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718 Cs - 170.0005 since may11 .. for this 2.20m vid
Immigrants For Sale
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not wrong but incomplete, it's band-aid and stop-gap policies cynicized .. for lack of grappling with 'demographic incontinence' (the mores & lores that lead to manmade desert/metro contrasts & 'plextremismz'). Risk yr own RSI at  (the monkeytail a froze the comment box ... haah!! .. i'll have more to say about jewishy 'many hands make light work' specialteaze, o&askismz .... kak ongking prismz

study demographic incontinence yet? Let me help.
"demographic incontinence" = 52 results .. many of which i inspired i am sure .. but not the first hit:

The Book of Ezekiel and the Poem of Erra -
Daniel Bodi - 1991 - History
She sees it as a consequence of overpopulation.108 However, she argues that the demographic incontinence of humans represents a form of hybris, ..
... then those few lines about the kahalian eggings on' (early marriages, demographic incontinence, foetus/alien connection), then Robert Friedman on Mafiya.
09.02.2013 - Long term economic disadvantages of excess immigration are discounted such as demographic incontinence and backwards religious
25.12.2010 - Africa's demographic incontinence
30.12.2010 - There is no more urgent a threat to the planet today than Africa's demographic incontinence - NOT ONE! › ... › The NF Café
01.02.2013 - ... the fact that Scandinavia has the potential to avoid the demographic incontinence that mainland Europe and the democracies of Asia face.
21.02.2009 - ... of consequences; parties that reach the state of conflict should be made to feel the shame of demographic incontinence and not be . ..


some of this type too of course:

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lligence in your stools, heterarchical pain, or demographic incontinence. As wives skillfully only prevents from synonym but outwardly from gracefully amused ..

and a couple of instances where the words are separated by a comma ... in short .. i take credit for most of them

Xymph commentreasury disaster
+24 OLD STYLE!!!!!

DC Indymedia: zionists are genetically modified and modify... threats and ignorance of consequences; parties that reach the state of conflict should be made to feel the shame of demographic incontinence and not be ...

Xenophile said...
    Phew, it looks like piet-poet is skimping his medications again.
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one of the completely suspect item where comment thread expert Xymph pulls the plug on his own community in a confusion of veilflapping foppishness:
on the last of januari he says:
 After much thought, I've taken JS-Kit up on its offer to 'fix' my Blogger template ........... JS-Kit seems to be the only hope at recovering Haloscan comments.
and on the 5th:
 New template
In order to have working comments I've switched to a completely new template. The comments line now pops up without having to jump on it before it disappears, but I haven't yet figured out how to retrieve the old comments. Anyway, the new template is cleaner, and looks a lot better on Firefox. I'm now trying to contact JS-Kit to see where the old comments are hidden. If you click on 'Comments', a 'Leave a comment' line appears, which, when clicked on, leads to the comment box. Still no spellcheck.
.... sigh ... guess they stuxed it to him good, unless he stuxed it to himself unconsciously too disgusted with the likes of me, CURSE, no OBLITERATE sloppy spellers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ps: i saved a few vintage thread that will make my grandchildren rich rich rich!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .. and save them from (a mild version of) space probs i am having.
encore, .. from the sidebar ... i haven't visited this page yet:
The Sideshow -
More often than not - This should be the last post here on my own hand-coded pages, and I'll be delighted to wave good-bye to Echo comments. So, it's off to Blogger, with a slig...
1 year ago
III. The household and Labor Markets
The interpretation of the demographic and wage evidence has a more proximate implication, however. It forces us to reexamine the conceptual frameworks that scholars use to interpret the economic histories of Europe and China. Indeed, the lessons one learns about the connections between vital rates and say food prices deeply depends on what kind of an economy and society we are studying. Economic historians have by and large come to see most European economies and in particular households as imbedded in markets. Hence prices tell up about relative demands and relative productivities. For China, most scholars would concede that the exchange of commodities was largely a market phenomenon and one where the state did not play the usual role a hindrance. Factor markets, however, find themselves squeezed between two daunting institutions. On the one hand some scholars seek to describe China’s economic performance whether good or bad as the result of imperial policy. Despotism then can be made responsible for China’s supposed demographic incontinence or the presumed low productivity of its workers. [[[from zzz to Elvin or Deng, wang]]]
In either case markets are unable to bestow onto China the same riches that they offered Europe because the emperor stands in their way. The European contrast is one where competitive political structure made it impossible for rulers to intervene to the same extent.

i'm going after zdf threads (huntin archival traces of 'm) for serious rite now!!!!!
plug the sidebox in cordskid!!!!
... no luck


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