Thursday, May 17, 2012

4 days in the life

around midday the 13th: today is totally crazy ... just was at Nielsio's libertarian site with 255 uploads, before that at James Nienhaus' blog with 610055* visitors. And there's been tons more, on sub amounts, on vid views ...

*610.68 as i go back half an hour later

He's a Tx creationist proving the genesis flood chronology right with an argument that surely, and i myself always thought, played a role: somehow the ocean got shallower near the formerly pressed down ice bearing areas and deeper in others ... which is counterintuitive cause the ice skater who pulls his arms in (ice at the poles) slows down when extending them (water evening out). How much does a red wood forest weigh??

Still, on some points it might be wiser to keep bouncing this guy's contentions off of Hamaker's ones (ice age end 10thou y ago), he certainly seems to close to a vast range of sources (Houston):

Corraborative that the Ice Age began to end circa 1500 b.c. (timeframe of the Exodus) is that circa 1350 b.c., Jason and the Argonauts navigated and portaged portions of then diminishing Lake Tritonis, now the desert basin of the Great Eastern Erg, and camels came into vogue about a thousand years after that, by the time that the Sahara had become fully desert with just a few oasis between hundreds of miles of desert wasteland.  See much more here
For now i'm prepared to dismiss as ridiculous the possibility his timing isn't as way of as his spacing ...  his claim to have found THE explanation for this, that and the other tat but so it goes, i still don't need both hands to count the nonjewified americans, that is to say the ones who know that all this mass arrest and camp hype is a consequence of not turning the clock back a little so it can actually take a running jump across the reciprocatory hurdle of making red land white and black free, yet another population crash as the only act of reparation that could possibly count. A 'collapse' but not a massive die-off; no quid pro quo I4I stuff, no croakin from horrible diseases. Instead, calmly, collectedly and via voluntary incentive, migrate back to europe and africa in orderly fashion. Let's have a scenario contest.

Anyway, judging from the few snips i saw so far, he seems to offer the bible in hily dilute fashion so that's progress ... and i just made this the 22nd vid in my3rd vids in german list:
Anarcho-Syndikalistische Landkommune
(Monty Python sketch with the fake horse and 2 of them playing cunt sync lay)

his comment facilitiess are off everywhere and he invites to come to the foundation for the big picture .. but he doesn't do pictures (though referring to them a lot). fuck that jazz.

hearing him on the radio proves he's a doubly jewified casualty.

skyzoophone " Si tu suis les pas de la " Béte " elle t'entrainera inexorablement vers " l'enfer ". à notre niveau je pense que l'une des seules choses à faire est: d'Informer
Avec les conférences de:
François Asselineau, Pierre Hillard, Annie Lacroix-Riz, Jacques Pauwels, Pierre de Ville...
Courtney's mom Linda Carrol is a blabapist
she actually makes sense


You would be wrong on all accounts. I've been to Seattle, I'm 44, and I did meet Kurt when I was 15 in 1983 and he was 18. I also wrote Heart Shaped Box

Dr. Suzi Huff Theodoro, PhD in sustainable development at the University of Brasilia, speaks on the momentum of research and development behind Brazil's remineralization movement, and projects in Africa.
filmed in 2010 ... mentions a little conf called Rochagem, 2009
CETEM Mineral Tec Center

rockdust in Brazilian sounds like podja hozjes

51st vid in the 'my crushing passion' playlist

CPMMfeZorRo - nielsio on witches for 20m
this is judification for ya, look for the intrigants behind the roman curtain. Picking off the pagans one by one and selling them wholesale; devastating description with specifics here: 1IUGfNOoUmU ---- in german
game world fake realism of space ships diving into volcanoes and bionic fiends with nice resonant voices.

