Wednesday, November 21, 2012

trotted out faith in fetishized fearfulness analyzed

sick of that facile festoonery September 27, 2012 Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin, authors of The Making of Global Capitalism, on U.S. imperial power, etc. 2121212121212121212121212121212121212121 it's not showing up immediately but i tried to post this: You don't want to handle Keen not cause he is far defter at juggling debt's conjugations and endlessly varigated split and rebundled risks and virulence, which he is but certainly not bycause he touches on any of my fundamentals which he doesn't. Gold mining is the reverse of my natural course of event depiction: gathering distributed traces from gigormous collateral polluted and discarded dusts and dignities .. the opposite of the the fertile attractive folkway expressures .. the cash .. good to go, good to grow and know. It's more important to point out that associating gold standards with austerity and rigidity like your guests do and you joining in with a claim that shortsighted debt handlers are looking to mime this meme .. about lurking danger of fuses blowing and circularity shorting from 'only the best', past 'only the best for us' to 'the best for us only', entitlement gain seen only in terms of others losing them and then even robbing outcries over injury and loss when times are bad everybody longs to turn invisible hands of time back to good, regular and sure one. the filthy rich as the only ones left who can afford a pretend autonomous life (dutch glossy 'Landleven', .. makes me puke just to think of that kitchified or at best museumized nostalgia) which maps one to one over the jews who cries ouch while he injures his target. Pure hunger and eagerness to express that lifeline sympathy. dey djus' cain't wait. I hate to be hard on you for a one liner which by definition can tell only half of half a story at best but never have i seen you broach the Real Doctrine subject, the matter of stipulation and acceptance. The guy's who's very name (Knapp) implies austerity (means Knappheit) nevertheless came up with a brill form of formulating and institutionalizing voluntismz of a kind no amount of clever anticipation had hithertofor (wo)managed to formalize. Exchange rates mean fuck all don't they; subject to tides of stockpiles goin on the block wholesale, dormancies ending, contracts maturing, wars breaking out. The ethics of the substance the symbolize and merely represent is what does the real 'counting', for example: An Iz man will not leave 1 piece of fruit to the palestinian for every hundred he steals, he prefers to raze the orchard and invest in rockets a hundredfold of what the palestinian can afford on what amounts to little more than a token of protest over such colonial injustice. This is the root of our economic woes, the cause of Chinamen getting ideas and invading Tibet, etcetera.


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