thee hence but let me be your guide through my ref-roll

regilure linkiwingk was made as an attachment (i thought it would help skip struggling with the templates but the nature of attachments is taken literally and google insists the damn is routed into your computer before you get to see it:
so instead of just

you would think rite?

well ... no .. Opera does manage to show it but is dealt the following bloat:

http://2221569214841439250-a-18027447737327 2zdxSHhakuQQaun14DK4dO6q8qvbD1nNbwzQ8aDzzPn q8E7EjVKz7M9UEgdHPgNCePv5NOmIcJAO40sGW_SVwo 8ora4Ty4j2URHC8ED5xB53oHVZFoR9kCOAZStqtlSsB MMK7tSIlpMfmmOO3c-sidbz_1_FaRpzQBCse32gHntkwqLFlatH_JXDM0DRQh Yvq6waREX6zop7D6b-c7zt0o85SrQ%3D%3D&attredirects=0

firefox has to tempt it:

chrome gives me a warning about the file being capable of 'possible harming my computer' (as if it cannot discern the simplest code from worse) then it opens an extra, totally superfluous blank and to me hateFULLY white window and after enormous delay .. i finally get to see the stupid document.

the google site builder codeITarians can manage a fancy schmansy schlooooong of a url but they cannot get the link colour (of the composition mode) to somehow contrast pleasantly with, so, essentially adapt to templates ... i guess blue is all they offer in that department .. .but if you happen to have chosen a dark blue template (about the only choice they had on that too in the beginning if i recall) you are left with very poor visibility indeed.

that and a host of other just so totally alien ways of thinking that went into
this page builder (as opposed to the composer and frontpage i have most experience with) make me give up the day i almost restarted ... but i did enough to get what used to be my googlepages link to function (after being broken for years).

i got confused about what's up and how to link to it for an embarrasing long time (and google keeps a record of it all too ((see the recent changes button at the link up topathispost)), of all and nothing to be proud of alike ... why don't they fucking invade the banking biz already? ... or have they stakes in the likes of goldman sucks?) -kin-con-comment-2006.html Arguelles-kin-con-comment-2007-B.html
.....these and the indy files do still work though

lets end with something that i got to WORK (though it took me the whole of this week to make a succesful and smooth attempt as follows):
after creating a test blog ... from my existing account since it seems only
the old-timers have the choice to shift among classic themes anymore i

at the end of comments:

#blog-pager-newer-link {
float: left;

#blog-pager-older-link {
float: right;
#blog-pager {
text-align: center;

and (stuck in the footer instead of below the google ad line .. which was a good guess):

oh, ... almost forgot, i should mention that also by way of test but perhaps i will use that blog more than the 2 posts so far, i created

Monday, September 13, 2010

staging buoyancy

"staging buoyancy" - unknown at google, a whack, a wickedly wakey wakey one,
way ahead of the pack

i struck google dumb with buoyancergy but somebody has to be first (one and
only in this case even)

HiYall, .. been a long time, last visited on Mon May 17, 2010 1:28 pm

There are 5541 new posts since your last visit

The time now is Mon Sep 13, 2010 2:40 pm

follow up to the 5 month old thread

ps: i'd love to go tinker on stuff like this with like-minded folks (not too far from Rotterdam).

buoyancy, the humble (keeping) power.

I amended the previous post having neglected to stipulate the unequal U leg length yesterday. in such a way that the much longer thin side must not be so long it does not start spilling the buoyant spheres onto the slant across which they ferry glide float roll to and down the fat one again .. ad infinitum

Note the syncreelisticallee personified prefigurement in duos, couples and combos like Laurel and Hardy

Sunday, September 12, 2010

indexterity is totally grand and probably handcoded for the most part ... but it is exceptional in another sense, ... the google ads there give me grief and when i go anywhere near saved files from that site i get all these pings in sometimes rapid and always interfering manner (yeah i am a bill gates crap using loser .. what are you gonna do about it, i dare and invite you .. to ... do .... something .... good .... about .... that/IT!!!!!ASAP!!!!!).

well i asked and wonder what/if i shall receive .. David.
David found via a Dubai developer developer developer who wrote:
DexSense - Intellisense in Dexterity by Tim
Dexterity is the name Microsoft gave to some sort of info-canalization.
They all push buttons at the infectious lesion, gash, gusher and ash delivering edge where literal meet figurative meanings.

All i say here really, tis a rare meaning that turns out meaningful as well.

recipe for grondige (thorough) doorgronding (understanding ((take a receptive stand for and under tall supportive stationarily steady tree-crops drops))):

go serve someone for whom one lacks the talent to understand

God is taking care of that by way of plus minus see saws a la Andrew Lehman but we must/better be more explicit about if we aint all gonna be semite mindsetters soon, whatever colour eye we have left to cause wonder.

found via 'dominate in any word game' -- by the way ... where they seem to understand buttons better than bolts.

ok, i am a little slow, this is an attempt to attain an even greater degree of unquestioned 'naamsbekendheid' (brandinevitability).

