Wednesday, July 18, 2012

link to a year's worth of notes stuck all of my 2011 note/month files there .. since you're stuck downloading them before they become visible i wonder if they'll show in the search engines. I use conventional calendric notation, the dreamspell ones don't appeal to me .. can't flesh out the steps from 'overtone' (5) to 'rhythmic' (6) etcetera, but numonoically they make sense obviously and i do think these folks are onto something .. but alas it's like lsd .. or banking/insurance and if you remind yourself of the thanatopic misuses that can be put to as easily as angelic ones you'd give yourself pause .. slack .. try stick to basics Of course i had once hoped to be doing the 'tree calendar' thing as described in RGraves' famous book by now .. but .. nobody thinks i coulld be the best thing to ever happen in/to that field of embeddiment endeavor.


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