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Joshie astreamin now on the pedo elite

Mad at the Internet (December 2nd, 2022)

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if that isn't an easy segue from my post before last:

 {Devlin/Kaufman} i don't know what is ...

just to make this post title less of a dud, cause josh soon swerves away from the subject [much time spent on Ye being insane and parasited by nick and milo], i'll add an Ed Opperman show w Joyana Silberg link ... which has commercials thruout, starting wth the first 7m of the 60Mb file.
+29 lines of code i've omitted is her site [the Friedmans case for instance]

levity providin maskblacknd blextar ===== Webb³ George Webb Commenting on Whitney and Gary ------ December 1, 2022 ------ 1,363 Views ---- 418 downloads ------ 55.0 MB ---- 2022-12-02 04:35:40 ::::: dwnldd at 7:24am

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 blessfeemin allover allover wokie mass-stirrers

 blessfeemin all over the all over wokie massstirrers .. watchin ye and nick w alex .. and loomeretta callin in on the next segment [she hates milo the 3rd trio element]

voluntation = 23.500 results

-1/12 ------------ 3mirror ---- k198 ---- 18 overtone

voluntation = 23.500 results
excellent work ..... thankx ...... i wonder if i could interest you in a particularly harsh case:
man with easy neighbourhood youth rapport doesn't notice / mind / explain the steady lowering ages of those who seek him out. most of them get parental bans on account of the 'freethought' they go home and shock these christians forebears with and stop the visits from infringing on my workload [see 'Quest for Ethics' via an honest engine.
After 10 years the age has gone from 12 to 6. Word of mouth effect X eagerness to graduate early i guess.

Part of the way thru that period new neighbours try to imitate happy sound evocation at first but fail miserably with their own grands. Complete upsets every time. Deadly jealousy is born then, .. but i don't realize until much later, after almost dying from a poisioning i was unable to acknowledge the source of .. cause it implied a stupidity on my part to match their maliciousness. There was also a socratic element in the whole thing, .. right after publishing collected works [20 miljan clicks in one so to speak].

Infringements begin ... unannounced and steadily more sneaky 'overreach' [literally, payback for me allowing leaves to overhang to their side of the fence]] ... but not enuff, like all the ogre trash [will claim is 'visible decency'] around here, worshipping weedfree is the norm# and they proceeded to use poison ON MY DOORSTEP .. on  the last days it was legal for private parties .. after a 6 year struggle. They prolly purchased that satanic juice to murder the espalier apple tree i planted on my side of the 2 meters between our frontdoors [don't say, oh, dutch housing, asking for trouble ... i know] but my naivite still had that nearly deadly setting at the time.

# =  --[ .. only recently getting pushback from practical greenies: a pdf set of a cardgame with 'stoepspleetplanten' or 'straatsteenspleetplanten']. These pleasantly woke wokeys are lo status like me, despite a record of timely warnings, etcetera, a few years ago they featured the author of 'nederland droogteland' [yes, the netherlands have finally missionarized around enuff for it to come back and bite them in the ass via migration pressures of a wholly different magnitude than the wage driven type they were used to either not foresee consequences of or declare them 'side-effects']--
Much of my account is written in dutch ... but you'll get the gist from the other parts.
Ps: Dupont and Chemours have repeated their turtle isles crimes near Dortdrecht [ancient printer town on a river confluence at the edge of the last piece of real Delta [yeah, another magnitude match, it's a given beyond world, univere and galaxy wide i guess] which is only 6 miles away and if they don't even get punished for knowingly, deceitful biocidality, how is a single case like mine gonna fare tryin to get justice????
Still hoping i'll get some ethically fired up lawyer on my doorstep. miracles are known to occur there. a plant that relieves my kidney ache ... from the poison, the chemo .. etcetera. was put there# ... years ahead of the crisis .. survived a brutal attack ... and not until well into my probs did i learn the merits of Artemisia

# =  ---[by a little feathered emissary i'm guessing, this year an unfamiliar greenish birdy came and showed very special interest in my backyard Artemisia - see for info]---

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

how briefly can you spin a rope ....

 hard enuff to use it as a wheel?

or would a slow one serve you better?