Thus far the detection of impunitive theft of poor artist/teacher by the Bil Gates gang.

they slip in a game-boy ad as well, via a type cheat (in dexterity) they aren't bashfull about:

and of course they dutifully note the hard-rock band by this noble name (in italy last year).
Want of dexterity or readiness, especially in the use of the hands; clumsiness; awkwardness. --Harvey.

this page, like many like it don't either, .. doesn't bother mentioning the 4th degree/possible meaning:
dexterity of/at indexation
.... but manage to offer you a whole lot of irrelevant crud anyways.

ok, and i should also choose/offer/have/like the choice of 'next page' at the bottom ... and 20 pages per post or something

calling all angels

now, i have a mind to make her feel sore and sorry for passing me up .. thusly:

take a U shape ... whoops .. fonts don't work on this Communicator (huh?? .. might recover in a next session though, .. did before).

Take a classic letter u shape, you know, the one with a thin and fat column, except that it is hollow and the thin leg is longer and has a type gutter to convey stuff to the also hollow top on the fat side. Fill the bottom half with water and place a piston in the broader shorter side of the tube-like shape, a smart one, with perhaps multiple valves that manage to let and boost a body through the fluid to where the curve and narrowing starts or else just let 'm through with a lock-like system and let these hoberman sphere-like balls sink hence. These little bodies are not that stupid either and know when to fold (become heavier and on the way up the narrow end fill and/or puff out and/or up - depending on the air power we can muster during a quick pitstop).

Now can see anything moving yet in your minds eye? Say no more you say?

Not likely so here we go on:

the piston is weighing down on the water cause the bodies are weighty bundles when collapsed and contracted weighing down on the piston before they are let through .. again, look up hoberman spheres if you haven't seen this principle meanwhile turned into cheap plastic toys along your line of the plain simple type vision.

Type type taaip, .. want more? bis bis bis. Ok, ... now .. in folded position the bodies balls fit snugly up the narrow end which rises way above the level necessary to be lobbed or rolled along a slant over into the top end of the fat U portion. as well as a bit of water (why not, perhaps a nice occasion to blow some dust about and get the misterie show on the garden road.
T:h:a:t's future music, ... for now, here's:
Vicki Genfan
12 string song

your sinkgrowmistery ministar schpuking

synchromystic excalibur ... nothing interesting

brace yarsulphs, squarely into ugly Drewoid territoire here ... wonder if he still tries to keep his head on overdrive, won't call on his blood to digest a little something every now and then, except reluctantly and therefore still has hemorhoid trouble. He has gone cagey. Perhaps i should post my visibility stuff at concen. Anyways, here we go:
bullshit radio and on and on this epidemic rages:
more newage schlager schlock sewage ... squarely in the ickey sedona camp .. she already has a friend in holland too: drums and rainbow lodges at a price and at some pricey real estate. ... oh, wait, he 'gives' lodges

Echter mag geld voor mij geen reden zijn dat iemand de benodigde steun mist. Ik vraag dan van je, ook dat je een waardige donatie geeft. Een donatie die weerspiegelt wat het werk je waard is.

Deze donatie hoeft niet meteen te worden gegeven, maar kan ook in delen worden gegeven.

what he says there is that he is open for castizing, criticism and reprimand but i guess not punishment .. since he does not mention reward.

For americans with a gnawing conscience in danger of seeing themselves as usurpers their is assuasion of such backslides into reality, some bounty indians that are happy to join them joining the ratrace (really, how much choice do they have? Lots, according to Hillary):
Yraceburu EarthWisdom is a non-profit eco-spiritual community that offers earth experience programs based on Indigenous traditions and values. We are honor to be able to run these quality programs for our 40th year and promote connection to earth's spirit and the development of cooperative, sustainable lifestyles among All Our Relations.
they make 300 dollars for 14 hours of work

I saw it coming as early as during my visit to Daniel Winter's home in Eden NY and then i tried to argue folks out of the Brand Rheingold Topper Hyperstition Hollywood Banking clique for a good few years, not to mention protesting too much. Aeonic fail. I resign and plod on anEway.

15 paper artsists (she found 'm at weburbanist also - as blogged before) and camouflage with a body paint in front of wallpaper combo
a dutch person among them:

artsy nudity
life-love-ran blogspot
.. haven't come across any skinned up picasa pages yet
I hope my turning him down (he wanted to call me on the phone too), warner bros censoring a vid he made and his messing up the blog (it starts 4vids at the same time) hasn't discouraged him (gwap360 too much.

A friend of his borrows a vid from a friend to populate her dollhouse .. ehrr ... YT account with proof that letting young folk loose on accuDoKeysham sees to tearing them loose from all birthnest moorings and away into the torrent of analyzing 'cult your (w)hole), turbulent rapids of mating ground strawmendrawquarter and diming ... instead of giving them a real practical and sweat equity apprentice-hip to hopper them into motion good enough to teach them to appreciate sitting still.
not unlike S Willner's friend (AEIOU3SEXT) really, the one that is totally addicted to the Hollywood FORCEfeed disguised as a choice filled menu.

meme scythe making fun of Glen Kealy (finding pics to go with it is all really)
the bag lady of the universe

the 188 and 211 views vidtexts (at gwap360):

THE INCEST SYSTEM (13 sYstem cells)

A serpent swallowing its own tail.

Homo Habilis begat Neanderthalers
Neanderthalers begat Cro Magnon
Cro Magnon begat HU BING Roma
Roma begat HU BEINGS (Ants, Bees and Scarabs)
Roma begat Pirates
Pirates begat Countries
Pirates begat Tax Collectors
Tax Collectors begat HU BEING Tax Payers
Pirates begat Priests
Priests begat Banksters
Banksters begat Slaves
Tollgaters begat Media

Tax Payers became Slaves who must do their own shopping.

