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A clarification on "Ukraine" - Gray Mirror - Mencius Moldbug (Curtis Yar...

A clarification on "Ukraine" - Gray Mirror - Mencius Moldbug (Curtis Yarvin)
Jan 19, 2022
Skeptical Waves
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A clarification on "Ukraine" - Gray Mirror - Mencius Moldbug (Curtis Yarvin)
"A classic case of weird 19th-century nation-inventing."
Published Wednesday January 19, 2022
By Curtis Yarvin

Wednesday, January 05, 2022

choose your neighboer wisely

376th post here btw

neighbour 2.610.000.000
neighboer 19.300

Ep 104.8 Again… Office Hours Jan 4 2022 --- 305 views - 18 hours ago - Housatonic Live3 

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as i tick the 48th like on this Ep 104.8 .. it seem appropriate to remind you all that chlorinedioxide --[mms/cd//cds/cdl / hcq, a cure all for many many and very severe ailments as well as self-inflictions via the likes of agent orange, DDT, glyphosate and that type of devil pedigree 'elite' endeavor]-- was discovered in 1814 .. and has been in use to keep slimes and biofilms, primitive but vigorous pioneering biobabysteps [or biomissionaries if you are more bioskeptically inclined] from growing in waterpipes of all sorts.
However, if you have let glyphosate eat into you for as long and as painfully as i have, ...

.... being in denial about intuitive cautioning myself against consuming some doorstep [Zone One, permiewise] 'stoeptegelspeetplantenblad [a dandelion in this case, see a free, informative (pdfs) quartet by .. free / volunteer healing herbs] i had been pleased to watch and anticipated chompin on.
Do not confuse, much less substitute unwillingness to let dumb enuff to be evil people mess your iife up with pretending they do not exist [do not overindulge the ignorance luxury, the very thing that constitutes offenses and debilitations of all sorts], have not moved in next door, etcetera, as they did in my case. All pretense substitutes willful action .. or surrogates it, language is homonymous with lack, .. nuttin but songs and paeons to, laments over amputations, self or otherwise, delegations, etcetera ....

... be prepared for lengthy remediation.

A note about my proneness to this odd, old but especially modern/urban shortcoming [where o where, the benchmarks of imposable neighborliness? Just as absent as the ethicality 'graadmeters' of monies, ever since the 'Real Bill Doctrine' suffered catastrophic loss of defenders]:
for decades my main tactic was to remove myself from messes, 'crinzjuations', etc .. never perpin somethin bad enuff to be gone after, so i don't have to call my moves 'escapes', .. do i?. Times i had a registered residence were the exception in my life ... but In honour of my rocksteady capricorn Spinoza pedigree assimillee mom [precious precious few of those left in the netherlands .. and i am on about some major reasons for that rite now! Make no mistake], i made a stand in her last home, the one she left me. i was unable to dislodge her from it - back to a freeer location, the first she occupied in this my birthvillage as it happens. away from the low greenery rowhousing - on account of her age [84], understandably.


i did have invasive 'spraying' suspicions in june or july, possibly april already [suppressed it, made no notes#] .. and did get my first fairly severe pain [immediately .. stomach] from ignoring these intuItions in july.
# = i suppressed the realization my adress was all mine yet a living hell with new neighbours who were no respectors of property borders [seller had ignored my plea to make prospective buyers come and meet me], instead 'honouring' 'decency' in the missionary way we often find mutual imposition practiced in small village life [this here one is fanatic about the manicured look, shorn, 'clean', 'weeded', etcetera, .. 'sweeping one's doorstep clean' is in fact a solidly charged proverb, albeit much weaker than the swiss version ... snoeifatsoen!! moet je doen!!!].
i mis[self]diagnosed and began with simple allergies, bad habits, etcetera, i had come across Seneff's explanation of cholesterol mechanics years earlier and in september found the one on glyphosate poisoning curable with MMS / HCQ [a few years old also] which i began to seriously look into and try by october.
Though in use for pipeborn biofilms i feared and felt it wasn't all that effective against internal forms .. and indeed had a crisis, half a day's worth of hospitalization due to my too dumb to live mistaking halamid for soda [what was i thinking? Nuttin, .. panic move] which locked my throat up, it curled the epiglottis right out of it's position, were the wages of my sins then.

