Sunday, September 23, 2012

matching mindsets set on hellbent

A comment on someone who thinks he knows Holland is at the root of some serious mercenary supply line shenanigans stretching through the last few centuries; it aims to supplement with some info on the good side, subverted, undercut, sold fables in 'order' to turn them bad .. the soil beneath the toil as it were ... TRUTHIRACY3 --- part 7 ..... zooms in on the dutch / orange / evil manhattan / mad hatter vs spirit shaman / gas/hoot conundrum and he is doing a bad job at resolving the contradictions. Quarter of an hour worth of repetition (131 vids there already), this time with a veritably goth gasmask fashion show (dumb cattle behaviour? yes, but also signifying/signaling a token vote for at least and most recently the Fawkes type masquerade cameraderie the misguided Occupiers adopted. Here is the part he DOES get straight (mostly): Poison gases in the hands of those nasties who mass produce weapon in order to benefit their privileged pockets with huge invasive moves, feed and breed a macho lifestyle outwardly on the one hand while inwardly on the other, at a more leisurely pace and mere tease ('plaagstoot') pinprick intensity by comparison, stage all sorts of supposedly dangerous radical freak led mayhem in order to take them out of the people's hands. He attempts to connect these gasmasks and evil vapors to supposedly dutch(goth/nordic) roots of 'gas' which anglified means 'fuel' first and foremost but in dutch can be seen and argued as close to gast (guest) and bast (bark), etcetera. T3 focuses on how gas gets 'evilified', tweaked and toxed to serve empire as often as he exposes the sham masquerade but leaves the good enough to loot and co-opt root meaning severed and severely underexposed. I claim to better trace the reversal and co-optation of the people's Robin Hood type rebel signals and substances. It could at the very least be the great leveller argument at the next occupy / police front line and prevent, even obsolete 'irritoned' shouting matches and gasclouds altogether .. but i'm not 'optimally mystic' ... Taking the law enforcers to task Talking points to pointedly ask the police why they mock and mask up (be)for(e) their task Masks are most often called to task for effective distribution by benefactor and to be conservative with the latter when and as soon, as well as long as they are scarce. An artificial multiplication, fully sanctioned as benefits were obvious to the majority; they help to break with and from isolation, to at the same time protect and extend ID(entification). T3 has no clue about good mists inherent to all nether lands, wether a narrow valley or extensive low lands, estuaries and deltas, the blessings of dry and wet clouds mixed and fed into time (compost; callibrated volcano mimicry, river born rockdust effluviates and sediments, etcetera) and does not at all mention the rallying points, the calls to effort and action entailed in the expression based on what Holland takes national pride in: transportation ... with very ancient roots such as dredging harbours and all things mechanizable; that expression is: 'geef gas' (give gas (literally) = rev, accellerate .. spatial progress and imperial expansion implied of course and that's why T3 is non the right track; hence this effort to help out a little). Now let's loop way back into and onto the Deermask / shaman / rock grinder / eco banker / soil builder / benefactor story which gets horrendously perverted and distorted when taken out of its habitat in mere emissary and messenger vectored forms, without sufficient force, space and time to establish autonomous, hence welcome and/or indifferently regarded colonies that restore marginal territories and repair their microclimates ... chances are a lone foreign prophet who projects and gets himself too overenthusiastically far ahead of such crowds will get captured, taken hostage and held up as masqotte to do/hide horrible thing behind/ in the name of ... while pretending to return him. It's thus the bible came north, went east, south and west as 'will', (... tries to go up and down even!!!) so much so it's now colliding with it's own internal anomalies big time. Gas and mask could easily loop to 'ask' and task ... vraag en aanbod = demand and supply (yeah i know anglophiliacs turn this around; i mean ours [i'm dutch] are backwards to front with respect to their anti-hobbithabits) ... but what about that sunshine marketability, that eco money i mentioned .. well, .. if we keep going on our deeper strate the break down is as follows: G/as (G = gravity - As = ashes ... hence the process of rock squeezed and massaged to ashes (smoke like). Supple up a little rock so it matches mixes meets and mates with the sunny shine little more resonantly (keep that watery mist handy now) and presto .... The hardly even secondary meaning, 'as' =/as Axel resonates with the vulgar version until you realize that 'stationary' devices (windmills, rockgrinders and all that runs yet stays in place benefit from these just as goodly and/or need those just as badly. Take your pick, Yabbajobbodoodoo!!


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