NB: Ants, Bees and Scarabs are Asians, Caucasians and seven tribes of middle Eastern and African Semites controlled by Hindu/Perian (HP) secret societies (SS), such as the Skull and Bones society (BAS) and Ecclesiastic CoFreemasonry (EI). Tollgaters and Pirates had long ago morphed into Tax Collectors who employ Governments, International Corporate Conglomerates and Organized Religions, assisted by the National Media, to act as their "agencies" who then manage direct contacts with the tax paying public, the slaves who, themselves, must now also do their own shopping. The tax collectors and their agencies in the West in turn pay franchise fees (plus interest on their debt) to the Brahmin/Buddhist and Magi/Zoroastrian ROMA tollgaters in the East. This stolen money, when not employed to fund extortion, insurgencies, mergers, wars and revolutions, is then used to pay the bribes and blackmail that keep their AGENTS in line. Also, see Nobel and Pulitzer Prizes, as well as, Olympic Medals and Academy Awards etc..

So past or future doesn't depend on what year it is, it depends on what channels tuned in, it depends on what we choose to watch. An infinite number of channels, but no set can play more than one channel at a time, so each one's convinced it's the only channel there is! If your advanced enough you can tune in to more than one lifetime.

Neanderthalers and Cro Magnons control the "Skull and Bones" (BAS) ROMA SYSTEM that currently rules our world. Presently, marooned MEDE REDMEN are stress-testing the existing "individual" male and female human genders, to determine which of their strengths should be incorporated in a newly merged hermaphrodite SuperSlave whose main submissive mission is to explore and terra-ferme the entire solar system.

Learn reality.

LOWSTORY (Gypsy Roma Bohemian Grove Owl Story) is the Skull and Bones' society of friends eternal truth conspiracy (see Karl Rove slant).

Family, religion, school and media teach history, and therefore, they all teach lies ...mostly on purpose.

You can't build a life on a false premiss.


Mystery of the Mindless

Do you mean ME?

YES YOU, because YOU, AS WERE EACH OF US, were Genetically Engineered before birth and Socially Engineered immediately thereafter.

Don't believe me? Still looking for proof?
Then answer the following apparently simple question ...Who won the last mid-term election in the USA?

If you've answered the Republicans you're just stupid. If you said Democrats you're programmed and even dumber still.

The answer is ASIAN controlled Secret Society "Trojan Horses", sub Marines embedded in the West from birth and their "Talking Mules" in the extended Media, who, by conspiring together against you and "the people", won the mid-term they always do in a DEMOCRACY.

If you still can't figure that out for yourself now that you've been told, until such time as you decide to take charge of yourself and "sober up" so to speak, you're really beyond hope.

Better start braying for your own incarnation right now because, if such a thing as incarnation really does exist, as far as learning in this life is concerned, so far yours has been totally wasted and you need another shot at it.

...When INTREPID is stuck in the MUD

A good place to start down the right path is to remember that #2 is always #1; that is of course.....unless #3, #4, or #5 happens to be #1.....on a specific issue such as reportedly happened with Donald Rumsfeld.


signed : Joe Lieberman (Back in TIME Independent Yankee from Connecticut)

Watch out for a BARBARIAN at the 908 (inside) Gates

via Steve Willner:
10 miljan views for a very simple double rainbow song with totally real imagery???? ... i am 26688th rater on the latest song by this clever use of the mouthmetalicochiggermajigger (use of which made me perk my ears years ago in songs like 'california knows how to party' .. which in the light of my fave lit at the time 'the case of california' i thought extra hilarious (rather than tragic which it is ... seeing austria is just about the most decent bread from stones making country left in the world .. .but no mattegrind that now.

177 on this one:

In many churches Easter is preceded by a season more...of prayer, abstinence, and fasting called Lent (TEN). This is observed in memory of the 40 days fast of Jesus in the desert. In Eastern Orthodox churches Lent is 50 days. In Western Christendom Lent is observed for six weeks and four days (46 days is TEN).

Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent, gets its name from the practice, mainly in the Roman Catholic church, of putting ashes on the foreheads of the faithful UNICORN to remind them that man is butt dust. Palme Un-day, one week before Easter, celebrates the entry of IAMS Jesus into Jerusalem. Holy Passion Week begins on this day. Holy Thursday, or AUD, Maundy Thursday, is in memory of the Last Supper of male Jesus with his disciples. Good Friday commemorates the crucifixion.

Many Easter epigenetic customs come from the Old World. The white lily, the
symbol of the resurrection of the African hermaphroditic clan mother reborn as a Caucasian (original circa 115,000-89,000 BC), is the special Easter flower.
Rabbits from Antarctica and colored race eggs have come from pagan antiquity as symbols of intelligently redesigned new TAN or TEN life. Easter Monday egg rolling (its what a chicken does with eggs in the nest), a custom of European origin, has become a tradition on the lawn of the White House rabbit coop in Washington, D.C. ... (more info) (less info)

i can see why he gets his vids ordered down, he uses like 4 minutes at a time of stuff .. seems to be a radio show though ... the german accent makes me suspect it is exactly these type shows that got Drew into a visceral and kneejerk undie-bunching hatred towards anything even remotely teutonic, let alone the obvious tecnordicisms so sorely failing lately.