Occult messages & numbers in video games pt of 4/13.
nice ad for the mil ... and i just heard the recently late jonathan bowden who pretended he knew all about the 'right' call this satanism america's soft power. hahahahaah!!!
you got the evilness of this but why waste your time? I hope to never ever be confronted with this type of shite product as much as i hope to offer all involved radical changes in career. My only hope is a world spanning rainbow bridge announced by the bridger of all things eso Jose Arguelles, will endorse my 'moves'.

New Rickels vids up; i wonder why once i thought he would only grow in value, he keeps on and mirrors flattens and parasites away at reality .... the long hard look i took at pars of the Devil Notebook is locked in the hard disc that needs a pcb soldering trick to liberate it ... any takers?

p 3 mei 2012 door egsvideo, Laurence A. Rickels, literary and media theorist, talking about the Devil as a double in science fiction. In this lecture, Laurence A. Rickels discusses the concepts of the father in psychoanalysis, the fetish, D.W. Winnicott, reality and simulation, Frankenstien, Dracula, the films "Dark City" and "Simulacra 3," psy-fi in relation to propaganda, marketing, Frued, choice, robots, the uncanny, projection, possession, the third person, Adorno, the culture industry, the anal theory of birth, the Wolfman case focusing on reproduction, creation, second nature, artificial worlds, mourning. Public open lecture for the students and faculty of the European Graduate School EGS Media and Communication Studies department program Saas-Fee Switzerland Europe. 2011. Laurence A. Rickels.

Apr 17, 2012 ... Judith Butler, Avital Ronell and Laurence Rickels.
Kafka's Before The Law: Law of The Father. 2011
by egsvideo370 views; Avital Ronell.
7m movie

by Murphy, Kieran Marcellin, Ph.D., UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA, 2009, 253 pages; 3390789
From Plato's magnetic chain in Ion to Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), magnetism has been associated with attempts to penetrate or convey the invisible. Elusive notions such as contagion, enthusiasm, interpretation, language, polarity, difference, life, death, magic, and attraction have repeatedly been linked to the contagious power and bipolar structure responsible for the attraction and repulsion of magnetic force. Through the use of the magnetic trope in Plato, Mozart, Schelling, Goethe, Mary Shelley, Poe, Balzac, Villiers de l'Isle-Adam, Joyce, Depestre, Derrida, and Nancy, this dissertation traces the deep epistemological and cultural impact of magnetism and the discovery of electromagnetism on modernity. == 3263K
Laurence A. Rickels. Take Off. 2011
Apr 28, 2012 ... Larry Rickels. Psychoanalysis and Torture. 2006
by egsvideo ---- 920 views;

Laurence A. Rickels. Fetish and Flight. 2011 -
Apr 24, 2012 ... Slavoj Zizek, Judith Butler & Larry Rickels. Psychoanalysis. 2006 1/3by egsvideo 56566 views; Avital Ronell, Judith Butler, Laurence Rickels: ...

Daniel Tutt has an article mentioning LR:
Freud and Einstein Letters: How Do We End War?
Singularity, Psychoanalysis, and the Self-Help Industry
Posted on May 6, 2012 | 5 Comments
.. he speaks on Islamophobia mostly

Virtue, Fortune and Faith: A Genealogy of Finance , University of Minnesota Press, 2005.
Less than two centuries ago finance—today viewed as the center of economic necessity and epitome of scientific respectability—stood condemned as disreputable fraud. How this change in status came about, and what it reveals about the nature of finance, is the story told in Virtue, Fortune, and Faith. A unique cultural history of modern financial markets from the early eighteenth century to the present day, the book offers a genealogical reading of the historical insecurities, debates, and controversies that had to be purged from nascent credit practices in order to produce the image of today’s coherent and—largely—rational global financial sphere.
hollow plexman reading her here for a few minutes
Netonomy: Money and Semiotics

cagey account with slightly para comments (3 in a row, ... and good nick though)

 May 12, 2012 by michelvec
Anthroposophy in Everyday Life Lectures by Rudolf Steiner These are four of Rudolf Steiners best-loved lectures. In-cluded are Practical Training in Thought, Overcoming Nervousness, Facing Karma, and The Four Temperaments. With its many practical exercises, mantras, and meditations, this book is a fundamental introduction for anyone entering the path of inner development.

      loudwaters9 (13 hours ago)
      Steiner works and Waldorf school is a tributary doctrine to the great work who's ultimate outcome is to cultivate drones who will answer to the "world mind" AKA the U.N. They will uphold the idea that the world is more important than the individual. This teaching and the enlightening knowledge it reveals is important but it has been hi jacked by those that are able to control the students through 'guide programs".

