Monday, December 11, 2006

'Grounding parade'

(see last link if you don't have much time)

i'm gonna borrow that for a title post; it's from this


piet - Chinese do a lot of that kinky vegeto-engineering, woven trees etc. We've even got one in the apartment (common type of slowly knitted house-plant). So it's not just teutonic phytological parade-grounding, although I can see why it looks like that ...
Nick 12.08.06 - 2:38 pm #

My answer there 3 days later:

Here's a large series of parade pictures from Bern Switserland; about a hundred lefties with slogans such as 'rich hearts instead of fat profit' and the like leftoid 'catextoskism', .. .as if money shouldn't or can't or won't again be what enriches the heart as the means that makes matter and spirit meet and bond in the middle as heart and soul.

I wrote words to that effect in response to folks ganging up to oust (from the rainbow list in german) for asking a fee upfront in case one would like to make use of the meticulously clean and dustfree accomodation. A hysterical reaction since there is a vast amount of room to do the rainbow family thing next to and all around it.

Same, however, applies to my objections regarding their plans to have firewalks across or next to the 'sacred' fire planned there this month.

Turns out John Ray's vocal opposition still has people that say the same things JR used to except now there are many and pretty popular descendants from his barbaric point holding techniques (I include Reiki, Quantum Touch and lots of those feminine typ therapies).

Now if you were to go down life's walks and styles depicted on the right hand side in the scheme depicted in the post previous to this one (at indexterity) you'd see what i doubt the chinese drone swarmclone will ever be capable of (without some/your? help; so why don't you smuggle these pictures and everything they stand for into the Chinese daily nick):

look for zoaria's favorites (4 full slideshow series)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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