He fights the deletion via
700 views for a vid up since august 20th

how come i never noticed nor remarked upon this (joyceanicism) before:
Ashes to Ashes Dust to Dust the Proof of the Pudding is under the Crust

did i mention plugging wessel at the Borschemich (near Beckrath, just the other side of the freeway there), a 70% resettled but just yet completely intact village .. before the opencast worktherapy (costly in every way) reaches it ... unless is gonna be a wildly succesful seachange (the groundwater whole in that are all the way to the dutch/belgian border should make it an international easily on the triple i would think. I have some odd odd odd photos of our 40 mile bicycle peddle round the hole. me with a version of the thing that is on a third remove of my poetpiet front page still (though i haven't checked in years).

As i said before .. america projects its own past into the future mirrored, they fear space alien invasion .. whereas in reality they project predict and persevere in making a supposedly nightmare past come true. You get sick drinking from a dirty well.

just to lay it on thick her for a second to get it over with .. not that it contains a shred of historicity .. as i just made 'uitentreure' (emphatically) clear

Glen on his farm seems to not interest anybody ... cause it is euro style sloooooooow stuff without explosions and fancy gifspinnage.

A 5, 6, 9 and 11 part series there ... saw a few a year ago.

A gwap friend makes me feel queasy .. i wanna go lover her awile ... .. don't sound like any of her 1559 are really getting themselves .. let alone each other together.

i am 22.000th here:
Frozen - Madonna (mash-up with Nelly song in there)
always felt that song was the reverse of lourdes for her. Butch bitch too scared to recipproach me.

visibility (filtration reception)

visibility (filtration reception)
finally, ... a little too little but still ... skinzz!!
264 members
I could live with the 'scarlin' one
here is a better view of all of them:
Read more: How to Use iGoogle Skins Directory |
GMail Skinning Quick Guide
via a googler
* Install the URLid Mozilla/Firefox extension.
* Download this CSS file.
* Locate your FireFox Folder and the chrome folder within that.
* Copy the downloaded CSS file to the chrome folder (if you already have such a file, you will have to merge the two).
* Restart Firefox.
* Visit Gmail and see the results.

or ...
#Go to the iGoogle website and sign in or create an account so that your changes take effect permanently on your Google account.

#2Navigate to the iGoogle skins v2.0 download module by using the link in the Resources section. Read the information about iGoogle skins v.2.0 and click on the "Add to Google" button.

#3Click on the link that says "OK" in the Custom Skins module on your iGoogle homepage to enable the iGoogle skins v2.0 tool. Select the theme that you would like to use for your iGoogle skin by clicking on the thumbnail image in the Custom Skins module.

Read more: How to Install iGoogle Skins Version 2.0 |

Welcome to the Custom iGoogle Skin gadget!

So you want to create your own iGoogle skin? One day, there will be a built-in skin editor here but for now you'll have to create it yourself - but don't worry, there's not much to it! In fact it can take as little as 10 minutes to create your own. An iGoogle skin consists of a CSS file and some images. Here's what you need to do to create yours and share it with the world:

» Create your CSS and images
Feel free to use these examples. The images should be located in a directory whose name matches the CSS file. You can also add a thumbnail of your skins so that other users can see what your skin will look like. The thumbnail should be 80x25 pixels, named thumb.jpg and located in the the same directory as your CSS file.

» Upload to your webserver
The files which make up the skin need to be publicly accessible to work on iGoogle. If you don't have a web server of your own, your best bet is to use Google Code hosting or Google Pages Google Code hosting is preferable but if you use this, remember to set the subversion MIME type of CSS files to text/css. Google Code hosting (the subversion repository, not the file area) is strongly recommended as skin hosting requires a LOT of bandwidth.

fuck fuck fuck ... stupid stupid google ... skins are too heavy are they?
they are just getting everybody to wrestle with a shopping or wish list to serve the linux heads with devotees and followers.

it is like toilet chores in the unhewn wilderness that is the internet innit?
except the perks in the old version have suffered inversing and inversive blow upon blow untill they do the opposite.

guess i can manage to install the fucking skin but if it makes me have to read (glance rather ... until i decide to copy and cure it before looking any closer) mail in white as all but 1 (or 2, the blue too) of the very very few mail themes (unlike the igoogle choice range, mostly infantile and snuggly) do (all this theme talk is totally marginal and not total enough) then fuck them.

Visibilty - 'feedback'tofirefox:
selected text colour scheme is moronic .. .i would like to change it ... hey can be extremely useful for the visually more discerning and sensitive ..... why does something so basic have to be a day week year long struggle already???
whoops, sorry i said anything, seems to be a local system setting ... and i am really nerdophobic as you can prolly tell and that is cause they cannot begin to comprehend the input wasted on all that awkward suffocating conduit they tinker and probbel together .. they simpley know not how how precious organic material can be fouled up by bad plumbing, even irreparably with toxic varieties and the race for that has been on since fire was franchised from the gods.

by the way, this website has its own hi-lite colour imposition tricks:
very strict scriptic people these folks i might add
129 bluegrass artists

Back to the temple, monastery, madrasa, church, ... community, Manson, Crowley, Dan, Jose, Bob, Elizabeth culticliqe ckrowd, here's an astrologer musician who can make colours spin in loads of configs as well and most essential of course, he recruits nerds to the cause ... same since day one - peptalk/waffle

that rysa fella nutcase on YT has over a thousand subs and 21,418 subbers, 328 uploads (19 of which his music), 23 faved
he does ok harmonics