      Learn from it but do not buy into the 'world view' or you will end up a New World Order minion who will advocate for mass sterilization or genocide. Look these and other surrounding arcane teachings and you will notice the golden thread of control that ultimately ends up at the U.N. It IS a conditioning program, associated with the Lucis (Lucifer) trust who's meditation chamber is in the U.N. Anything associated with the U.N. is Bad Bad Bad.
      Anything associated with the U.N. is bad, unless you are a Zillionaire Zionist. All you have to do is research and you will see the connections in the system, the guys on the top have written about and admit to creating. They are so arrogant how they look at us and refer the multitudes as the beast. Oh yeah Steiner is good, but only to touch upon lightly as a guide, but NOT as a master.

if you 'unprivatize' your feed i'd be very happy to read it, being interest in indigene rights ... defending them is no carnival pagent even though UN to dooz in Geneva might impress you otherwise ... since it regularly features that kind of whoring (good eggs excepted of course). Afrisynergy recently ranted at Obomber's favoring gay rights over Lybian rights (showing blacks in both situation of plight and 'flight')

The war within ... is what i'd call this lecture on the sentiments, the choice of personality splits (divide and conquer following closely upon the various career choice splinter specialisms).
michelvec uploads lady reading Steiner and at 4.80 we hear him on spontaneous generation (river mud) .... Steiner must have spoken these words just at a time when bullies were extatic about overcoming the vestiges of feeling reverent and respectful towards that witchy substance (not hard after the church systematically bounty hunted and eradicated anybody speaking up for such weakest, softest, most vulnerable and yet foundational aspect that must be left in peace and alive before folks can even begin to clump, cluster and congregate, and then it's a good while still before the wrong betrayal type stratifications squeeze out a few 'by the way' sidelinees who behave like assholes but then finally, it's not long before ReZillionists get ready to blow stuff up big time. In Steiner's day, chemiculture had just, in the slipstream all things gunpowdery, pocketed and sequestered the justice system and saw it's way 'cleared' (beware of the type of opportunity the dutch call 'clean') for onslaught with chemical fertilizer, topic of yesterday's dutch nationwide history radio.
It, totally out of character, cause if there's one PC lying bunch of Dershowitz / AEI / DHorowitz / greenfootballs calibur outfit in Holland it's the intello historians who have managed to hog the airwaves since the second world war, ... anyway, them ... they offered a timid confession (hard to listen to cause they used an asthmatic person) about the incredible meek and cowed attitudes towards the evil products hatched out by budd(y)ing 'Corprizions' (just as disrespectful of borders as ratcaging laborcs) was rare indeed. AND followed up with a big to do about protective whistleblower legislation cause Holland is such a regimented poxy doxy scared herd culture.

This is what i meant when i tried to stuff the export of violence into one sentence (Galloway vid the other day), odd though the reader whom it upset pretended i didn't mention homos and gravity's rainbows
queer "gravity's rainbow"
homosexuality "gravity's rainbow"

Male Pro-Feminism and the Masculinist Gigantism of Gravity's Rainbow

Homoerotic Bonding as Escape from Heterosexual Responsibility in Pynchon's Slow Learner - Thomas Pynchon -- 2000 == 11 part page without print option
this recognizes but dismisses my point

ryan adams concert in Breda (his guitar tricolour too?!?!?); this man has the most amazing jaw you'll be ever likely to see.

i suggested to do
because i saw you are posting daily the frecuencies, so it seems a good idea to have a blog focused on these developments. Today is 11.12 on kin 5.11 Magic Turtle of Spectral Serpent in the Spectral Moon of the Serpent. Yesterday on 11.11 the 441 countdown to 26.7.2013 begun.

