Thursday, July 24, 2014

princely peace denied and ignored

.. and yet i plod away towards it .. doggedly ... cause a fool and his hope will never part ... RoToSo posts 1st w o feb14.html --- (80k) apr14-b.html --- (143k) apr14.html --- (136k) feb14-b.html --- (104k) feb14.html --- (119k) jan14.htm --- (121k) jan14b.html --- (208k) mar14.html --- (181k) mar14b.html --- (123k) may14-b.html --- (146k) may14.html --- (113k) all my notes for 2014 .. thus far ... i've been busy on Google+ for most of this year and only yesterday discovered that a non-circler gets to see posts no fresher than from last april (nearly 3 months old) which i find inacceptable and therefore make all them available here my shares and comments to my G+ circlers a few images on my favorite themes (rockdust / money) youtube comments LINKED IN SIDEBAR ALSO 60 playlists with over 6000 vids the noughties late nineties


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