Positive777 (7 hours ago)

? So take my hand and come with me
`•.¸ To Light Our Universe in? Harmony.
?`•.¸ ) Our Rainbow Bridge of Love within
¸.•)´ Connects us all back together again.
.•´ ? Like fractal parts holding within the all
?`*.*´¨) Our Love and Light speaks forth the call.
¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨) For as we wish upon this star
(¸.•´ (¸.•` * *» ?? The dream comes forth from who we are.
Hugs of LOVE? from? the infinite depths of my Heart to yours
.¸.•*´???????? Charles (((((?))))) Enjoy your weekend to the fulles

HHHUUUUGGGEE pages ... endless bulshit and smokescreen, waffle and unmoored waffle on top, .. ad infinitum.

the brainwasher and -washee introduction page:

I sense a great misprision of earthly nuts and bolts dross, they all pretend to be fucking angels .. no need for material coordinates.

I hate these new sew ager!!! .. cryst .. they screw up big time with their fancy tricks of the light .. ( bottom vid) and derivatives of the divine presIDent font.

I try have a little fun reading stuff by folks who ferreted out the dirty real life deeds of this clique but at first 'rysa goldring' delivers endless result pages of yay-sayers from 1-13, 19, 28 and 33 too.

Moron rysa err.. more on rysa
he has 840 of them up himself (in only a year's time!!!!), 8000 friends, 5000 subbers ... a colleague obviously ... though with a lot more realism in the vidart .. he's got both Bridges and Winter up .. say no more ..

the only earthy vid up is an earthship footage thing ruined by 'rhythms' of 'house' music and political grandstand (Kennedy or someone) ... in the related vids i see one called 'the building of our dome-ination' (lol)
sacred geometry 7 is as much about chemistry ... oddly enough there aint such a keyword/tag in the stupid vid-info, many of them just show generic diahrea of keywords and phrases
.. meanwhile though, the vid is not nearly making the sharp distinction between the symmetrical ashes and organic more dynamical puzzle pieces as clear as Julius Hensel does (curiously undescribed, as if this were stealth knowledge - hint to self: try chemistry and burslemchakra).

It is worth repeating that on the 2nd of september i discover a German admirer of that special person has begun a serious extensive website about him(.com - check the grey table in this file and 2 days down from there), .. how such an intelligent person can get into all that monodron 'sound healing' is beyond me ... loads of uploads but he cribs them all over and i suspect, sometimes may strip them of sourcing info it seem .. unless it is explicitly in the movie ... for instance

ps about the hi-lite colour settings ... it is just to do with the appearance choices in windows - start - control panel - display
my admiration for rysa rises ... as i find his web sentiments resemble the ones i used to have, he is very serious about astrology (haven't found any 'raakvlakken' with the dreamspell crowd yet ... AND the link goes to a chat with david dees (from illustration, as stark as his living conditions are steady to boring ... he had eye vessel blow outs too and blames it on aspartame instead of his web/visual obsessions. He rants as desparate and solutionless as his illustration are, no matter how 'good is heye' for real friction points when it comes to 'realisticized imagination' if i may coin something not quite as deceptive as we all know hollywood and the networks are. The vid does a steady second per pic show of his work

Friday, September 10, 2010

Protective concealment vs dust duties

I live in duocultural bible belt polderscape (main crops dairy pasture and bibles) and the national christian daily carries 2 fat heads about islam today, contradictory ones i might add. One claims the scheduled Quran burning helps Al Qaida and the other maintains that the core of islam is violence.

This is how i see it though:
The (would be) sibling / competitors / opponents / amenders / improvers / healers of judaism, christianity and islam have been 'tegen elkaar uitgespeeld' .. are being played off against each other .. by the former.

Just like statecraft has lost state money and the market its market money (meeting mixing and matching by means clearing of state monies with real bills - "real bills doctrine" gives 11.000 hits on google), the mercy and justice of christians and moslims have both been emasculated and defeminized respectively (in reverse).

screenwhite allergy notes

the pains that led me towards the condition that has knocked Andrew out for months (see a few posts back) have disappeared cause i a: pace myself better, b: am less dependent on lighting conditions i have to argue and cajole to tweak, adjust, then defend, etcetera.

looks like i have to search for another customized google page to my liking - something is blocking access to accusing it of malware.

many hours of plodding on later i find the definitive solution:
plug-n-play-with-custom-search-themes.html .. but more on that halfway down this post:

sitereportDorg about Currently Not Available biggest website in the world. The domain has a valid Google Pagerank of 4. We estimate this domain receives about Currently Not Available unique visitors and Currently Not Available page views per day which earns the owner about $0 USD per day and gives the site an overall value of $0 USD. The server is currently hosted in N/A, United States and links to network IP address The exact geo location is -83.1383 / 39.9649. The ISP who hosts is N/A.

UK leg of has a version
.. here is the sacred groves page:

and linked there, another:

not available either way ..

hey ... hope this way to the trannied google works
HURRAY, it works, though it looses the background tiling says the compiler is Kevan White

Saturday, August 21, 2010
Roman Britain Organisation by Kevan White.
A beautiful example of what web-sites used to look like, tiling background graphics, very little formatting -just the table tag- and and a default font in different colours represented in the html as a colour name, not hexadecimal code:

I like that a lot, there is magic in those names.
font color="limegreen"

The basic code is good and sturdy across lots of browsers, and best of all -low bandwidth- (BT keeps throttling us for our usage).