If we are to enter the Noosphere, synchronicities will intensify. A good example of it is the tv series "Touch" starring by Kiefer Sutherland in the role of the father of an apparently autist kid who only communicates through number, causing all people around him to discover miraculous synchros. The seventh chapter which im about to watch now is called "Noosphere Rising" (!)

you can watch it here:!/series/4457/touch
Carribian schmooz tune with a couple on a river's edge ... nearly 130thou Vs since feb, this got added to after i posted:
last nite i hear Courtney Love's mother explain sexED in the 50s (no man's land, off limits, terra nullius and heaven rolled into one): whatever is beyond that sunset .. was ... and remained ... MISSING ...  taboo. Much abusable meme; those who like to stampede surplus and restless population portions into occupations pioneerings, pilgrimages will play on the greed for pleasant surprises. Don't let them ride you like that!!!

And another thing: if you're gonna love nature, do it right, wash dishes away from streams, specially if you're gonna constantly insinuate imminent pregnancy ... i mean, .. feed the fish all you want but don't pour oil on the water eh? Wash up by mini water clearing ponds(ystems) and near compost heaps, just to mention a few autonomization principles that are antithetical to the MISSING Pharmery that sends folks into missionary crazes, out of their native niches, one foot beyond it makes you an alien .. gets you 'buiten beeld' (out of the picture, that which fell off it, was elbowed out, censored due to 'time restraints', the little brother of that space propafoppery.

113 vids at a place i subbed
22nd minute Mohammed Ayesh shows a permaculture manuel he wrote, in arabic
.. i wrote SGp about this 36.34m long vid

Bayoudah Village is a permacultural demo site NW of Amman
Sameeh Al Nuimat

1932 - Die wahre Geschichte der USA
Es geht nicht um Parteien, sondern um universelle Prinzipien
Das amerikanische Volk ist im Massenstreik gegen Obama und den Kongress und fordert se...
MrPcKiel • 2655 weergaven
check out 'the laguna' by Barbara Kingsolver, nice and warm woman, specially compared to the icky yuckie alien Larouche crowd, metastatizers of occupation processes while pretending to be o so honest and to be simply and deservedly extending the best of EU cultures. Yeah right.

80881 views for an eulogy to rider 811
right when he's beat and down darn tired his dad yells and gestures at his downcast form like he's just about to begin
the more american reality and history videos i watch the scarier these people seem.
doesn't seem to hit the list .. do get a few anarchist pieces

national endowment of the humanities -- do i smell phoney????
Wendel Berry calling
... holy FUCK .. once you have scrolled to where the vid comes into view .. it begins playing automatically ... and i am treated to an invitation to rise and remain standing while the national anthem by the colour guard plays (flag bearers standing perfectly still, no lewd gestures like the gay parade guy makes in Wes' vid the other day but an echo of sorts ).
WB begins the 12th minute

just before the 28m mark:

"large machine in a large eroded cornfield is not a sign of affection"
anecdotes about not stirring from where born much and once shown much on a rare journey proclaiming unwilling to trade even one homefield for every inch seen on the journey.
+a few DisQus takers

he goes into economics now, 'big dispersed ownership' gets blamed .. and nobody would think to see how that formulate fits native ownership eh?

This is a celebration of projective, mass migratory, jewified settlerist occupying schizophrenics under the guise of and hiding behind a large protest sign celebration; it reads: 'we're good ... proper decent modest rootrich StayAtHomism practitioners.'

He mentions war in the 44th minute.