Yet i still vascillated between continued suppression and avoidance to facing evil head on plots, usually by way of writing pamphlets which invariably got too long to have a chance in hell.
This escapism became harder and harder to do after a young apple tree i planted in my half of the space between our front doors mysteriously got sick and nearly died [just like me] in the middle of summer ['witchbor' had disputed my right to plant it, i had not asked (by way of eye for an eye tactic i guess), but explained i would train the branches to not tresspass property lines ... a pretty much failed strategy in the backyard, given the witch instructed her nerd semi moronic hubby (no, make that congenital moron, their oldest of 4 is institutionalized, prolly from soonish after birth) to reach over the fence and sneakwreak creepy, brute and even murderous havoc (exposing a nest) . unannounced, unconsulted ... repeatedly .. for 3 years in a row ... despite my at first pleading, then angry and finally suit promising reclamations]. I wrote unsent letters to the police several years back.

neighbour 2.610.000.000
neighboer 19.300


Ian Masters finally, by way of expensive pie in the sky Frans Timmermans caiiburule confirming exception, has a decent guest on [secession advocate, i agree that is the least disruptive transition away from presently unhealthy and unhelpful polarizations]:
How the Next Civil War is Already Here But We Refuse to See It ---- 43Mb -- Stephen Marche, a novelist and culture writer who has written for The Atlantic, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, Esquire, and many other outlets whose latest book, out today, is The Next Civil War: Dispatches from the American Future. He joins us to discuss his article at The Guardian, “The next US civil war is already here – we just refuse to see it.”

Sunday, December 26, 2021

pharmafiyose peak woke n broke

Ep 132 The Clot Thickens: Heart Disease Finally and FULLY Explained by Dr. Kendrick!
Dec 26, 2021
Ivor Cummins
203K subscribers
This conversation truly is the last word on the process of heart disease & atherosclerosis - no-one can claim to be in the dark after this one! Malcolm's superb new book here:

See podcast index below (timestamps clickable) so you can navigate:
00:00:00  Introduction
00:08:07  What DOES NOT cause Heart Disease? ("Cholesterol" Explained here!)
00:44:31  What DOES ACTUALLY cause Heart Disease? The Answers - and how to stop it.
stephanie sennef opened my eyes to the chol. issue many years ago ... earlier this year i found something else she was onto early: MMS / HCQ for glyphosate detox ... only last week did i begin to wonder if my lymphcancer diagnosis wasn't 'massaged' in the same way numbers for covid, radiation and loads of 'permissible' toxlevels from pharmaffiyose getgo were and are. It's obviously a thyroid tumor but i wouldn't be suprised if deflection money ... i mean protection money keeps truth out and lies in plain sight, Very much like the subsidized CoVideo BoxUpTicks

call me an IDyID but 'zero faith scs' would have been a better title

Zero-Trust Supply Chain Security with Sigstore, TektonCD and SPIFFE - Dan Lorenc, Google - 142 views - Nov 11, 2021 - The Linux Foundation
152K subscribers ---- Zero-Trust Supply Chain Security with Sigstore, TektonCD and SPIFFE - Dan Lorenc, Google
Cs turned off
call me an IDyID but 'zero faith' would have been a better title

Saturday, December 25, 2021

Africa Tibet2.0--57th minit if short of time

Monday, December 13, 2021

woke rooterage for chosen cut history

woke rooterage ... my battles haven't even quite begun it seems ... no matter and notwithstanding my endless list of 'splinterations' [every day i take credit for a 'splitzo' execution of   inspirations, found and ran with, but really stolen, cause they have my signature all over them, however poorly the full manual is followed and the loot driven into the dirt at best, against a wall more often]. if i had a choice about which ones to own, cause they kinda scale. i'd have to deliberate a while ... there's the flagging thing [RBF+3or4] ... the gender multiplication thing [amplifying AL, in colors], etcetera.
Wilder Still | feat. Roots & Refuge | Full Episode
Nov 28, 2021
Justin Rhodes

Ep183-4H10 w Ryan Dawson n Rivero

Episode 183 - The Four Horsemen #10 - Coverdale, Jackman, Dawson and Mike Rivero
Streamed live 4 hours ago
Naturalist Capitalist
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"Kulacz is Back!" Live with Mark Kulacz of Housatonic Live, 120121

Wednesday, December 01, 2021

"YouTube's Finest Late Night Hour" LIVE with Andy and Surprise Guest Journo

"YouTube's Finest Late Night Hour" LIVE with Andy and Surprise Guest Journo

Scheduled for Dec 2, 2021
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Andy Dybala returns to YouTube after his strike bringing along with him YouTube's favorite Journalist.

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