Where this web site excels is in its content: Kevan White has created a site full of information for people interested in the Romano-British. I'm not one of them, I have to admit.

I came across this site when looking for information about a Roman shrine in Lydney Park, Gloucestershire and booked marked it because I loved the personal, human qualities and the absence of CSS.

Official sites such as that belonging to could be said to focus more on the whole picture, including details about the fine formal gardens, with plenty of beautiful rhododendron and azaleas but maintained by Kevan White is interesting and enthusiastic and that makes this site with its basic format worth a thousand times more than clever code and copy and paste information.

weird, blog about handcoding with only 2 posts, .. hilarious, they use straight white on black ... i worked with it for years, and preferred it to the reverse but it is truly awful and harmful.

i think it was lance murdoch's blog where i saw the gentlest possible scheme first: grey on grey.

Mmmm, cannot find his blog anymore, here is a snip sample of his thinking:

Lance Murdoch said
September 23, 2009 at 11:03 pm

Your blog self-description is as a “revolutionary Marxist-Leninist”. Yet I see no reference in this critique to Marxist texts such as Origins of the Family, Private Property and the State by Engels, or more modern theorists in this vein such as Eleanor Leacock (as well as other modern anthropologists who are not necessarily strict Marxists). I think just reading through Engels old text can answer many of your questions in Marxist language such as where the problems started. Obviously they started with the development of hierarchy, patriarchy, classes, alienation and surplus. Surplus is the name of the main film showcasing John Zerzan, no accident.

disinfo used to use dark and light grey but doesn't anymore .... huge number of followers there though 11 thou or sum-thin ... hey wait ... the old way still exists .. just not linked live from their site anymore, i am using my personal archives (used to up via lycos).
Historical note: PaintPot was one of the first programs developed to demonstrate the potential of personal computers, as far back as the 1970s.

well you morons!!!! why don't you show some respect and learn a thing or two from Shirley & Spinoza or some such place (palace) where you are offered a color choice range right from the up front get go!!!!!!!! You just don't want folks to feel comfy and at home cause you are to busy invading what gardenculture we have left of what used to go by that name aintcha!!!!!

And did i mention the webman mailed me right back with a thank you for the heads up? More than google delivered prolly but they did beat me to it of course.
could have saved me a few minutes searching for a temporary replacement* going here: -- 889 followers
Custom Search is only 4 years old (nearly), ... seems longer

* did not manage to locate the pages where i had 3 customized versions at the top of each page i made. Sigh .. i know my own pages less and less instead of better and better.

i pine for the minable stuff ... places i meant to revisit while caught up in novelty waves coming towards rather than flowing at and from my fingertiptaps.

damn. thoughts for a rainy day. like tadoy.
custom search discussion -- hardly anything there.

i am so a-technical i cannot even find a list of sites that adopted google's custom search let alone install it .. though it would improve my windows ellende.. dunno if linux engines beat google yet or not, i got helpers in/from neither camp .. sigh .. like the dreamspell family affairs leading to deadly competitions .. my hailery bailery railery hasn't gotten me any higgeldy piggeldy closer to pasturing sows in a tall forest let alone help make tall forest rearise on zeroed ground)

Custom Search adopter(s), . implementer(s), .. user(s),
zippo .. so my next search went 'you assholes!!!!'

repeat the same with .. using site list(s), using site(s) list .... skin or theme?

custom search theme gallery
this has to work ... but first:

hilarious, google did a brave deed and introduced background choices (with fancy cpu slurping fade in effect even) the second week of june but pulled the up-front demonstration 10 hours before schedule and reverted to offering choices in the bottom left corner ... missed all that till now (confusion, scolds, wise-cracks and assuassions at the web search help forum in a thread called 'New Google Homepage Background, How do I change it?' - 30x .. with 10 related discussions totalling about a 100 comments altogether)

pfed is ok by me:
You can position the search bar wherever you like by dragging it so it doesn't obscure a main part of the background - great feature! -- thanks pfeds!
http://pfeds.blogspot .com

the phrase 'custom search theme gallery' gets me back to this very thread.

so, .. background images that do not carry over to search results are useless to me ... and impossilbe according to pfeds but the top of this post proves that wrong well and good.

background image in results page

here is a page to look at in my netscape 9 (cause it consistently erases and overrides of pages i visit):
Designing the look and feel ..
If you want to change the background for all the results, see The
Color ...

A ligit post from july .. but no replies so far:
How do you control the display of results in Google Sites

ok, found the 3rd (and 4th -via juancole -still too 'light' to my taste) themed ((throughout)) google ((including results)) pages again .. 3rd is via (fucking awful Bl/Wh extremism really).

i featured all 4 early 04 .. must have just barely made it into before lycos pulled the plug .. to punish me for migrating to europe too slow? They never let on ('klant binding' is alien to gangsters, legal and illegal ones alike), even the 100Mb free for early adopters did not get me thataway away from mommy tripod ... 2 guesses ... it was yet again a too much white on page issue .. of course i had not discovered that spare upload page yet at all. THAT serendipity did not register until at least a year down the digital road.