I am sorry Wendel, but you fit the bracket Stewart Brand lives in, though not quite so squarely
i coined remotation a while ago, Wendel blames remote ownership but cannot for the life of him (a universal birthright thing i guess but i don't think one should never search for a dead man's way away squirreling in their descendants' pockets) relate it to migration
fairleigh Dickinson U -- 2005
on various P books

wildwoodclaire1 nienhuis
Geodyssey: Creation Geology, Part 3

Netonomy: Money and Banking
Weaponization of money.
How is it that the same money will circulate through a gunshop as easily as through a tree nursery? We really need both of them and they are not mutually exclusive?

The equivalence doctrine leaves those without qualms about using coercion props 'free' to distort centralism's capacity to be passive and transparant.

The financializers 'suffer' (employ) the belief that if you soak folks (preferably those fabulously wealthy) in debt long enough they'll let go of a portion of their sovereignty and domain for a better position on the market/battlefield of abstractions and coinshaving via cpu x extent/reach.

A classic view of debt is that it is a stimulus for welfare to be profitable and functional, no more than strictly necessary, certainly not indulgent or god forbid, lavish.

An ever growing component of debts are backlogged expectations or unmourned missers, like an obsolete software engineering college degree debt, a grudge one bears and can carry out when 'calling' the titleholder to give up the collateral (a rapidly dwindling portion of present day soaring number shovers - quite literally too, as they like to dwell on hi floors and get surrounded by zombie wannabe projection, equally, not only great but hi expectation . as if the storage space isn't long since miniaturized, and again, literally so).

Money is a morale thing, smartwar ammo, without the 'universal' and generic form of it we have, designed to erase not trace it's path, we'd never see so many mercenaries doing totally immoral things.

It comes down to allowing children to play violence / war OR INSTEAD to teach them seedball composition and effectiveness.

We need to eradicate guns for sure but the present day substitutes and sublimations aren't working out so great, ..... largeness of numbers causing not largesse and choice Ed but ballooning of autisms, spreading of E-waste, diabolic effect of trying to keep its concentration below a deadly threshold. After man got removed from land (stolen anyway in most cases), he now loses practice focused functionality of his brain as well.

Geüpload door ComedyJesus op 18 dec 2007
From The Comedy Jesus Show
Taking all forms of faith-based retardation to task.
Subscribe, and we'll make more.
Troy Conrad .. not a jew .. but/though he IS a former door to door bible salesman who lost jesus and got busy cashing in on that .. this vid is prolly as far as he'll go towards a salafist free quran giveaway some german downtown place
Noah .. halfway of these 50 dramatized minutes we see George Smith the cuneiform decrypter who seizures from excitement (more unlikely stories eh?).

wine growing is good eh?
tells you right there what brashly lieing propa the buybull is eh?
... similarly ... you are willing to blame yourself for (what's wrong in/with) america ... but are you willing to blame your self for .. america (genocide, occupation that treatens to thanatopically desecrate the place so severely it's in danger of losing all chances to resprout the cultures of honour coeds and garden modes?

Are you willing to take consequences of questioning 'your' 'self' that many layers deeper than it's present manifestion, mere you, your bod?

Tellyawot, Let's do a catastrophic population collapse of redskins in reverse ... help me repatriate whitie to europe to begin permaculture and drive out the holy book demons that alienated them before they ever left ... and look what happened. Scares even you, 'native' to it all eh?

check out james nienhuis the Houston based ministry affiliated climate / demographics hobbyist for fun trivia ...
and i guess you know wildwoodclaire1?

242 comments and 11488 views
Quran commercial ---
.. from jesuscomedy (many distasteful ... is this one of them type revojews Solzhenitsyn proved incredibly eye opening about for me (not just (((me))), hopefully))). ---- ps, nope i was wrong, .. see note below

From AS i learned these coarse, callous and calmly life after life ruining idiots compensate with far off visions/memories of paradise (as far off into the future as back in the pre babylonian past).
These khazaremites are known to upset apple carts and otherwise 'mobilize' people, switch them to fight or flight mode (preferably combined into unbeatable industrial strength nab/combo pinchher plyKAnweyes .. sacrifice the lot cause he thinks he can feed it and them all to some hungry ghosts throwing heavenly visions onto the screens of his mind, sifting finer than anybody heretofore. He'll be famous and he knows it, these days he knows IT too, comes with the new terroteary they conquered and cultEvoted.

