Monday, October 29, 2012

now hiring to set a few holed up rocks aspinning prayermill fashion

WJ2y1Uzn4LM - Dachsman in Berlin -- From his 1987 album The Dawn of Dachsman 9tlqHQL9d2k .... Hans Reichel does birds .. on strings you can gain time playing two of his songs at once ... it will just sound there are twice as many birds and/or kind of birds He is a genuine artist and therefore makes me think ... much .. along the lines of people like him ... and commisserate with sorry birdlike folks who want to be like him and fail to make that mark (to wit, that belgian streetmuso i linked to yesterday) .. the victims of not being at liberty to step into the garden/yard while growing up but substitute with a quite lifelike mimicry show # .. iow, ghetto birds, duivemelker karma?; Berlin has green parts but not as a birthright, .. in fact, those who can afford such parts have usually either parted loads of 'sublings'/ employees from their every bit as necessary own rootedness .. or are instrumental in keeping such a separation in place ... jews did not end their grudgy bookie kept ways, incubated in terminally termitic ghetto stackery .. but they did manage to stop the spate of expulsions that happened just exactly as regularly, soon and often as they shirked and stopped practicing their own fucking scriptural jubilees, preferring their more concentratedly hateful books and better hidden cabals ... the whole things is based on the secret sex act ... but not by female choice .... rather to force and artificially inflate their numbers just as phonily as they inflate their entitlements. Judaism is nothing but the 'salonbefaehigung' of ghettoistic 'fokhok' stackery (breedpen, blood, guts and less glam version of the lofty heady prime estate of real heady office compcubicle collidoIDpoopscoop) ... a campaign funding, orwellspeakian voterfuckmechanism whereby the elite can remaintendroid in the garden patio unperturbed by the thought and in full knowledge they are able to do so by the (DIS)grace who are held in their ghettos a lot less voluntarily (by staccato tides of loose sand dunes plopped onto every escape route almost as soon as they open up and growing faster than you can climb them .... could be a great new sport ... scaling the steep sides of dunes .... when the rich kids can get out of their bmwz and the poor ones can stop themselves from burning them). times changed since 'das deutsche Volk in schwere Zeiten' which, despite the depressing title, talked examples of the opposite .. transformative remigration, .. succesful pilgrimage, repairing the birthright chain ... changing the stream direction from refugee to revenue. ...... the upward mobility concept has obvious vertical / radial connotations, radiCal ones also if you allow us to burrow and mole a troll to the real grounding nitty gritty ... but dutch for instance, has lost that meaning completely, using the word 'promotion' instead; meanwhile both ways to express this process and prolly most synonyms (i can't think of any right now ... or else ... you'd read about it just about here) DID get started in soil sensible sciences before being leveraged away from them completely ('leaving' them gutted) TO socially calloused ones .......... ------------- section in dutch removed ----------- hearing someone called a climber we assume social pecking order context in the first place and not mountains trees or stairs ... the original, useful but alas, forgotten social function of monuments / rituals was in my opinion this: the stockpiling of rocks carried in from a long way off .. in order to crush and distribute them locally so they supplement and complement local trace mineral deficiencies practically 'eaten up by the disheveling levelage ... used to kick severed heads down for instance .. which then had to be passed through little eyes on the side of the basin to escape similar fates. Gaming is a life and death passtime ... ask any toddler. CAUTION, DENSE NOTE COMING UP, BRING YOUR BEST TOOLS # the removal in place = substitution the removal in time = commemoration the noosphere ... is that close to 'noodeugd'? .. short for 'van de nood een deugd' (profit through adversity ... easily slid and slithered way down into the satanic subregisters of ethicality, namely the rejoicing over a fellow man's, a neigbhour and/or neighbouring entire people ill fate (basing 'GdP' - 'Gruesome National Product' on it even!) Give Me Money = pBcYAGwnU8c northjerseydan1 op 22 jan 2011 ... 9295x From Shanghaied on Tor Road, 1999. Daxophone! may 10 49 - nov 22 11 31814 for a 2 yirz and a day old vid called 'Hi & Panne Lieb' shows a few diagrams of how he does it all a talking cure that works has been my dream, a challenge and task i knew i would fail at if the dreamteam would fail to show up .. and/but it did. So, here's to anybody's dreamteam, for whom half a mouthful of wishywashy words can suffice and ripen into a perfectly executable order in practically very little time and gaining some by anticipating a next imperfectly conveyed request .. for every one guy as good as HansR there are dozens like these: Crazy guitar playing bum (belgium) -- Robski18 • 2429454 views for every 1 percenter there are dozens who have to clamber all over the subminimal sufferers below them in order to prop up that pinnacle of callousness .. but luckily, not literally, modern conveniences allow remotation by degrees and miles of distantiation ... in dutch the 'sufferd' means 'stupid' ... and hearer should be grateful for correction and show of(f) care .... here too a multipronged maze of gaps forces him to leave the 1%er alone if he even discovers their existence at all. So of course 'sufferd' not said lovingly and forgivingly, even enticingly ... inspiring an eagerness to and for change, a hope for promotion .... but more like the jihadist aggressor would pronounce takfir, kaffir, kuffar ... etcetera, iowz, as a scold and threat to do worse than simply keep down and out but even done away with, finds expression via various distancing functionaries, delegates and 'hoar'mouthpieces in o so civil yet hated for its meaning made-free-(and -off)-with tactics Playing the Table Music -- pkJx430Xw8k uploaded the end of july but kept private??? the whole album in single songs and none seen yet???? this type of bait to pull folks onto and into the net won't come without string attached anyways speaking of merger, line, conduit, means and ends of ropes one can be on and lines held one can be held off on ..the pole arizing , the polarizing well away keeping, in 2 words the suspense complex; here's a rough sketch of the tradetools you are expected to be deft with: long drils, a few rods and bearings, a couple of ropeturns-stringties & tensings and some cabletwists perhaps, ought to do in order to set rocks up on top of others and mount a few radiographically operable windload sensitive mill arms on them so the grind can become exceedingly thorough and fine as well as long term if/when topped up with fresh weight/rocks in timely fashion. / in combination with a few windshelters in order to keep the product from blowing off too widely and thinly and instead, collect it to mix with the droppings .. glass houses turn the rope, tie and tense the string plus twist cable so they can set rocks up on top of and against each other (direction reversed per layer) now hiring to set a few holed up rocks aspinning prayermill fashion restriction to fabric, swivel, string, rope and woodpole operation for the non-metallist, organic purists and hard core primitivists is an option we like to be taken up on eagerly to the point of starting a few leagues that pitches one method against the other ... let the soil'building' (the GrindGrow??) 'competition' begin. First international tournament in Palestine.


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