"theme in results page" google (a single hit at an adsense optimization blog)

come to think of it, lycos made me livid about pasting white ads into my pages (i much preferred pop-ups at that stage).

"background in results page" google
just one result yet again about an on-site searcher for an indian music site ... COMES IN WITH AMAZING SPEED!!!!! ... but otherwise (as to my present objectives) useless.

"background for results pages" google
0 results

fuck this crap ..... nerds working away on form and folks like me on content and never the twain shall meet ... garden culture via family meets? tree livers/lifers meeting water earth and tecced up ones ... bearing goodwill gifts??? or do the latter come with whips, then swords for a while and lately encryption keys?

i will just use hell with a select all in firefox for now ......

another moronically simplistic page at 'my digital life' has a few incoming search terms from the likeminded or the likes of me - can't smell can i?:
how to put background in google - how to add background to google - how to put background on google - add background to google - how to put a background on google - how to put a background on google homepage - how to add a background to google - how to put a background in google - add background google - add a background to google - put a background on google - how to set background in google - how to set background on google - add google background - activate google background - how do i add a background to google - how to add background in google - put background google - how to put background google - how to put backgrounds on google - how do you add a background to google - how can I add a picture from my computer to my googleaccount? - how to put my picture on my google home page - how to put a google background - How do you put a background on google - how to put a background for google - windows 7 main background images - google add image - how to add picture in google search - putting a background on google - doi need a google account for addig background to google hoepage - google add background - how to put a background on my google - put background on google - how to put background on google? - how do i put a background on google - how to put my photo on background goggle - how i will set in my photo in google search page - how to set my image on google main page - how do i put a background picture on my notrbook - select a background image - google background image download - HOW CAN I PUT A BACKGROUND ON GOOGLE? - add background image to google search box - how to upload my photo and set background - add background to main search page - how to put background for google - plain background images - free download background images for google homepage - how do i add a background to google -

real good content (though the page is white):
other smart posts there too .. he is up to 449 of them. Adityakane (twittername) devilworkshopper ... haahaaah!!!!

lets try this a6 trick .. basic asick trix hahah!!!!! now let's find out if it holds into the results as well ..if so i am going to scream for joy!!!!!

nope ... not so smart after all that putz (at least got that part of advanced nerdifoetusness right. .. same cheap trick at gazoomy of course ... Hell, i bought this laptop here from a moron webmatser who did not really bother answering even the simplest questions .. too busy with his 5 forumites and moron links i guess .... the gazoomer peddles nudes via a dirty sister site too. Hope they will get my mind off of all this eh?

Posting all this will help that for sure ... plenny of experience there.

so, sweet readers, here i come heavin a swee/at load @chs or so he went depending on which end of the divide keeps us apart .. my beloveds.

oh wait, one more blow before i gow, this aint as bad as white at all:

# Select "Tools -> Options..." from the menu at the top.
# Copy the following link into the box that says Home Page:

oh wait, one last thing, just to prepare you to read on into the past (me):

anagram = nag a ram .. below are a few for zero g round ... on top (or ahead rather) of that lemme say something about taking a pig all across any property targeted by muslims for warshop ... works like a charm .. (and the likes of asterix were never romanized ...yeah rite). Anyways, if you do keep going you see me writing about Dan Winter talking about burning libraries

.. i hope the quran burning either does not happen or gets matched by the same amount of bibles .. with a difference .. .at least that pile of monomonstrosities might be used to fire a smelter to make at least one of those rudimentary rock ramming (nim)rods out of scrap metal, so there. keep on reading yall.
internet anagram server
i rearrangement servant
ground zero = run zero god
rend rug zoo .. a hard one to think about ... suffice it to say i always considered babylon too ant- and termite like to not be wary of .. .but when i saw what the zionists did to the saddamites on account of his (perhaps not very effective) efforts for the palestinians i had to rethink a lot.

Force without wisdom falls of its own weight. -Horace, poet and satirist (65-8 BCE) ... hence no way the false flaggers will come clean.

The real cave-men are in the Godman slacks building. piet, poet and satirist (97-10)

99th here so far - rain n shine (got 3* useful files from just the first half of this page .... i just love page styles like this ... as i noted yesterday (for ((knol)) text).
Turns out to be the right place for Dan to get excited and after about 10 minutes of the hour, things (in this routine recantation) get downright dizzying for the non-connoisseur .... come to think of it though ... aint ever heard him speak a word of the francais. .. Is he like some kind of Einhorn purrhips.

* - 3 guesses as to what one of them is about ... the latest book by a guy i got to know in Dan Winter's ' heirloom' house (cough), toted in there by a rather obese and mighty friendly female guest who got it straight from a supermarket sales bin):
“There is something distinctively American in his enthusiasm for Israel's innovative genius…As a nation, Americans have always passed Gilder's ‘Israel test.’” Read Caroline B. Glick in the Jewish World Review

If I remember correctly CBG has a rather dubious reputation in some circles less obsessed with (quanti over quali) money

the third is not even remotely Dan related ...oh wait a minute .. he thinks economics is a perversion of his pet fractality theories, and GOLDEN mean??? Fekete is known as a 'bug' .. but by no means an unmitigated one. An intelligent one i my eyes.
The Real Bills Doctrine
Wednesday, March 17, 2010 2:00 PM
Monetary policy expert and renowned mathematician Professor Antal Fekete discusses the Real Bills Doctrine and his latest publication, Stepnumbers.