The pilgrims made a huge mistake when they thought emigration was the ticket to escape unfair earthly rulers. They were pawns of monotheists though. Hegemonists, plutocrats, autocrats and globalists put seedmoney on them and they formed the base/majority to drown the non-religious migrants/refugees in, wether or not they were hoping to escape from religiots usurping their traditional birthrights and places?

Petty tyrants are in the habit of scarring their brood for life and then giving them fuck off, up and away money at somebody elses expense offsite and out of sight.

This is in short how the Devil demonizers hope to suppress any and all spontaneous resproutage of his fecund fecality compostage, and aim to carry/pay their desert spreading (hurting mindset set on harm and hurt) memepoison on- and forwards. (shown in vid but gone).
vid shown here: .. seems nice and up to date atheist site
(song/slides with outdoor pyromanic marriage market fun and games)
Just a tribute to Slavic Paganism
 = white 'on egger' account (simple soul propagandergeese - gakgak, lekker gek) with 166 vids
Living in a Beautiful Environment-The Creativity Religion TheWCOTC 59 keer bekeken 7m ago
better recording than the individual cuts ... 1.11.40m
Jim Page with stories from his hometown Seattle and close ups of his precision pick/strum vocalize threefor.
The living room acoustics are lousy (weakest link in a good chain) but isn't slowing him from working diligantly at his art any.
He seems to impossibly, unimaginably, but here it is, happynin, he CAN lay another overdrive over the last driving songrhythm.

several neat 12 string demo vids - ordinary fella
american forces? german rich dude? Bimota, pendling to spain, exclusive guitars ... why don't he transcend the shares in nasty corporations, buy trees and land with that and complicate his life a little? Carefree trustfund babies are understandably reluctant to face the karma they float their happy happy joy joy boat on eh?
eddievegas1 (Minnesotan Harley man .. caters to collectors)
slick sample rif stringer .. he wants his custormers to do it rite, collect all originals with the pedigree of their choice and acquire each in all the colours they came in too.
900+ vids
he knows how to keep the wind out of his Harley vids and have crystal clear music instead plus catch his mug in the mirror and voice at the same time. Rookie electraudiot i guess

this guy is the ultimate youtube pimp(ooier), leading lambs ('ooi') to slaughter, he'll shoot vids to give any potential customers who take the trouble to come and try out (moment of dreamfame and momentae of the courage to face stupendously dour and steeply priced merchandise) ...
either that or he traced a guitar via previous owners
Gibson '73 Iron Cross Mod

soundlessdawn last uploaded 11 months ago, i think to visit and find a fresh one 11 hours old (#*&!?):

Epcot, Mirrors, Sam Neill, and The Gates of Hell
Walt Disney's Epcot center is one of the most prominent Illuminati ritual centers in the world. The public believes that the theme park and the fil... 499 weergaven
in the first few minutes he shows epcot (Disney town) and accuses him of messing children's minds up ... but SD's hilite stringing is itself more akin to praise singing than exposure and he a posterchild for an army of hollowwootsuitfollowers (have to, to stay in the game, have tootoo, stayin the game). A few minutes later we hear about black hole companion star GRO 1655 + bunch of letters
'Hell on earth' was released on the 9th of twinromanumillars 1992 (mythlass i guess)
hah, quite a blow in light of what i said earlier today
National Geographic explains the biology of homosexuality