time for some slapshtick relief re round n round
 Leavin' Blues (2022)
Alonzo Garbanzo
2.27K subscribers
17 views  Dec 1, 2022
Hey!  Thinking of jump-starting my video production again after a rather fallow period.  Starting out with another simple  one: one camera, one mike, one voice, one guitar.  And I'm repeating myself, having put out a video of this song 8 years ago. So what?  Here's another one!  Maybe I'll do a third one sometime scored for kazoo, nose flute and tromba marina.
Ah, Mr. Lead Belly.  My first and foremost guitar god.
Bradley Monroe
Bradley Monroe
34 minutes ago
Amazing job on this Leadbelly song. That is one amazing 12 string guitar.
it's the stringpullin that done it ..... a station i otherwise love, kvmr, plays waaaaay too much blues for me most of the time ... it's not as distasteful as ultraconservative and far offbase rightie sentiment i'll use to illustrate it below but it's up there some of the way.
Hold on to your bloodline, here we go:
John derbyshire "if you don't like it, go back across the bering strait"
epitome of ethics challenged squakiegoyboy??

ps: i am a lone and therefore unrecognized ropetrick expertise 'keurmeester' .. deceptively simple to the point of plane dumb lookin looperie at the base of entire meanwhile senescent civil swivil spin


8:27 ---- Thanks to Alina Abraham, music theory teacher, for challenging and engaging w/ noncommutative music
Voidisyinyang Voidisyinyang
577 subscribers
links to formalistic takes on 'noo' music
ever what what ethical sound would look like you nerdy idyidz????

driftin, it's opening wide .... heard on kvmr

at they wanna splice a 7m vid on 'great albums' from 2 years ago by a 317 subber but cannot come up with my phrase and give me this instead:
Yee yee! We've found 18,212 lyrics, 5 artists, and 18 albums matching drifting

kvmr helps out:
Railroad Earth Driftin (The Bardo) ---- All For the Song RAILROAD EARTH 2022 USFLB2200600
i get to play a snip right off their playlist: gpL_yiHiF-railroad-earth-driftin-the-bardo-driftin-official-audio == links to youtube

897 comments at source [telegraph] and 950 on his vid:
 The Dutch Government Wants to Close 3,000 Farms
Styxhexenhammer666 -- 501K subscribers --- 45,462 views  Nov 29, 2022 --- This is insane:

My books:
48s Gracie on RoundUp [found in 80% of tested subjects]

Igor Lopatonok on satanist wars

Dutch radio features a 'kroos' explainer [fast growin watersurface plants, part of the swan diet cycle] who manages to find time for a mock commercial mentioning the sighuntiffick name ... which takes me back to Cargill happily buying Wageningen heritage [to sort shameful 'bij' shameful ... {{{soort bij soort}}} .. happily {{{for mee}}} coupled by Drew's rant regarding that stellar company's activities in Somalia.

excellent anecdote about Cargill as pawn and crowbar to break into countries for and with the saint petro dollar
Drew's been at his land and the farm and it inspires him to blow the empire out of the park ...


posting this for prevision [please advize re: revisions pre'envoyage' ..if not for me, remember the rumblegrunts will thank u too.
i am 'unverified' and lose 'armslag' [features in dutch] .. cannot Upload, can't money, lost comments and votes .... wtf?!?!?? ..... i try give you my phone number [which i've done only 3 or 4 times in as many decades] but you insist on txt message capability!?!?!? ... .. even tho it looks like i can click an option next to it.
Devices older than ... 90s? don't count ...??? My ability to communicate to get an occasional message to descendants of them {George Webb} on whose support the fate of peace hangs by a thread {{{if u ask me}}} don't count? That's on you and not me being too lazy to go to the thrift store. My pile of E-waste is big enuff, thank you very much.

i refuse to cellphone and always have on 2 accounts: toxicity of raw material and unethical ways they are obtained from getgo.

i spent over a decade warning people about the dangers of 'extreme male brain' and runaway numbonotionalism [autistic nerdery] - the once rare mad and evil scientist boosted and 'favored' by the spread of said toxicity x a miljjan ['products' designed and used biocidally from getgo courtesy duh rotten root fightin mode], proof suppressed to dirty the buck and get more people on the 'suffering' side of shit, short and sure sentences. Sorry, your reflexivity verdict is final.  [incidentally, the quotemarked word is a qualifier dutch language add to the grammatical 'object', perhaps in the interest of equality with the subject, despite being separated by a verb].

Ry, are you paying attention?

GW is bendin over backwards to slip a little israel ref in more often ... he wants to earn my money harder than you my man ....


the place that offers this today for instance:

22m7s the trollopette jerks off w ukie killers .. i mean colors

Ry ties a raggie end to this fairy tale screening .. confesses to bans, complains about bans  .. and still doesn't get the nonagist sound volitionation core at the heart of 'kiducation' that wonderful edge ['wedge' for short] 'issues' nobody as yet sues nobody over ..