"... until you have your own source of bliss, you are by definition a parasite"

Dan's way of speaking of economics i guess, some preachers like their concengration in walking or peddling distance, not Dan, he speaks the last cited word exactly at the end of the 21th minute, followed up with an equation:

government = body-polis -- charge projectors
mushroom lacks own charge -- parasites.

but he?? hey, .. (sarcasm on) synthesizer, stinger stirrer stink steer vererer (worshipper in dutch), lead thy water through plastic and pay me for it counsels the man. Never mind me. I am just mad as all holey hell at him in perpetuum for not getting me in touch with Callahan. He deserves all the grief he gets for just that if not for equating him .. sort of .. with Vencent Bridges (in importance to him yes, me no ... that man is supposed to be the nostradamus expert ... well ... i share dreamspell constell with him but am not consulted on aspects of such make-up/

Dan counsels and prioritizes precise symmetrical arrangement or rocklumps rather than generous, innumerable though not innumerate, not to say lavish dispersion, disbursement and distribution of dust (as minimal charge building effort) to stop the dissipation of precious solar energy ... which deserves to be caught in anything from towering clouds to skytickling family treehousing projects of the type that are perpendicular to ones that fall flat and flatten life-forms trapped/attracted (?!) by their flatness (for rate and meter convenience in its 'purest' form).

I am talking about a centerpiece for community gardening, in his mind no doubt important but in my mind tainted with the ritualism, exception, centrality, lack of tracelessness in terms of central pomposity and lack of tracerichness in terms of minerals.

A bunch of Dan's vids are up on the account of a german raw food free energy man who calls himself King Ring Rollo Tong on 'You TooB'
Looking around i find a few interesting vids, this one in German by
Volker Pispers on 9/11
over a million views, 5 parts
part 1 has 2,423 Comments

triplexterity (youtuber and blogger) 'disexts' the insect urges but what's the big deal ... i mean the diff between hiding stuff and searching for it? Both lack the object, wether little or big a and whatever through to z or not.

Most people work hard enough to end up thinking about sex during most of it .. even though they take and get some in the off hours.

whoops, no, let me try again ...

Most people DON'T work hard enough to FAIL HAVING ENOUGH ENERGY LEFT TO end up thinking about sex during most of it .. even though they take and get some in the off hours.

... overstay your welcome way into rigor socius, work so hard you end up -- having little time left for doing anything besides thinking about it (better yet, become a crack at deceiving the masses (the more innumerable and innumerate the better, thus join the thankless ranks of the elite, become one of a few, a jew - yeah, it aint just a race .. .but i aint going so far as to claim that it just aint a race just aint just a rat-race ... as the vast realms of the gemini will shortly prove). Advertizers and other teazers of anything from ironic, past sardonic to sadistic persuasion sublimate a part of their lack and longing in 'work' (on the sly, no porn on the boss's hours ... unless he is a porn peddler).

he uses fower drawings by august bullock ... will check ..

This person is neither one nor the other but a bit of nevertheless aint he? Anyways, if this rant made you curious rather than cautious you will prolly go and encounter the 'seductive' phrase:

"Download the blocked video "Subliminal sexual and satanic embeds in religious art" (mega-upload link provided)

Sigh. It's like with all them goth and horror folks. They should have been blessed with butcher apprenticeships. Perhaps Louise Erdrich was ... but i mean ... this fella wasted his time with bill cooper .... who has proven to be breakthrough flake (snowball effect seeding mountebank flake).

Dan did Bill Cooper big time too. And Barbara whatsurname accused Dan and Vincent of satanism at some point.

He can be so tactless, in answer to 'do you know such and such?' he goes: "oh i don't think so". Instead of 'oh i think so .. but i will look him up'.

He still hasn't kicked his extremism though and it still will be a cut-off point for many listeners. When he emphatically states that you die in metal buildings .. well before starting to nuance with his take on longevity, the listener is bound to think of all the greenhouses foodstuffs emerge from and go, 'this is a cook, period'. A form of self-harming, ... Self-harming even.

27th minute:
"..they should burn their libraries, it would be good for them ... chuckle chuckle chuckle"
In the face of the international threat of a match in the wrong premeditation this is apt, pert, etcetera. Comes at the end of a spiel doing Callahan some justice actually. More Callahan the 31st minute.

42nd minute: "you must invite compression" - i like that, in the light of my previoius post.

the rainsite did one file a month in 2004, 1 file in 2005, this one:

Etheric Rain Engineering
Friday, November 18, 2005 9:00 AM
Trevor James Constable takes us on a journey through the little-known world of weather engineering and etheric energy.

and then gaps again, top 7 8ths of the page taken up by 2009 and 2010 .. they are slightly too omnivorous to my taste .. raising birds of prey in captivity?

Thursday, September 09, 2010

relief, Andrew is recovering hasn't picked up again but my worst fears are put to rest by this:

May 28, 2010
An Andrew Update
Filed under: Uncategorized — The Professor @ 7:37 pm

My thanks again to all of you who have expressed their concern for my brother-in-law Andrew, and who have sent their best wishes on a speedy recovery.

Today is a big day. Andrew returned home. He is making progress, day by day. It will be a long, arduous recovery, but after some worrisome days in early May, the outlook is brighter.

Thanks again to all who’ve kept Andrew in their thoughts and prayers.
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