Uploaded by dianegosh  on Feb 4, 2009
NatGeo explains how one's sexual orientation is determined during embryonic development. They look at how it is possible for one identical twin to be gay and the other to be straight. They address a new branch of Genetics called, Epigenetics. This area of Genetics explores and explains how one's DNA sequence is NOT the only factor in one's phenotypic (actual) outcome. This episode explains how both twins could have the gene for a disorder, yet only one twin actually has the disorder. The same science explains sexual orientation differences in twins. I have only included the homosexuality explanations.
you seem awful knowledgeable (and i say that after reading only a few comments) yet doubt arise. Cultural phenoms like diet are lighting fast, not to mention the benefit of consistently substituting permacultural seedballistics for killing. Sublimate outdate, obsolesce and transcend the latter with the former i'd say. Nothing to do with genes at all, just street smarts. Stop mixing messages, start mixing rockdusts and turds and crops.

Ps: have you read Andrew Lehman? Love to chat about that genius on the macho - nerd/effemination spectrum.
138th comment is a reply to me
.. the Noah's flood proofs and arguments according to creationists vs evos
inmendham (antinatalist permagrumbler) up against the big hitters on the atheist front (concordance thunderfoot and aronra)- 29m
at next nearest opportunity i shall bet big money on you, should you choose to compete for the world hegemonist prize of the global curmudgeon contest. Magic rock up the magic mountain indeed, you have a few parameter bolted on in reverse so firmly you couldn't possible lose.

i meant curMOSTmudgeon
he's waaaay more productive on the vidshare front than pyrrho

he sees the waste - can't face abundance
'no-hohose-shit - got no clue for antonym
profusion - save it share it

on 11.11 he did his 2070th vid @ inmendham, seen 733x now
Afrisyn on NATO report
Solution for Greece:
raise the rent on NATO (and the US extending and doubling ((back upon/unto ancestral grounds)) their occupation) 10 fold .. or so.
NATO is in the news right now 'turning a blind eye', refusing blame etcetera. If you can't make them take responsible the decent way, it's time we simply screw them (and they should be glad it's the soft way and not by methods they themselves are using for far too long with impunity).
What is behind US military mania?-News Analysis-05-04-2012
Homa Lezgee ... OHIO man claims to be 8000 miles away from the states (?) to avoid arrest? She refers to him as in Ohio consistently .. oh, it's Gordon Duff ... in great form. He's making up for the bad turn he had last time.

best of 3 for me so far mr Duff. come get a few permie seedballistic idea at your earliest convenience please.

prolly in spanish .. 200 vid blab account


UnAngelDeLuz2012 (1of6)

mmoreno390 | in mexico

3 vids from 09 - infinito tv w JA and Jorge Mora .. Jose shows up 6.13 in part 1* .. Tassini shows 3rd minute part 2

* - ps (next day): i debated about posting a comment thusly:
no matter how much i marvel at Jose's aptitude for game and riddle design, to emphasize and insist on the validity, accuracy, universality and even "galacticality" ( results) of his divination/count certainly spoils the playfulness of it all. If indeed the margins or error are as narrow as all that and even ery slight deviation or the wrong adjustment interval, whatever, causes unnecessary waste, collision, carnage and suffering - the stuff inmendham the hyper intello vidder manages to voice his aggravation about, blowing up with tyrranical impatience on a 6 way confcall over errors his colleagues (leading lights of the atheist youtuber community), who, unlike him, agree to sound as pleasantly amicable as possible and co-operatively look for the sunny side of things.

To wit, right at the start JA makes the distinction that time has no spatial extent and is intangible, of the mind. Her he splits and distinquishes, isolates and sterilizes at the exact point time and it's keeping begin, thus aborting it.

He is in every way an extreme case of body denial in favor of his etheric tuning to far off space and time ... explains why he ignored me so easily come to think of it. Compost is too vulgar and crude for him .. which is the only reason he idealized it.