A mini Ry intro to Henson's tale [the man of Muppets fame] says he was hounded from hollywood by kiddie diddlers .. .. by .. polyvalourlessness inducing particular rayspayed passtime and bznzmodule of duh nonbased race to namesteal everything under the sun and make a mockery of godly designs unfolding in good fun gamely and comely ... oh my .. but here comes duh secret selfhaters [thanks tommy Carrigan, he who doesn't bother to aspire beyond uncancelable margins is indeed wise and funny when avoidance of the word jew becomes more and more emphatic, elephatic and empathetic ....]

but i was actuallly sayin 'here comes' .....  Musk [before a little Tommy insert, who likes to extrapolate, project and fess up all at the same time, havin trouble enuff to keep weight of the whirlz off a himm .. Musk'll pack a few off in toxic tins and don't worry, they very rarely fall back down on anyone's head [yeah, except when Musklike GridYids become less avoidable cause i'm away from controls for a minute or something ....

Igor Lopatonok: Obama & Biden Administration Run the War in Ukraine

155K subscribers
Full interview with Igor Lopatonok: Igor's Twitter: Igor's YT channel:


30/11 ------------- 1warrior --- k196 ---- 16 overtone

Hilee reactive humans and chemicals are a deadly mix, biocidal in fact. Don't excempt females from toxic humans; see if it doesn't add up [see to them NOT adding up, vigilantly!!!!]:
reactivity squared: mans and his batteries
reactivity squared: womans 'pharmaCOPE-ulent' squirts, sprays and mists and drops
------------------------------- + = ????????

#notallnotes 1:
pretty good and informative .. yet it also contains some crazy faultlines, as if he wants to hilite his point at his own expense .. he certainly is not celebratory .. but certainly hopeful.

short stewp eters
some eco event at the sinai ... peedee and dumb sidekick rails and fumes against it but sells his own 'eco bible' apparantly [i did not pay close attention other than to note they 'brullen een slag in de rondte' about 'muh bible' and thinking more about what Ryan spurred: 'racist' is a 'slur' for conservative and the latter just a woolee herdmarker instead of those championing tradition, nonetox old style sovrintee, secession as the thing to aim for rather than growin the empire with it's runaway nerdery monetization schemes costing everything dead and alive everything dead and alive, gods not excluded.

aroz presents Venice beach board walk soundbites for 11m

TPC #1,004: Solo Rant (The Coming Twitter War)
very subtley never mentioning neither jews nor a splinter of the jewish race .. or a break away cult faction, fraction, zionist, actionist or anything of the sort but it gradually crescendos into pinning supremacist sentiments on a lack of selflove, trust and the projections thereof, neverending ever escalating .. extreme male brain .. paranautist ... pro dejections.

bunchajews involved here:
Critics have argued that The Kashmir Files, released in Marc 2022, has been used by the Indian government to demonise Muslims as part of its right-wing Hindutva project, which aims to turn India into a Hindu state. With the support of the government, including several tax breaks across the country, the film has become one of the highest-grossing Indian films of 2022.
Israeli officials scramble to avert diplomatic crisis in India over ‘Kashmir Files’ film
Azad Essa, Middle East Eye, Nov 28 2022

Indian reaction to Lapid’s comments has been diverse. Whereas several Indian writers, actors and activists welcomed the criticism, right-wing supporters of Modi’s government resorted to Holocaust denial and equivocations that Hollywood films on the Holocaust were works of propaganda, too. Gilan also hinted that his team was facing intimidation and harassment after Lapid’s review of The Kashmir Files. Gilan said:

    You will go back to Israel thinking that you are bold and “made a statement.” We, the representatives of Israel, would stay here. You should see our DM boxes following your “bravery” and what implications it may have on the team under my responsibility.

