Sunday, February 23, 2014

How to Defeat The Oligarchs: Reversing the Politics of Division

James, no offense buddy, but i reserve my funds for openING source (not
just any, ROCK! and not just for any old purpose, SOILbound!!) endeavors
and am getting mighty impatient for help to spend, thank a think, model,
rig and generate, which, besides all else, fails to show up!!!!

Part of the reason, which i am sure you are dying to know -- even though
very grassy roots are not really your department .. kudos for the somewhat
exceptional focus on foodstuffs alors! My entire library grew around the
crystallization seeding of ... heirloom suppliers. Touring with it never
panned out and the internet is a splinternet mirrorhouse that sterilizes
and compartmentalizes more than it connects in the cartoonlike fashion
you were surely thinking of riffing of the tally ho whoredustry -- are
listed  below.
Dave McGowan pulled his website down and will present a bookform in
a few months ... he's on the Opperman show.

It makes me realize that the musicianship of kids with nasty parentcareer
backgrounds (and plenny of mysterious help to do their encryptication and
resultant act out, crash and burn things) had to compartmentalize and shut
a lot of experiential areas down to prevent further damage; their career
moves often flowed from flight and escape ones.

In this respect i was blessed to have a dad who was both a go-getter
who fought himself totally free from an extremely regimental discipline
corset he went through at the outset AND had unusually nerdy savantish
character-traits which came to full bloom in his Rotterdam wooden baracks
on slaughterhouse compound and moving meats middleman position, armed with
bookkeeper, telex and telephone.

In other words, i was free to examine and reexamine all the flows that
surround and emanate from the common man all the way to continent crossing
ones much more uninhibitedly AND stay as grounded as i am (and hope to
remain if not better), never losing sight of smallest yet far 'outnumbersum'
denominators. In fact, I got so totally out of sight ahead of the rest
it leaves me painfully lonely. Speaking of which .... who can recount comparable
to this: at around 6 or 7, being taken into the slaughterhouse itself with
about 15 people working in/on various phases of the conveyorbelt type meatery
and dooddoenderij, i got hit by something, kinda gently and when we looked,
it was a pig's eye, thrown by one of the Turks, making up the majority
of the workforce. Me being an Eagle in the DreamSpell Dispensation cobbled
up by the late Savant Jose Arguelles, i consider it a foretelling rather
than foreboding incident.


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