Where else does time start and get kept but at a beat (node/knot)?
And you need at least 2 bodies .. but instead of personifying and internalizing it you simply bang a rock against another.
Time times two makes myriads of runtime lifetime calendar length and clockwind ups.
I thought this was elegant and simple enough and related to most major groups of society enough to bring about the exact same thing JA claims to work towards: garden culture, indigene wisdom X permaculture and neoteny at play. Perimeter tours and bottom border tweaks. A fluff up that brings biomass weight to bear like not even the redwood forest or Manhattan can compete with

one of Cees' last posts at this blog .. clever things about hands and the components of 55 (41+14 check the left and right hand there?)
153 playlists
the avoidable war is there ... it's location (prophettessa) has loads of, no doubt weird, theological debate and Muhammed slander

hey, my father used to travel to greece several times a year and so walked right where you are working now.

He was a not insignificant factor in bringing you south american meat. I like to think that's why anarchists are so strong yet reactionary.

Hope they will join you guys in a big way, seceding, declaring sovereignty, declaring states within states ... becoming truly self-sufficient, simple and autonomous AND famous for THAT instead of protests/riots.

Not that the latter aren't necessary. But are they by definition? I say no decidedly. It is, for me at least, easy to see the logic OF and agree TO this:
raise the rent (see 15th of may comment at an afrisynergy vid (most of which is RT with Vijay Prashad).

DailyMail (annoyingly greedy site)

Man cheats death after quarry mud rescue
Last updated at 15:38 08 July 2006
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23rd comment on a 55s 09 vid called 'Sticky Quarry Mud Diving'
mudboyuk --- seen 23414x
you might diversify your gimmick after you carefully study the? playlist called my crushing passion' .. spoiler: compost and all that.
boot fetishist network:

Creamy Quarry Mud --- muddymatt81 -- 14 vids
it's going viral .. kind of ... 20thou X in a year to the day!
20291 to be exact
this heavy set fella keeps his clothes on, dumbhead ... he threw his glasses back after sinking waistdeep, it's a big pool and embarrasingly long vid .. 7.46m .. at 5/6th of the way through, he lays on his back, 'i'd fill a bathtub and heat it! --- 29 comments

114548 x since summer 08
Quarry Mud Playing
FeralGunger -- 42 vids
86 comments .. another idiot keeping his clothes on clumsilly
This person lives on Widnes estuaries and most of his vids are him in a tub while an assistant pours various requestable thick substances out over him.
Heaven is here / --- Makabea
20thou views since mid 08 .. 20652 to be exact
made me laugh this guy .. 7 vids up ... quite active though
this one vocalizes
mud clip for ;)
Quondamasi - 578 vids up

kwwkwwkww 1700 uploads ... some sheng performance among them

in japan they call it sho = Gary Mosher, he's been on Fox for scolding a federal judge ... he be on a watchlist.

"Two years into the process, the borough decided to release Mosher from his voluntary duties. That didn't sit well.
He filed a lawsuit against the borough charging that officials violated his rights by denying him access to municipal records."

he scolds gluttons pigs but his voracious and insatiable hunger for info gets driven to the extreme point of courtcases??

i now realize we are dealing with a webpage builder and selfobsessed one trick pony; the vid i clicked from 07 had the same ingredients as the bursty rant, the hateful, grating, violent intolerant, disrespectful input them big aces managed to take quite stoically ... though it was a 'going separate ways' type declaration on their part i guess)

2006 (among 128 comments on gvt

You compare my proposal to an election in American aggression ruined Iraq that was organized to be as geographically biased as our own democracy-- and which had NO functional similarity to anything I have proposed.... and you have the gall to call me rude!

I see you avoided the question... Why? Are you afraid to admit that you like disenfranchising your neighbors, and stealing their vote! or is it because if you answer yes honestly... Than you would actually have to come up with some rational argument pointing out how my proposal, does not provide full representation, at the best efficiency... and frankly, I would bet my life, on the fact that you can't do that.
via the pinterest page of sara watkins (my kind of stunner in evry way)
she tours with jackson browne and this is a 27Mb file:
Family Hour

17th you may see my comment there


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