Friday, February 21, 2014

anOther Story Of Progress + my critique

leila abdel rahim

abstract in french for this



Order and the literary rendering of chaos : children's literature as
knowledge, order, and social foundation

AbdelRahim, Layla


+43 (4 year thread) .. i try add this:

"layla abdelrahim" "dayna martin" = 0 hits on google

nonschooling mom of 4 (with heavy metal background of all things, go

weekly show

Try This At Home with Dayna Martin 2-19-2014

... rite into her spam filter

 First there was the Word, then Came Civilization by Layla

MediaRechercheAction MRA · 7 videos -- 12

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.... yeah ... MRA topics for sure ... complicated with the desire to run
wild as manifest in children ...
the first impression is that she keeps things annoyingly simple but
be patient ... her multithreaditude will come out ... she seems an avid
vegan ...

shakti rock gym recently ... 'unschooed' occurs in the first few introduction

20+ in the audience

a digest of this hour and a half long thing


LAR appears in the first minute of this:

feature length

 anOther Story Of Progress

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anOther Story Of Progress is a Do-It-Yourself documentary based on
the anarcho-primitivist idea that humanity took a wrong turn with domestication
and agriculture, leading to the chaotic situation of today with rampant
environmental destruction and suffering.
after 10m the narrative careens into Kurzweilian singularity and Landian
Accellerando territories ... or should i call it Pynchonesque NeuSchwabdiSchwupsitory??????


20:13 whitie basher alert .. Zerzan silent beside him wiggling his toes,
he's a psyop to steal the thunder from the likes of me .. 'greening anarchy'
... yeah rite .. but not now .. we have some reactivist news to report
on ... bet ya one can wake him to shill for the american equivalent of
antifa (= basically a hypocritically lying(,) bolshevist variety of ueberfascist
desertifyer culture meme carrier and spreader lobbyist plus a stockholm
syndromedroned destroythrill seeker to boot( )heel slammer clAck!!


around minute mark 25 we see snips of an area Pierre Clastres wrote
so eloquently about (Zerzan inspiration) but well on the bloody Robert
Graves type side of the story and not on the dusty writs ... ehm .. ERaysures
(jewbilllossity .. Cernunnos is admired and acknowledged for by the likes
.. eh .. like of just me as of yet .. i got a full but too general endorsement
from a distant rainbow sis too long ago to not consider myself all too
lonesome in this 'respect'.


the annotation txts are a little out of sync here and there ... they
seem to get better around the 38th minute .. mm .. spoke too soon.

Most of the 6th quarter of an hour has nothing to do with 'admonstating'
how to secede, liberate, protect, defend and nurture bits and expanses
of ground back to autonomy and rootreadiness. Far from it, the very opposite
in fact; it's been my gripe  ever since i began commenting on indymain
and other open publishing threads in the earliest noughties.


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