Thursday, July 19, 2012

lef rad SPIN! - rad lef SPIN!

Meditacion Puente ArcoIris Circumpolar 26546 Vs in 3 years ----- Meditación del Puente ArcoIris Circumpolar (en portugués)... Material de la Agenda 13:20 producida en Brazil kawak119 (Agente Galáctico 119 KawaAkK) has 34 playlists and 1170 faved vids; I did come across this account before, or at least a vid he has (as well?): Asi multiplicaban los Mayas.wmv 222Vs in 2 years the one linked shows the meditation octanimation with so far best visible 4 wheels (along 2 perpendicular axes); it's easy to get a good eyeful here .. .. to the point where i realize (for the first time) this is an enhanced (disambiguated) version of that viral web campaign with a mannequin silhouette, spun with her foot out; viewers are asked which way round she goes; it's an effort to help people realize their respective hemisphere bias, prolly sponsored by a neuro science college but i don't remember that exactly. Anybody? 105th vid in my 'savants' list, .. though i have to say, this is yet another 'counterconductive' (uncounterculturable) innering of what we thereby, despite and bycause of it, fail to outer much, .. not more than once in a great while anyways, see Aldo Costa's ferris wheel size Bessler 'kintrouption' and imagine entire cabins going round .. or tiny little garden beds for that matter; no fancy schmanzy toxtec worse than steel (already debatable) necessary like the ZGMer and their supposed opposers like freedomain SMolineux seem to not see the point of mentioning much. Anyways, onwards to modeling of wavespells. squarishing the psyURcoolation - squircle and cuigle ... a 3 year old circumpolar med. vid made in Brazil (first time i saw it, hence the gusher below). I found it at the 'Red Queen's blog; hope she feels honoured appropriately instead of copied/diluted and choosing the reject/whine route ... My rant can't touch the artfully stacked pile of rocks she may be expecting as the minimal offering of respectful decorum but hey, those tombs are spun\out/dated now; Ai don't expect grip, but try go for hip at least. To build on what went before is the decent and natural thing of course but if that previous, revered, worshipped and held sacred iteration was a substitution and surrogate to begin with, the UN-, OUT- and REDOwer(wirwar)war ... # new and improved remix version compulsion drives, derives from and gets driven by skews and off kilters of all sorts, 'feeding' dire necessity, like erosion, obsolescence, fashion Rock and Ponzi pyramids are of the samold saymold same old; the stone heavy weight pile 'preverses' the bankcredit bubbles, also 'shared' crossculturally, .. the latter (wo?)manAge to swalllow even and ever more precious time lately; they, unbeknown to themselves, pretend to have loads at the ready (GigaGigAntic amounts); heaps of dust stored safely, conveniently; stacked highly and steeply yet not too tightly, most of the hard work done, all that's left doing is 'leave' it, carry it about, making it 'feel' hot light and cool wet; positioning it so that it scaffolds shuffle scuffle skeletates rain and shine ... THIS is the rainbow micro mes(H)sage!! Imagine banks like that! Next to the Wessel hi-rises and Costa wheels in the land of poetic pietry (yes, i am not an anti-hi-rise extremist) we can see the young fellas, like bee drones, hot bloods, on hand, eager and at the ready for a chance to go meet and make the most of nearby storms at mere moments notice; their spouts capable of stormcloud scrying their dry to the wet grey wed After all, the hop circle spiral squeeze crunch soak slop spray show can catch loveliest attention for each of them. War = 'kapitaalvernietiging' = break to rebuild; the fundamental (barebonebasic) truth of which dictates giving deep rocks a crush -- like Damanhur did in secret, but with the usual sign/significance inversion, no small part of them being cagey about my questions regarding their lovely clean dustpiles, even when i pointed out what use it could be at their farm ... but (self)imposed paranoia (over covert invasion/excavestment) can go a long way to explain their playin[d]umb as well -- rather than rockfaces smooth curves and polish .. which is fine by me # REDOWAR ... stops light from going green and UNsettles like the UN/Nato with Iz/maffia 'roots' running global corporate thanatopication is about to do to Syria now, as they did in Lybia; a looting action for devilfuel addicts, and as they will go on to do UNdiminishedly, UNrestrainedly, as long as they are - but only until they are no longer - left 'alone' and UNimpeded to pounce on ravagables (weergaloos weerloos), fantastically defenseless ... mud and inhabitants .. of course ... this is where the prevolition provolution has really fucked up, 'thanks' (but no thanks) to the psychedelic revolution, entire generations steered into the empty gesture fields/(per- & in-)versions of rites and music making. We need a rock emptying kinroute routine, no need to be rooted, but keep on rooting!!!! .. a keenrite; day out of time, dust out or frozen time, a URocktrick (on, in and out of rocklockery) steen leggen - bricklaying |mason = metselaar| steen legen = rock emptying; legen is a verb; leegte = emptiness - laag = layer | laagte - a lowness (of landlevels) |nothing a mill won't drain| geslaagd = succeeded | slag = strike to mobilize/raise an army = leger op de been helpen .. can be tweaked to: give the emptyer a foothold. He turns the cesspools into probverbal/preverbal rainbow's endgoldpottery. Are there hierarchies and dynasties of logjam kingpins? Can they defuse, do they note and/or reproduce in-, per-, ob- and inversions as easily as they do cause it's a matter of recognition, not of acknowledgement and sharing but an attempt to exorcise and project???? I asked one of them and this is what she said: So i plug the drain and then challenge everyone to get past me, go first, telling each and every single one, group, cluster and congregation to be great help on the way, after you, after yall I invert pressures i cause with my very own but hard to own up blockage (building and building buildings to keep it building) and refusal to spend all i have on treenurseries, crests, sea shepherds, flotillas and the like (sacrifice as ritually as possilbe ((much raising of hands and voices and such)) the best books, utensils and gear for a moment or two of livestream eternity before the police eviction containers come swallow what rippers and tatters feed them), amazing footage and website profferers, whatever, ... i twist all that, into wishing they'd all follow and do after me .. which they do to anyways, given there are massively bigger biters than me ('she' a websighter be you see and you see bee; birchboot callin: bark bark ark hark). then again, maybe that drain is as phoney as i think it really (like all those fabulous tales of travelling through the sun, .. sure, look as far away as possible from collective rot and try a reboot; in the beginner's mind was the word and word was godeluded goo goo kachoo shoe shuckernut. I'd rather a great dispersal and thinning, a diffusion would take place .. in radial fashion .. around .. and away from me .. so that i'd be the magic center for as long as that magic worked. Let's just settle on the tentative conclusion i'm far out for now, wether ahead or behind might make no difference. maria Casttan - rogue theology


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