Indian activists, however, told Middle East Eye that there were several other issues at the festival, including the artwashing of Israeli crimes at the event.
Holodomor victims celebrate their professional holiday.
Zelenski next to ogre, both holding candles
Holodomor 'victims mourned' by professional switsjcernoizees
Holodomor 'victims mourned' by switcherookies

2h 8m in praise of timeline[r]s and their software[r]s ....
i wonder if they saw something like Andrew Lehman's futurist 'blowout' vids ... a huge way ahead of his time but also discounting all the dystopian baggage .. as if there are no 'dwingende omstandigheden' in cyberspayslipups even worth considering ... anyway ... it was over the top in many many ways .... he becomes a vegetable after an eye aneurysm operation [against which i tried to warn him, my dad's fate fresh in/on my mind] .. last time i checked one could still access [his wordpress] out in the open ..
1h45 to 1h51 on the bronfmans ... i get a flash of yarn about jews hangin w monks, shootin bible shit but keepin an eye out for  absinthe access [to feed an 'illegal entry fetish', .. for a buck on the side so to speak, polarizing the rep of that liquid into a meds:killer Hegelian SeeSaw].

One Nation Under Blackmail -- Whitney Webb .. they'll prolly keep mining it another 5 shows at least ...

rudy havenstein [crossposted] and this guy do promos:

a podcast from august:
she was a guest here a few times recently

also there, an episode on latvia
The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein” (Video + Transcript)
Posted on November 20, 2022

from the menu:
They’re killing CRYPTO KINGS faster than you can spell KHAZARIAN MAFIA.

 Dr Joyana Silberg : Capturing The Friedmans ---- ed opperman --- 588 subscribers ---- 84 views  Nov 29, 2022

did an 'encore'

via PD [new to me], 2 guys his age:
v=QAf6W2kZQ60 ------- 51:09 ----- Upstream Podcast Episode 2 ------- Cashill and Edge ----- 78 subscribers ----- 473 views ---- Nov 10

deep dive on tim pool [faults him meticulously]


my entire commentarian career and surfnotes/links 1990s to present [unrenumerated, w direct responses diminishing as counterproductive ones swelled] published in 9 pdfs since march 2021
a total of 7917 [margin to margin A4 size] pages

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

mediatic deceit is a masskiller

Ukraine must not become a landlocked country

3.43K subscribers
Analysis of breaking news and in-depth discussion of current geopolitical events in the United States and the world.

Sunday, November 27, 2022

Drew on saint petro dollar + Cargill in Somalia
Drew's been at his land and the farm and it inspires him to blow the empire out of the park ...
what's funny especially is that he is coming around to my point: language is ultimately meaningless .. i would add that even the best of it is nothing compare to and with 'figuring' as mere accompaniment, knowing it's place as such and never ever pretending to be more .. than a treasure m[odeling ]ap[p]

excellent anecdote about Cargill as pawn and crowbar to break into countries for and with the saint petro dollar

Friday, November 25, 2022

young writer on Ukraish hitlist

 The Child Author Ukraine Wants SILENCED - Faina Savenkova
103K subscribers
17,723 views  Nov 23, 2022
I had the privilege to speak to Faina Savenkova, a 14-year-old resident of the Lugansk Republic who was placed on the Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) “hit list” of the Ukrainian government after she issued a call to the United Nations for an end to the war she has lived through since 2014 through her courageous writing.

Faina has recieved many awards for her work. You can watch her recieve one such award on her youtube channel here:

Faina is an outstanding young lady, who in my opinion, puts the Collective West to shame. To me, Faina's bravery, dedication and fortitude is a shining example of how far the West and Western journalism has fallen.

You can find and follow her on VK !

Join me over on Locals! -
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Get your  'Foreign Agent' T-Shirts here! :

More updates from Inside Russia as events unfold.
Also available on Odysee:


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pollution overmaplaps gender agitation
please compare map shown with areas of lgbtpqrs agitation and stockholmian symptom celebration .....
US counties that have more lgbt people per capita than the national average
 [pollution map overlap?? .. i mean ... overmaplap much?

 How “forever chemicals” polluted America’s water
10.9M subscribers
800,140 views  Aug 4, 2020
Why 99% of Americans have these chemicals in their blood.

Become a Video Lab member!

North Carolina’s Cape Fear River is a massive water system. It stretches across the lower half of the state, collecting runoff from 29 counties and providing water to millions of people. But in the city of Wilmington, where the river meets the Atlantic Ocean, the water has residents worried.

In a 2019 test of tap water, Wilmington and neighboring Brunswick county were among the top five areas for high levels of PFAS, or per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances — a group of man-made chemicals commonly used for making nonstick or water-resistant products. Now North Carolina is reckoning with the legacy of pollution upstream — and discovering what decades of PFAS contamination means for the rest of the country.

Check out these links to learn more:
Watch our full video catalog:


and gender issues 'uebertuenchen' pollution probs ... they can take more 'it' and 'any' , our dear antiverb pronounish mitmentijen

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